MP3 – Reinventing Your Life + New Trend Granny on TikTok-Granfluencers



Recording from Zoom Program of December 9th.

We are experiencing new trends in the work place and in retirement.  As a result, new trends are appearing as green shoots after a heavy rain in the desert.  Some of us are considering a complete about face for their purpose in life.  The world, especially the US is on the move.  The US, being a catalyst of change for the world, is in the throes of changing the rules of employment and will export our trends.

This one hour program will go over the reinvention of people’s lives and look at the trends taking place today.

  • What are some of the unspoken rules that are creating these trends?

  • How can you use them to your advantage?

  • What are most important ages to make life changes?

  • Why you must have a plan for each 30 years of your life?

  • Why retirement is not a goal?

  • What is going on with the “elderly” Grannys drawing large followers on TikTok?

  • Why the female “can have it all”–just not within the normal timeframe?

  • What are the advantages of the female starting her career in middle age?

  • and, of course, more sidebar thoughts and ideas on this subject.

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