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Thinking is No Longer a Luxury

As we move away from the Piscean Age into the Aquarian Age, we are learning the process of Cute pupils and teacher reading in library at the elementary schthinking.  The fading Piscean Age was very different in that its characteristics were built more on emotions than on thought.  That is not to say there weren’t some great thinkers over the last two thousand years.  The masses, however, were poorly educated and most could not read.  Scribes wrote the letters.  The printing press started to make writing more available but it wasn’t until the dawn of the Age of Aquarius in the early 1800’s that the education of the masses began to take shape.

The old philosopher, Manly P. Hall, wrote many books, gave many lectures on this theme.  He states that “today philosophy is one of the most important areas of our mental life.  It is the only instrument we know by which we can organize the purposes and reasons for our own existence.  It gives us the insight that will enable us to evaluate the things that happen to us.”  The combination of spirituality and philosophy provides us with the inner securities by which we can face external pressure and safety.  He goes on to state that every person who comes into this world today should be given some kind of philosophic insight as a birthright.  Without this insight within himself, the individual cannot guide his own affairs over the physical span of existence.

If one does not know how to think, all too often the individual falls back upon the negative processes of his/her mind and emotions.  We see this quite regularly today as people, as a group, don’t think.  They react and become quite emotional.  Because she/he is not equipped to face the facts or question the facts, the person too often turns to anything that may be available.  This can lead to addiction problems, drugs, alcohol, food, gambling and quick fixes that cannot possibly solve the problem.  It also leaves one open to manipulation in all its many forms.

“To realize that we live in a world in which we cannot get away with anything, a world in which effect will follow cause inevitably, where whatever we do will have its inevitable result in us–if we will just believe that much, we begin to have the most powerful inducement to straighten out our own living.”

America prides itself on individuality.  It must never forget, however, that we build one Age on the shoulders of the previous Age.  The Piscean Age was not an Age of the individual.  It was an Age of the collective.  In order to experience the proper balance of the individual with the collective we need to learn that true freedom “arises from the cooperation of people and not from their hyper-individualism.   Kindness brings things together, unkindness separates them.  Unkindness sets in motion destructive patterns, which continue to injure, sometimes for a very long time.

The world is not thinking kindness.  It is in hyper-individual mode as we see in strong nationalism, polarizing views and behavior, rhetoric that borders on lies and half truths and is basically reactionary.  As we move more into the Aquarian Age, we will become more enlightened and rational but today we still exhibit the extremes of both Ages, the hyper individual and the emotional collective.  We are evolving here on earth.  Nothing here is finished.  That is the hope and the promise of creation.


3 responses to “Thinking is No Longer a Luxury”

  1. Twila says:

    I watch your videos and know this knowledge is beneficial to all. I have attempted on many occasions to purchase the book but have had no luck so far. will you send me information as to how to order it, plz? Thanks Twila

  2. Kate Merrick says:

    Gail, I never miss one of your posts and often share them on FaceBook for the education of all who read them…. very valuable information. Thank you over and over. I recently purchased your book, Divine Design, and love it. Numbers have such power!

  3. Dr. khelly Webb says:

    I came across a reading u did for me several years ago. In rereading i find how beneficial it has been. Thank you.
    thx for quoting Manly P. Hall. I had the good fortune to attend his Sunday lectures which created a great foundation for life.
    Many blessings for your work creating resiliency for kindness in life.

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