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It is always interesting to take a look at candidates running for office.  They are presented to the public with the usual

V P Candidate Paul Ryan

political jargon, kiss babies and do their best to tell us what they think we want to hear.  Little is given away as to who they really are or where they are coming from in their heart of hearts.  Remember, all, ALL, politicians want to get elected and will do what they need to do to win.  The public rarely gets to see a genuine article.  Sound bites, quick stops and corn dogs on a stick don’t tell us anything.  Let’s take a look at the latest political player–Paul Ryan.  His date of birth is January 29th, 1970 and he is an Aquarian.  Aquarius in astrology is one of the four fixed signs.  It is challenging to get them to change their minds once they have made a decision.  This is also an “air” sign and they are very mental people and somewhat detached.  Barack Obama is accused of being “detached” and he has the sign of Aquarius as his Ascendant in astrology.  Obama, Clinton, Reagan, Lincoln, F. Roosevelt were all fixed signs with prominent Aquarius in their charts.

Another Master Number 11 Life Path candidate.

I made sure that Paul Davis Ryan was not a “Jr”.  He is not.  His father, who died when he was just 16, was Paul Murray.  Paul Ryan fits in the same pattern as most recent presidential candidates, his life path totals the number 11.  Barack Obama, Biden, McCain, Michelle  Obama, Al Gore–all had the number 11 life path–so did Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan.  The Life Path number is the total number of the full birth name–reducing the total number to a final compound number.

Those who carry the 11 Life Path are usually quite inspiring people and have some particular assignment or role to be played out in this life time.  People are drawn to them.  Even if Romney loses, Paul Ryan will stay in the picture for a larger presence in government.  It is important to note that Romney does not have this number, nor did Sarah Palin.  Of the Romney/Ryan ticket, Paul is the more dynamic leader.  He, of course, is really not the candidate who will run the country.

Lots of Karmic Corrections in this life time

Ryan is missing 3 numbers in his birth name.  On top of that, he has only one number “5” in his birth name.  That is quite a bit of unfinished business and issues he has to work on in this lifetime.  His missing numbers are 2, 6 and 8.  In the average American name there are usually 3-5 No. 5’s.  Ryan has only one.  These missing numbers tell you a great deal of information.

Missing No. 2

Since he is missing the number 2 (no b, k or t), he brought in the number 2 by being born on the 29th day of January (29 reduces to a two) and he chose his life path to be the number 11–another form of two.  Karmic implications of the number 2 missing are the need for patience, cooperation, diplomacy, tact, interdependence, reflected light (letting someone else shine and you receiving credit indirectly) without being a doormat.  These qualities are issues and challenges for him.  He must learn to see how what he says and does affects others.

Missing No. 6

The missing 6 implies that he has issues about responsibilities when it comes to others and particularly in the home.  People who have this missing number can feel like they know what is best for you (no f, o or x).  They can form relationships but stay heavily guarded so the other person doesn’t really know their true feelings.  The tendency with a missing 6 is also to overdo the number.  They can be too interfering and resent when you do not take their advice.  Along with that goes  a sense of self-righteousness.  In Ryan’s case he has placed the number 6 as his personality number so there is quite a bit of “I know what is best for you”.  “I will fix it”.  That type of presence.  I have no doubt he feels he is absolutely right with his ideas of the budget and Medicare etc.  Even if they are not workable, he cannot see past what he knows to be best for you.

Missing No. 8

Missing the number 8 is really big.   People who are missing the number 8 in their name (no letter h, q or z) come into their lives with a big ambition.  They remember being big shots in past lives and they do not want to be on the bottom rung of the pole.  The problem here is that they did the past power opportunities too much or not enough.  They have money issues and issues with the correct use of their resources, authority and power.  When they are young, they tend to see others’ advice as criticism.  As they get more into their adult years, they begin to see it more as advice but it takes time.  Still, the challenge here for a person with a missing 8 is to become the benevolent leader–not the boss, authority or driven by power or money.

Deep down he does not like change

Only one number 5  (e, n, w are all 5 letters) in his name signifies that he is not comfortable with change.  He is extremely traditional, conservative and will miss short cuts that could move things along.  He is definitely a detail person and a hard worker but he wants it safe and secure.  Notice his track record of change in his life.  He lives in the same town he was born in.  He graduated from college and went right into a government job and has stayed in a government job until this day.  He seeks security.  The business world is not his world.  He is not comfortable there at all.  When he speaks of it, there is no experience to back up his words.  He is learning how to handle power and the correct use of his energy, time and money.   It is all from a safe position.

His true destiny is to be a pioneer

Ryan’s destiny number is the number one (1).  He needs to beat to his own drummer and come up with his own plan.  It really does not work well for him to be “under” someone.  He wants to be a pioneer at some level.  In short, create a new path and have others follow. This is his destiny in this lifetime.  The question remains.  In light of his missing numbers and karmic corrections, it will be challenging for him to go off the beaten path and blaze his own.

I have no doubt that Ryan burns to be President and he will have a following.  His issues are his inabilities to see various sides and his need to be right (missing 6 and 8).  He definitely is detailed and will present lots of it if need be.  I think this run is good experience for him as he is hardly a global person.  He also needs to reach his 7th soul cycle (ages 49-50) before he is seasoned enough for this type of job.  The number 11 life path holders have one thing in common, they are all late bloomers.  Ronald Reagan being the greatest example of the late bloomer.  They do their best work in their later years.  No doubt Ryan will follow suit.  He has yet to really value himself in this lifetime.  He does possess a valuable quality–common sense.  Will he use it?



9 responses to “PAUL DAVIS RYAN–VP Candidate”

  1. Gail Minogue says:

    Thank you. I am expecting to be teaching in San Antonio the 2nd weekend in February 2013

  2. Pat says:

    Hi Gail, great post as always and very interesting. Can’t wait for your trip to SA

  3. Geza says:

    II think life is somewhat more complicated.
    The French philosopher Descartes tells us that life is deterministic.
    Quantum mechanics (proven to the 14th digits) says it is un-deterministic.
    Richard Feynman’s “all probabilities multi-universe” theory describes that both functioning at the same time.
    As we go through life our creativity / conciseness alters pre-determined conditions that is how we grow
    and change our world.

    It would be interesting to read President Obama’s analysis in light of the actual history of the past four years.
    That might shed light on how these forces work and function in reality.

    I found your approach neutral and balanced, and represent a different approach judging what is ahead.

  4. Harold says:

    Why is it that if something is political some critics believe there is a bias. The numbers are the numbers! Thanks.

  5. I don’t believe this is an appropriate forum for personal attacks and finger-pointing. Gail provided information for everyone’s education or amusement. Take or leave it.

  6. Morgana says:

    😯 Janice? Seriously? Your post tell s me that you are a Republican first. She was clear about the numerology. You must have also missed the astrology for Romney which is positive, yet, that Democrat was able to write with unbiased slant. She told you what the numbers were. And I didnt see that as being negative so you and I were reading two different things… Maybe the bias YOU seek is your own face in the mirror.

    So coming after someone when your own slip is showing IS really he true disappointment.

  7. Janice says:

    It seems a bit biased to me. I suspect you are a firm Democrat. Disappointing spin, Im afraid.

  8. Maureen Weaver says:

    Wow Gail Thanks for the great insights to our possible new VP
    Maureen from Los Lunas

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