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Our Own Role in Our Poor Health

As you know I have been interested in Numerology and other ancient mystery

school information for many years.  The more you learn, the more you need to learn.  It is an endless loop of knowledge.  We as a group are just waking up out of ignorance.  As we travel the spirals of lifetimes and civilizations, we pass through the portals of various levels and planes of existence and consciousness.  In our “modern” times and I question the word modern, we are learning how little we know.  Our ignorance shows up in many forms, belief in superstition, believing without questioning, being dazzled by the sizzle, reacting and not thinking, inability to manage ourselves and inability to change when change is necessary.  I guess the list could go on for many pages.  There is one area though that is very costly to us due to our ignorance and lack of questioning or curiosity.  That is our lack of knowledge to understand our own bodies and what we put inside them.

Each of us is given one body at birth.  That’s it.  That’s the whole enchilada.  You don’t get another.  What comes to mind, we are given a fine race horse at birth.  Granted some of these race horses come in with genetic compromises or deformities but for the most part, we are given a pretty unique, rare race horse that will need a great diet to maintain it, proper exercise, pace the use of how it uses its energy (we don’t race it to death), and maintain its teeth, eyes, bones, body parts etc.  In short we don’t abuse it, we respect it.  We speak to it in loving terms. We tell it how much we love to ride it and how grateful we are to have it as our companion.  We don’t beat it or race it on drugs.  We let it be comfortable for sleep and keep it protected from the elements.

Maybe we should have all been born race horses.  In the scheme of things we treat them better than we do ourselves.  The disqualifier here are those who literally race their horses to death on heavy drugs so they will win races.  Here at the Santa Anita racetrack in Los Angeles we have had 30 horses die in the last year from basically ignorance and greed.  This is not common but another man-made game of control and abuse.  Not too far from what we do to our own bodies.

Over 30% of our population is obese and the majority of our citizens are overweight.  We eat processed foods, gulp our portions down, hand-eat stuff in the car, eat lots of sugary foods, eat over-sized portions, have crazy food-to-mouth stuffing competitions and try to make up for it with lots of supplements and quick fix diets.  We learn a little bit of information about a subject and swear it’s all the truth.  In reality all we knew was a little bit of information.

We are just learning how important the gut is to our mental health as well as the birth of many degenerative diseases.  We just pour the stuff down there and wonder why we have colon problems, reflux problems, kidney problems, joint problems and the scariest of all, cancer and heart problems.  Do we take care of our immune system?  Do we even know how?  Do we see any connection of our diet and how we age?

The body is the fine race horse, it wants to move.  It wants balanced food.  It doesn’t sit all day at the desk or lie around all day in the pasture.  Some of the time yes but it knows how to pace itself.  It doesn’t wait until it is old to slow down.  It doesn’t go on cruises and gorge on foods.  It doesn’t go to a buffet and mix all different types of protein, carbs and sugar down the pipe all at once.

So when an epidemic or a pandemic shows up, our immune systems are shot.  We have had a lifetime of indifference to the body, we don’t know how it works and we don’t care.  We thought we could pay somebody to take care of us or give us a pill if we got sick.  We become terrorized because we thought medicine would take care of just about anything we got.  We became arrogant–which is the last stage of illness as well the cause of all illness.  Michio Kushi is his book “The Book Macrobiotics” speaks of the “biological death”.  If our daily lives, including our dietary practices, are out of harmony with the changing natural environment, our physical and mental condition become unsuitable for the continuation of our life.  When harmonious change no longer becomes possible, we dissolve the situation by dying.  This sort of death comes through various physical and mental sicknesses.  In modern socity, the majority of deaths belong to this category.”

