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Women and Their Rise with the Number Two

The old adage “there is nothing that can stop an idea whose time has come” is spot-on-accurate when it comes to the rise and

Time Waits for No One

Time Waits for No One

power of the female and feminine energy.  Once society crossed over from the thousands of years of masculine power and into the number two–the year 2000–the power of the feminine took off.  The build up of this energy is to last 1,000 years, from the year 2,000 to the year 3,000.  Beyond this time, the energies of both masculine and feminine will be shared and more creative.  The number two is considered a feminine number in numerology and in ancient texts.  It is a receptive number and is attributable to the female.

America is a key player in this change.  Although she is still fraught with stereotypes of the roles men and women play in society, she is the leader in gains for women.  The latest changes will usher in women to military combat positions (in ancient history women were very active in battle and had major roles in slaughtering the dying enemies on the battlefield).  Some of the earliest deities worshiped by humans were female.  These were not your standard loving, nurturing deities but were predator Goddesses such as Cybele, commander of lions.  In the Homeric epic she is Artemis who Homer, the poet says, “Zeus has made you a lion among women, and gives you leave to kill any of your pleasure”.  Read Barbara Ehrenreich’s “Blood Rites” to learn more about the power of the female.

Now we are seeing Marissa Meyers give birth to her first child and almost simultaneously take over Yahoo as CEO.  Her office nursery is next to her corporate office.  We see Kristi Funk, MD, open up the world’s premier breast center for women–the Pink Lotus Breast Center in Beverly Hills–4 months after giving birth to triplets.  We see Sheryl Sandburg, COO of Facebook, running the company and raising two young children.  There is no stopping of women’s power.  Its’ time is now and its’ time is the future.  In Los Angeles a new group of female techies are inventing new software, gadgets and innovations.  They are doing this away from the “young boy culture” of silicon valley so they can be more empowered and successful.  They are getting funded as well.

Yes, the financial, political and corporate worlds are still male dominated but they are gradually being remade.  As the baby boomers leave the scene, the younger members in these categories will usher in more females and a more cooperative spirit.  It takes time but we have the time and we have the numbers.  Women have been quietly taking over the number of college degrees and entering into fields that were male dominated–particularly science and technology.  More smart, bold and courageous young women will enter these fields.

This is a world-wide phenomena.  Protests in India over the brutal treatment of women, Afghanistan women even considering they have any rights and other aspects of human treatment are all results of the power of the number two and the rise in the worth and value of the female.  Without the education and rise of the female, humanity cannot thrive.  It is as simple as that.  We all have a responsibility to assist in the empowerment and respect of the female.  She is the conscience of the nation and the world.  If we are to survive, she must thrive!  This is a human challenge of self-preservation.  The female must arise, stand and deliver in her exulted position.

5 responses to “Women and Their Rise with the Number Two”

  1. And, the Dalai Lama predicted that the world will be saved by the western woman!

  2. Cheryl says:

    Spot-on, Gail. That’s why I have changed the focus of my business to helping women locally and in developing nations to become entrepreneurs.

  3. GINA says:

    How very poignant! The resurgence of the feminine divine is indeed going to make our world such a better place!

  4. There are women all over the N. American continent who are amazing.

    Women, claim your power and take action – it’s not about men. Get on with it. Find both men and women who want to walk the path with you, gear down and spread that feminine goodness around the globe.

    We can’t wait for others to catch up. It’s now. The ones we need are waiting. They don’t have to be “sold” or even educated. They’re enhancers, builders and supporters…waiting to serve their purpose.

  5. I am living in the joy of being a woman,who was raised to know she can do anything a man can do as I go through my personal life, as well as do what I feel that I am learning to do well, a new field with me which I did from the fringes and edges until reaching the age of al,ost ninety, and I expect to keep doing it and well as my years progress to who knows what age for I am improving my health and living, and intend to keep going. Lucele Coutts

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