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Religion is Fading as Aquarian Age Rises

Just as 2 tectonic plates rub up against each other, two ages are pushes against each other.  One of these is the future force bigstock--196232251and the other the past.  One of the plates is the old Piscean Age that is passing and the other the Aquarian Age that is coming into the present and will stay with us for 2,000 years.  The old force, the Piscean Age, is struggling to stay alive but its’ struggle is creating the big shift to the new Aquarian Age.  Along with this old Piscean Age goes the characteristics of this age.  It has served its purpose and helped us along for about 2,000 years.  We are gradually shedding its qualities that no longer work in a new Age of Enlightenment, Rational thinking and development of the individual.

Of this old Piscean Age, or the Age of Water/fluids and emotions were several man-made religions that were all created during its existence.  All of these religions will gradually fade and leave us so that by 2080, it will look odd to belong to a religion and will seem very strange to people that anyone would join one.  Hard to believe in today’s world!  These three religions are Rabbinical Judaism, Christianity and Islam.  All were created during the last age.  All were man-made.  Rabbinical Judaism and Christianity were created as an outcome to the chaotic years of turmoil during the Greek/Roman wars.  Rabbinical Judaism was a result of the loss of the temple and an attempt to preserve the old Israelite teachings. Christianity was needed to create a following  after the death of Jesus.  It would take several years before Christianity would take hold as a major religion.  It originally depended upon the army to boost its forces–hence the song “Onward Christian Soldiers”.  Islam was created several years later in approximately 635 AD, again by a man who supposedly was visited by a force of the almighty.  Notice in all these religions the power of “a king”.  This gives the Bible lessons of today a force called “the kingdom” of God etc.

These religions served a purpose for the times.  They gave a sense of control of the people, it taught much about fear as God was usually presented as vengeful.  It taught people that you had to make sacrifices to God, the Church, the Temple etc. in order to be rewarded, redeemed or saved.  It taught that this life here on earth was tough, hard, painful etc. and that the life hereafter could be terrific, peaceful, airy and fabulous.  Of course, only if you lived, suffered, were ridden with guilt and sacrificed here on earth first.  If anything should be said for the teaching tool of this era, it was fear.  Why do you think people would blow themselves up to get out of here?

Fortunately, if you can look at that age in a rational way, you can see the laws, rules and controls that govern all of them.  They are all made by man or men.  Yes, supposedly, they were Godly men but they weren’t stupid.  There was always a pecking order to each religion.  There were various levels of rabbis, priests and imams.  There were fancy outfits, hats and shoes to make sure you were not accepted as an ordinary person.  There were strict dietary laws and rules up the river.  Lots of superstitions and shunning if you didn’t obey.  Fear is an exceedingly strong tool of control.  Plus, the religious orders were businesses.  Even today we have a category of “religious Pastor-preneurs”.

Now, today, the Age of Aquarius, is not about religion at all. The lovely old temples and churches are emptying out.  Those that have congregations are increasingly aging in place and striving to stay relevant in this Aquarian Age.  Even yesterday’s Wall St. Journal had suggestions on what could be done with these old architectural wonders to another age.  Many are now even used as shopping centers and skateboarding arenas.  Still others are made into condos.  Others are being torn down.  The Aquarius Age is more of the practical over the sentimental.

What people are seeking today is a sense of community.  We are not solitary creatures.  We want to belong to groups but not necessarily to a religion.  We form groups today around mutual interests with no interest in worshiping anything.   This is especially true of the millennials.  Even the Gideon Bible is no longer being dropped off in hotels.  People can read the Bible online if so inclined.  They still seek a “higher power” and a greater understanding of the world as it exists but it isn’t tied to man-made religious orders.  They realize that there isn’t a “sky God” handing out rewards and punishments sitting on a cloud somewhere.  They don’t have to do 20 Hail Mary’s to relieve themselves and they don’t have to even consider purgatory.

