MP3 – Pluto Moves Into Aquarius-Women Launch Power-Pay Attention


For those of you who would like a larger perspective on our times.  This a one hour recording.


Zoom Program of October 21st.  Important take on our times.

 Focusing on 2024, as it begins the launch. What can we expect going forward?

Women rise in power in 2024. She begins the replacement of the male power in the government and the banking areas. What can we expect?

She has been preparing for this since 2000.

What must women stop doing to help this natural turn of events?

2024 is NOT the transition election

Start thinking about the Divine Average. Our heroes in the movies are many times ordinary people in disguise. Think of Superman. Pay attention to the films. They are signs of the Age. You can see what is coming through the creative people.

The social activist becomes the hero. Another sign of the Aquarian Age. 

What should we look for and how can we prepare?  Enjoy!


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