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Welcome to the Big Top–Part 2–Donald Trump

It just seems to get more weird, volatile and crazy.  One of the best things you can do right now is to keep your center,

Donald Trump

Donald Trump

understand that all around you does come to pass away.  Also, try to get to bed earlier to handle the stress better.  The dial has been ratchet up and it will stay that way for some time.  With the shooting in Orlando, the uncertainty of the elections and uncertainty in general, it is sometimes hard to find the humor in it all.

Keep in mind, this BIG transit I have talked about for the last 8 years is doing its job.  We are knocking over sacred cows and exposing the dirt under the dirt.  From Flint, MI bad water to Portland, OR bad water, the citizens are angry and rightly so.  We must keep in mind the 7 1/2  more years ahead for correction.  Unfortunately, the citizenry has fallen in love with the Kool-Aid and accepts sound bites and simple slogans for cures.  Politicians and their lobbyists have not had our best interests at heart.  The citizens have not bothered to get educated in how the system works so there has been low voter involvement.  Now we have the silly season, the presidential elections and bad behavior make the headlines.

The key character drawing much of the headlines for the last 6 months is Donald Trump.  He has been outrageous and brilliant but always with a twist of mental instability.  It is in his chart.  Donald John Trump was born June 14, 1946.  He is 70 years old today.  Two things stand out, he is starting a big 7 Soul cycle year (70 -71) and he is carrying a karmic debt (showing up in his birth day, the 14th).  This is a debt on the physical level.  Karmic debts are different than karmic corrections.  Debts must be paid back in this lifetime.  In his case, it has to do with his physical body.  Bill Clinton had a karmic debt in his chart (August 19th), the 19th is the debt on physical power–hence he was brought down by his abuse of his power with the Monica Lewinsky scandal.  The four karmic debt numbers are 13, 14, 16 and 19.  My guess is Trump is very reluctant to take physical risks with his body.  No jumping out of airplanes, riding motorcycles or bungy jumping.  How this will play out remains to be seen.

Donald has a number 4 life path and is a very hard worker.  There is also an old-fashioned quality to this number– Tradition.  He has a number 7 personality and a 7 soul number along with a 5 destiny.   A number 7 personality combined with the number 7 soul number (his vowels) has really no use for religion.  His statement on appointing judges who are pro-life should be taken with a grain of salt.  The same thing with religion.  He has no use for it and probably would only show up at a church for a photo opportunity.  If you remember he tried to quote the Bible and called the Book incorrectly.  He doesn’t have any missing numbers in his life path so he has been to the earth plane numerous times.  He is very smart and very critical.   My feeling is his joining of the Republican Party  and running as their candidate is to shake up the party and break apart many of its theories.  I do believe that if he thinks he might lose, he’ll get out or self-sabotage somehow.  It’s in his chart.

His hair has been a big draw of attention.  Donald has an ascendant in Leo, Mars in Leo and Pluto in Leo.  Not only does this give him acting abilities, it also gives him the need to have long hair.  This is the man who may be completely bald on top but who will do a comb over or let the remaining hair grow long and put it in a pony tail and wear it with the bald dome.  Leo in mythology is represented by the lion.  The mane of hair is very important.  Thank goodness for lots of gel and color.

Trump hates to lose and can go bonkers in grand style.  You can see that when he suggests to his followers that some of the protesters need to be punched out.  There is something of the clown in Trump and he is a terrific salesman and can be funny but his reach can exceed his grasp.  He is definitely a split personality.  Part of his chart  points to a more cerebral chart, the thinker, the refined person, the intellect.  The other part points to the wild and crazy, dumb-like-a-fox personality.  It’s generous, very thin skinned and needs to keep moving.  He loves richness such as big lavish homes, model wives, showy stuff.  He loves to show off and knows how to treat waiters with both consideration and condescension.  Remember how he pointed out to a audience member of “my African American man over there”..accent on the word “my”. You will hear people say he is not like he appears on television or at rallies.  Who is the real Donald?

My concern with this candidate is the self-sabotage element in his chart.  This is the placement where a person reaches the pinnacle of success and then does some dumb thing like have a big scandal.  Some  people in power have this position.  It has to do with proving their parents correct in thinking them incompetent.  The child feels that the parent doesn’t recognize their talent or their competency.  They either prove their parent correct or they keep going and going and going to prove their parent wrong.  He comes out fighting and suing as part cover for the feeling that he doesn’t deserve it.