They are understanding the rights of the individual to develop itself in the world without the superstition attached to past religions.  The individual in all styles of gender, dress and look is learning to love itself without condemnation and judgment from religious dogma.  We are all headed that way but it takes time.  Give it another 60 years in the United States and probably more in other parts of the Middle East and Africa.  Several generations will have left this earth and the younger generations will think very differently of today’s religious dogmas.    Once, though, the rise in female power takes hold in 2024, there were be even more openings to free humankind from the shackles of these religions.

Each time period has its positive sides.  From the Piscean Age we were taught about compassion.  This is a powerful tool to add to our evolutionary box of human progress.  We carry that now with us and it can be used to understand others’ suffering.  The Aquarian Age gives us the freedom of religion and freedom from religion.  As we develop as individuals but not necessarily as religious individuals, we give others the right to do the same.  Condemnation and judgment so prevalent in most man-made religions will fade along with superstition, primitive symbols and made-up narratives.


9 responses to “Religion is Fading as Aquarian Age Rises”

  1. Kathy Pickel says:

    Love this article.
    “Once, though, the rise in female power takes hold in 2024, there were be even more openings to free humankind from the shackles of these religions.” Can you explain more?

  2. Ed Bengtson says:

    I love this article. And I look forward to the change. The religious man-made doctrines to subside and to die away once and for all, freeing mankind from the shackles of fear!

  3. Pam Hale says:

    Gail, this is a fascinating article. And I think it’s good news, as a spiritual wellness life coach and mentor. Most–not all–religion has become sadly divorced from its core, which was mystical. All the religions, as you’ve pointed out, were spread out of political power desires. I hope the age of Aquarius doesn’t throw the baby out with the bath water. Our spiritual, mystical side makes everyday mundane experiences into potential experiences of beauty and even ecstasy. Without that, the rest would be harder to take.

  4. lors says:

    Thank you for this narrative. I will share with some friends.

  5. spencer grendahl says:

    I too, would be interested in AI in the coming Aquarian Age. Robotics, gene splicing, medical breakthroughs.

  6. Dick Tippett says:


    So accurate!
    Today I joined Calvary Episcopal Church here in Santa Cruz. I joined because I missed the comfort of a familiar ritual and similar people, not because I am a tremendously devout Episcopalian. Spiritual, absolutely: I am a confirmed student of the feminine side of Christ, earth spirits, spirit guides, earth energies , plant medicine and energetic healing, among other, similar things.
    Sixty years ago I was a member of a different Calvary Episcopal. I was a teenage acolyte–one of six. My Dad was an usher–he was barely forty. There was a good number of children in our Sunday School and their young parents were the bulk of the congregation.
    In this Calvary, the acolytes are close to my age–late sixties, early seventies. Average age of the congregation–early sixties. Four preteen children and a couple of college students pull it down that far. Average Sunday attendance at the main service is about 30. We come for the tradition and the cameraderie, and we are well aware that, once we are gone, there are few who will likely follow in our shoes.
    Santa Cruz is a small “college city”–eight colleges, one junior college, one university, more that 20,000 students. They don’t “do” church.

  7. Jon says:

    Hello Gail:

    Glad to be rid of the fear that religion used to torment and control us. The fundamental motto of the Pisces age was DECEPTION. Organized religion played a huge role in this deception. I predict that many will hold on (to their religion) due to the instilled fear of HELL.

    Where can I find information on the Ages before Pisces along with the basic characteristic(s) of each of these Ages ?


  8. Lorinda Joan Pollack says:

    Hi Gail, I have some new friend that believe it is about time the new money exchange is going to start. I told them about your emails concerning new ways we will do our banking in 2020 and forward. They would love to read this. I still have friends that doubt this.
    I was wondering if you could email me a copy of the newsletter concerning this issue. Thank you!

  9. Carol says:

    Thank you for this article, it is great:) I was wondering if you could write about the downside/s of the Aquarian Age – specifically the use of technology. As you wrote here, the loving vibration of compassion that came in when the Piscean Age seated was co-opted and turned into man-made religion. Since technology is a keynote of Aquarius, the downside might be a a surveillance state depending on how the energy is handled, or if certain people co-opt the energy. I would very much like to hear your thoughts on this in a future post. Thanks:)

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