Currently, we are experiencing a pandemic that continues on in a rather arbitrary fashion.  Some “experts” say one thing.  Others say something else.  We can help ourselves by knowing what are the best ways to protect ourselves and to get back into harmony with our environment.  “Modern people, however, are suffering with many sicknesses and experiencing a rising epidemic of degenerative diseases.  We take it for granted today that the ordinary person and family will suffer with some sort of serious illness and that most of us will die from heart disease, cancer or other chronic disorder.  This universal belief in modern society is contrary to our real nature and the experience of humanity over thousands and thousands of past generations.  As long as we follow and live according to the laws of nature and the order of the universe, as our ancestors have done from the beginning, we shall enjoy health, happiness and longevity, rarely suffering from any form of sickness.”

It will take many, many years and lifetimes for us to rise out of arrogance but we will and we will be able to stay here longer in healthier bodies.  A normal blueprint is at least 120 years.  We can’t even imagine ourselves being engaged and vital at 100.  To help ourselves through this pandemic and other illnesses, the secret is in experiencing an harmonious life with yourself and nature and the respect of the body.  Never be disrespectful to it, abuse it or criticize it.  Whatever you do, always tell your hair you love it.  It is a big antenna for you.



11 responses to “Our Own Role in Our Poor Health”

  1. If our hair is our antenna, then it’s an advantage not to be able to get it cut! I’m continuing with my long hair experiment at 77.

  2. Gail Minogue says:

    Thank you Sharon and all who have left such supportive comments. Someone wanted to know why hair is an antenna. Yogis and those of the ancients knew the power of the hair as a fine antenna for energy frequencies. These people seldom cut their hair but instead wore it under the turban. At night, the hair would be washed and turbans removed. We might want to consider the hair on our heads as a powerful protective force. Speak well of it. Never have a bad hair day.

  3. Sharon says:

    The pandemic has been a wake up call and big mirror for staying healthy on all levels. Physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually…it’s use it or lose it.

    Thank you for another great blog and the race horse analogy is memorable.

    Prayers and blessings continuing for you and Richard!

  4. Gail, Well said. The old adage that our Body is a Temple of the indwelling Spirit of the Divine, has become a lost thought, let alone a lost principle to live by. Even for those of us who have paid attention to diet and exercise over our years, as we age past 70 or so the efforts and habits of the past seem to be less heeded when in fact they need to be heeded even more…. personal experience talking here. Thank you for your continue words of wisdom.

  5. Susan Mason says:

    Fabulous as usual Gail!
    You put everything into perspective. I am so glad your husband is coming along. Thank you for giving us your insight. Exspecially now when we all need it so badly. Take care and stay safe xoxo

  6. Peace, prayers and blessings to you and Richard. I can feel the weariness between the lines, but you will get through this.
    I stopped coloring my hair 7 years ago when I could no longer afford the expense and frequency. I was also concerned about the chemicals being absorbed by my scalp as the skin is the largest organ of our body. Now my shiny silver “halo” is surrounded by a darker gray. If it is good enough for Joan Baez, Emmy Lou Harris, Judy Collins and most recently Jane Fonda, I’m in good company. Welcome to the “wise crone” clan!

  7. Andrea Gold says:

    NEIGHHHH! I learned to feed this race horse great foods and take good care of my vehicle. This horse is rarin’ to go forth for the next 30+ years! Yee haaaa!

  8. Vanya Foster Rohner says:

    Love the race horse analogy! So right on and thank you, as always! Wishing Richard a speedy recovery and, YOU, continued strength! Big hug. Xo

  9. Judith Moore says:

    Great article! Not going to color my antenna any more! I’m ready for my new white/gray antenna! I’m healthy and isolating here in Carson City NV, walking 2-3 miles a day. Sending you Big Hugs, Gail ❤❤

  10. Judith Moore says:

    Great article! I love that my hair is an antenna! My last haircut and color was 10 weeks ago. I’ve decided I’m not coloring my “antenna” any more, I’m welcoming my whiteish gray! People may not recognize me soon! I’m healthy and happy isolating, wishing the same for everyone. Sending Big Hugs to you, Gail. ❤❤

  11. Anna says:

    Gail, this is a wonderful post! Thanks for the reminder about caring for our body like a fine race horse.

    Please explain about our hair as antenna.

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