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More Grounded Spirituality–an Aquarian Trend

The United States with its role as the No. 5 in our modern world has been and will always be the change agent.  Just when you think we are going south, we are going north.  Just when you think we can’t have another fad, gadget, trend, behavior, we do.  We are the world’s catalyst for change and progress.  Our destiny was born in 1776 and we will always swing from one side of the pendulum to the next as we try to balance ourselves and mature.  We startle, we daze, we shock and we indulge.  Along with all the changes we make, one the of biggest is in the area of religion.

We profess to be a religious country but we know very little about religions.  Stephen Rothero noted in his book, “Religious Literacy” that “Americans are both deeply religious and profoundly ignorant about religion”.  We know even less of about other faiths.  Nocholas Kristof writing in the New York Times, Sunday, April 27, 2014, mentions that “we don’t want to emulate the long-ago Texas governor who, in one of those stories that may be too good to be true, opposed Spanish instruction because: ‘If English was good enough for Jesus Christ, it’s good enough for us.'”

Herein lies the good news–spirituality, itself, is becoming more grounded and practical.  Due to the practical nature of the Aquarian Age, we will become less in love with outside easy steps to prosperity, instant healing’s and falling-down’s of “church” healers when we find out later that the illness returned, or never left, and we have to do the practical work of better nutrition, habits and thinking.  If you remember in the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and early part of 2000, we had one big love conference after another.  People flocked to workshops, the Pyramids, Peruvian jungles and sweat lodges to find soul mates, lost souls, soul retrievals, past lives, purpose-in-life, marriage partners and, of course, prosperity.  Self-help was both king and queen.

Now that Aquarius has arrived and with it the energy of the number 4 and all its practical ways, the illusions of the old Piscean Age fade away.  Besides, Machu Picchu is overloaded with tourists and the airfares have gone sky high.  People are not flocking to Egypt to the pyramids or to Tibet.  It comes down to paying your rent, your mortgage or perhaps getting a new job.  Spirituality has always been an inside job.  No matter how mega the church/temple/mosque, or how big the Pastor-preneur, we understand ourselves best when we go into our own silence for our own answers.  With the Aquarian Age, it is about community not religion.  We humans love our groups.  No problem with that.  As we slip more into this long 2,000 year Age, religions and their narratives will be exposed for what is there and what isn’t.  America, as the No 5, will be a catalyst for these changes.   Hard to believe!


3 responses to “More Grounded Spirituality–an Aquarian Trend”

  1. Sue Campbell says:

    I find reading your newsletter difficult because of the popup that is very distracting an covers up part of the article.

  2. Jane says:

    Having a hard time reading due to book chapter pop up.

  3. Hey Gail, with your help I have learned a lot about myself (my soul) during this life, and it seems that I learn something new about myself every day, and though I am having a good time doing it, I will be more excited when I head on to an even new life as I know it will be even more exciting when I next leave the land of souls. But I still have a lot of years in this life of one hundred twenty years having only reached only 91. Hope to see you there. Lucele

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