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Why You Chose Your Parents

Of all the subject matters, whether we choose our parents or go with the luck of the draw is generally speaking, a worldwide question.  For some cultures, karmic conditions are considered to be the cause of the parents you inherited.  Is  it a random situation or did we just get lucky or unlucky?

Parents and their blood ties to us in this lifetime set the stage for the acts we are going to play in this lifetime.  In studying the mystical teachings of the ancient mystery schools and from the years of studying Numerology as well as personal knowledge, here are some thoughts for your consideration.  Whether you believe in reincarnation or not, you may want to think about them.  First of all, every lifetime or incarnation is specifically arranged or structured prior to arriving into the body.  What type of body you will use, what lessons you are to learn, what karmic corrections you will be making, the color of your hair, skin, what destiny you would strive towards, the personality you will use while you are here (what people will see and experience), what talents you will bring with you from prior lives and above all what life path or learning lesson will be the focus of this life are just some parts of the structure for your stay.  Along with these, we have time frames and individual cycles that operate within this structure.  It is pretty impressive and if people only recognized and worked with their programming, their lives would be much more successful and easier.  Alas, we mainly focus on the outside stuff and hardly the inside “stuff” where the workings are going on.  We operate, for the most part, out of fear and worry and guilt.  We push ever harder and ignore our original programming.  What a shame!

It is No  Accident

Along with this original planning came the choice of which Soul group we would be born into.  It is no accident that we landed with the parents we inherited.  Why would we do this?  Remember, we are made from intelligence, the Universal Intelligence, so we do know what we are doing prior to arrival.  We may not act very intelligently once we arrive and we may arrive with handicaps but we do know what we are doing.  The parents can come in a variety of forms, we can be adopted, arrive by a set of parents and be transferred to another set to be raised, we can be in a foster parent home, we can arrive and be abandoned or be raised in an orphanage or by our aunts, uncles or even strangers.  There are so many scenarios for the set up.  Nowadays our birth can be through invitro fertilization and we can then be raised by parents of the same sex or surrogate mothers–the list goes on.  Nothing is an accident here on the earth plane.  We just can’t explain why things happen so we call it an accident.  If you could follow the trail that can go back years or lifetimes, you will understand why the arrangement was made.

We Choose Carefully

Our parents are chosen very carefully for assistance with our life paths and destinies and karmic corrections.  Here are two examples.  Let us say that I am going to be born with a number one life path or learning lesson.  This would mean my lesson includes learning to stand on my own two feet, being innovative, taking the initiative, independent, being competitive, be courageous and unique.  This is the path of Steve Jobs.  If you have the one life path, which is a better beginning for you easy, soft parents who protect you or a more harsh environment, abandonment, adoption and a set of parents who encourage independence?  How about the person who is coming into a number five life path or learning lesson.  This is the lesson of change and adjustments.  Having to move quite a bit, adjusting to new environments, classmates, letting go and constructing a new life, living by your wits and to learn to make change constructively.  A good set of parents for this child would be a military family who moves around all the time or the child gets moved from foster home to foster home.  Perhaps the child who needs to learn compassion for the human condition will be born into a family where they are regularly marginalized as children–ignored but fed and clothed.  The child learns very early how people suffer and as an adult can be a wonderful source of comfort and understanding for those who suffer from diseases of the human condition, including mental disease and loneliness.

The Types of Arrangements are Endless

The types of arrangements are endless but they all have a reason.  Even the child born to addicted parents.  There is always more to the story than we realize.  Many times Souls are born to a set of parents who are quite unaware and not conscious of anything other than the basics of life.  This child can be the spark of knowledge and enlightenment for the parents and be much further advanced than the adults.

Remember roles change all the time.  Soul families change cast of characters according to what is needed at the time.  At one time an agreement was struck that you would join with these people as your parents to correct, learn, teach and grow.  Some of the experiences are very harsh, some wonderful, some loving and some not very loving.   Always remember to Bless and Release them to their highest and best good so that you all can move forward and finish up old issues.

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