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Wake Up and Refuse to Go Along With It

The more people refuse to believe the deceptions and betrayals, the more we can advance as a species.  Wake up and refuse to go along with the deceptions and betrayals that are bombarding us every day.  Encourage yourself to question what you are reading, hearing and watching.  It is man-based fiasco.

At a recent live class, a man claimed that the US started this war in Ukraine to protect our bioweapons work we have been doing for years with Ukraine.  He insisted there was proof without citing it and was indignant when he didn’t receive the attention he wanted.  He left the class.  He said he would be proven correct.

We are subject to harassment if we speak truth to power and can be shamed and banished on social media or worse.  It has cost people their lives and their livelihood.  Why are we accepting this stuff?  It is dangerous and is costing us our freedoms and threatening our democracy.  It is extremely important that we monitor science and technology so that it can uplift us rather than exploit us.

Why are we allowing Republicans in the Senate to prevent sensible rules to protect gun owners and the public?  This has been going on for so many years, we should be embarrassed and ashamed for the violence that engulfs our nation.  Yet, we wring our hands and complain but make very little consistent pressure.  Lots of men in cowboy hats and boots waited outside a classroom while children made desperate pleas for help.  It was a tragedy compounded by cowards.

Why do we expect our representatives to help us when they have proven themselves to be self-powered first, protecting their reelection, donors and place in power?  We shouldn’t expect a change in their thinking or behavior.   A large majority of the Republican party believe the last election was a fraud and have perpetuated this lie and damaged our confidence in voting. We act as if we are powerless.  This is nuts!

The latest and greatest is the anti-abortion group that plans the state control of the female body and is setting up vigilante groups to enforce it.  What have we come down to?  Why are we accepting the erosion of female rights?  Marching isn’t enough.  Holding a placard isn’t enough!  School children are suggesting a boycott of going to school due to gun shootings.  Perhaps women need to physically start boycotting something.  The women in a village in Africa boycotted sex with their male partners until the men stopped fighting and came around to helping the women.  It worked.  I suppose if the men in America were denied sex for a certain period from their spouses, lovers etc. you might have more pressure applied to some of these representatives and their archaic rules for women.  This is extreme but I am open to suggestions.  So far, what we are doing is not working.

Be on the lookout for deepfake videos.  These are very dangerous but realistic-looking videos created by using artificial intelligence technology.  They can make it look like anyone is saying or doing anything.  Can these swing an election????  They are growing exponentially.  A study I read last year reported the number of deepfake videos online doubled every six months from 2018 to 2020 and the pace is only picking up. 

What we must learn from this is that we need to start thinking critically about what we see online.  We must stop getting stuck in the economy or the war.  We need to plan ahead and have a plan even if we can’t see ahead.

My old friend, Prince Machiavelli said, “Men rise from one ambition to another: first they seek to secure themselves and then they attack others.”

11 responses to “Wake Up and Refuse to Go Along With It”

  1. Judy says:

    Thank you Gail for another amazing Blog. I love reading the comments also!

    Oh, it’s another great day in the neighborhood!

    Ongoing blessings!

  2. Gail Minogue says:

    So true.

  3. Gail Minogue says:

    Keep gun rights but have sensible rules in using them. AR-15’s and Ar-16’s are weapons of war not for hunting. We have driving rules, drinking rules. We need to think common sense. Guns can be bought and sold and kept safely locked away etc. Nobody is taking them away.

  4. Andrea Gold says:

    I’m surprised how easily manipulated people are these days, even the most intelligent. You’re right to suggest we question everything. That’s healthy. People jump hastily, emotionally, and sometimes violently to conclusions, pushing their own agendas. What happened to seeking out the facts as best one can, listening to both sides of the coin, then with level head making one’s own conclusions — again, based on both sides of the situation at hand? Otherwise, people are only seeking out what supports their existing beliefs and not seeing the whole picture. What’s best for society, the citizens who seek a good, peaceful, fulfilling life for themselves and their loved ones? Help remind all of our representatives of their high-minded commitment to serve the country first, not themselves and their power positions. Lest we point fingers only at our leaders to hold them up to a high standard, help us also to be civil, kind and fair citizens.

  5. Tracy says:

    We may need to spread the truth on our social media pages. I don’t post nearly enough about all the schemes that are taking place. I don’t plan to live in fear but but must fight the lies with truths. I don’t have guns and really don’t like them but now we must wear the Orange #enough.
    Woman definitely need to abstain from their narc husbands and boyfriends but they all believe they can grab us by the p$&@y anyways. Sick disgusting behavior. Pornography is a huge problem as well.

  6. Lynn Jones says:

    Wow the current administration has destroyed America . Thought for the day we don’t take cars away from sober people to prevent drunk drivers why do they think taking guns away from responsible owners will stop crime? How about blasting the news with positive stories instead of all the negative just might give younger people some hope.

  7. Sharon Warren says:

    Thank you, Gail, for an excellent blog.

    I like Margaret Mead’s quote: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

  8. Julie Kongs says:

    I don’t believe it’s just the Republicans causing problems. They are indeed guilty. However, the Democrats are too. They used the plannedemic to line their pockets with big Pharma money and attempt to keep everyone so scared that people would do whatever the government wanted. ‍♀️ Both parties are puppets of the Elites/Government/Big Pharma. We must learn to go inside ourselves and discern the truth. Sadly, our government no longer has our interests in mind. We must take back our power and use it to help the world heal. God bless us all with peace and wisdom.

  9. Katalyst Kim says:

    “Shall not be infringed” Every time there is a shooting the left demands gun control. It barely happens and it’s a cry across the land. What about controlling those who use these weapons to hurt/kill others. Why are they not prosecuted. What about developing methods to protect and why not STOP advertising “gun free zones.” Those are where most of these events happen. Surely people understand that most countries that are gun free are run by dictators, while the people suffer. Plus the majority of those committing these heinous crimes are on some sort of antidepressant or other drugs. There’s a great website to research the facts:

    Our founders were very smart, in my opinion, to have written the First and Second Amendments which are constantly attacked at this time. Why is that? I also believe our founders were smart in making sure of the establishment of states’ rights vs. federal duties. People should take the time to read our short and to the point U.S. Constitution. Most of our “leaders” haven’t, as far as I can tell, since much has been done that is unconstitutional.

  10. Lauren Cole says:

    Much could change if we repealed Citizens United, and change the campaign finance rules. Then legislators can’t hide who bought them.

  11. MarTee Jones says:

    We are truly in a war of Trump Repubulicans and the lies they have spread. Senators are so afraid of him they would rather keep their seats than tell the truth.
    This is a world that I want no part of. There are to many ignorant people that believe his lies and don’t know how to think for themselves.
    Power is in control over truth.

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