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Religion is Fading as Aquarian Age Rises - Feb 10, 2019

Just as 2 tectonic plates rub up against each other, two ages are pushes against each other. One of these is the future force and the other the past. One of the plates is the old Piscean Age that is passing and the other the Aquarian Age that is coming into the present and will stay with us for 2,000 years. The old force, the Piscean Age, is struggling to stay alive but its’ struggle is creating the big shift to the new Aquarian Age. Along with this old Piscean Age goes the characteristics of this age. It has served its purpose and helped us along for about 2,000 years. We are gradually shedding its qualities that no longer work in a new Age of Enlightenment, Rational thinking and development of the individual

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