It’s all theater so we must remember to keep a sense of perspective.  As citizens, it is our responsibility and privilege for living in a free country to become better informed.  We need an educated citizenry so that we vote from wisdom and common sense.  It is easy to get all riled up and shout.  It is difficult to lead from strength and knowledge.  More coming part 2 and Hillary………



11 responses to “Welcome to the Big Top–Part 2–Donald Trump”

  1. At this point in our existence the challenge becomes whether to continue to lose ourselves in anger and judgement of a person who kinda sneaked in behind closed curtains or to assess what issues of discomfort in us are sneaking out and to tend gently and lovingly with them, for Karmic sake! I am having to learn to do what is important to do at all times anyway and that is to take care of me, first. Projecting hostility and name calling has it’s moments like when we were giggling kids in elementary school hiding in the bathroom and talking about how everyone else is so stupid!! That stuff really doesn’t work well for us adults as it continues to live inside of us and make us not feel at our best!
    We deserve to travel the road to greater expansion of consciousness and Loving, aren’t we? The cool part of all this is that it is up to us as individuals to take this path which is empowering…the tough part about this is that it’s up to us!

  2. Karen says:

    Trump is used to being large and in charge and the way he encourages physical aggression that has been seen at his rallies does not translate to someone who can be calm in the middle of the storm. I sometimes wonder if he’s taken on this role, unbeknownst to him, to shake things loose and break up the old Republican (man) Party. With great power comes great responsibility. He’s used to getting his way and to me at times he seems like a big bully. Either way we need someone who understands the need for diplomacy and not dictatorship. He can be a dictator in his own world in the sense that he has the final decision in all his business ventures and he has the money to back him up. However the way he incites people make me question if he could be calm in a crisis. Would his need to incite others serve or harm us on a national and international level?

  3. Trump has many ideas that are well worth adopting in this country and he is speaking truth on the inequities and corruption in our current government. Unfortunately, the power matrix and media machine will not allow him to win. Hillary is their candidate of choice, and one that they already own.

    Trump has great business business skills when dealing with a compartmentalized transaction (real estate) but he has not demonstrated his business skills in managing a complex entities (government) with so many moving parts. For that reason, Americans would have to rely a lot on the people he brings into the White House with him. Not sure who that would be, but they will be the drivers of the governmental system. Would they be focused on doing what’s right for Americans? Who knows.

    I value Donald’s contribution to waking people up to the corruption in our government. However, it’s too little, too late, delivered in a format that is unacceptable to most people.

  4. Charlie says:

    Chopra is well known as a cult leader and writes plenty of scripts for psychotropic drugs.
    You failed to mention how, at the end of his propaganda video, he endorsed Hillary
    Clinton, whom he is paid to advise.
    Further, it is so unprofessional for him to refer to Trump as “Hitler like” and a Nazi.
    That is character assasination.
    Try to stay on topic.

  5. Sharon says:

    I don’t believe in Satan. Evil is LIVE spelled backwards. I don’t believe in name calling. Chopra is a well known and respected physician.
    I vote my heart and conscience/consciousness based on how authentic, believable and qualified a candidate is. Trump is everything I would not want want in a friend, let alone a president. President Obama is the one who got us back on track with the economy from the 2008 financial meltdown in the midst of that crisis. It appears many have conveniently forgotten the economy and how it has improved in the past 8 years.

  6. Charlie says:

    So glad to hear that Chopra slandered Trump. You know why?
    Hillary Clinton’s Serpent Cult has as her “Spiritual Advisor” Deepak Chopra.
    This is a satanic cult.
    Hillary is the antithesis of Trump.
    Satanic worshippers will gang up on and eagerly attack well- meaning opponents.
    Vote your conscious.
    Educate yourself first.
    Look at both sides.
    Ignore the biases of the media.
    Then, focus on the economy and other issues, rather than the political party and the gender of the candidate, if you can be that open-minded.

  7. Sharon says:

    I have taught in Mental Health at major university and I agree with Chopra’s assessment on CNN. (as well as Carol’s Weds. comment).

  8. Charlie says:

    Carol, you twisted my words.
    Reread them without a bias.

  9. Marilyn says:

    Win or lose, Donald Trump will be in a power position the rest of his life. He has character, (as others rarely have), but his personality in public is hard to understand. His birth Sun moves into his 1st house and will be there the rest of his life. that’s a big spotlight. Regardless of his public image, I am behind him 100% because of what he is trying to do for America.

  10. Carol says:

    Trump is a brand. Not sure how he was able to accomplish this image of success with so many failed businesses, bankruptcies and over 3500 lawsuits. This man has been married three times and has said his daughter is hot and would date her if she wasn’t his daughter. I would not call him a man with family values.

  11. Charlie says:

    Smart, self-assured, confident, a role model, and a family man with good values.
    That’s Trump.
    Unfortunately for him he gets to swab the deck, so to speak, by cleaning up the messes created by his predecessors.
    But, this he has done before.
    Many times.
    Looking forward to hearing about Hillary’s chart.

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