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Missing Letters in Your Name-What Does it Mean?

“The half-wise, recognizing the comparative unreality of the Universe, imagine that they may defy its Laws–such are vain and presumptuous fools…..” The Kybalion, Hermetic Philosophy

I write and talk about how we put together our blueprint for our lives before we are born.  It usually gets a nod of a head or free-numerology-tipsa raised eyebrow.    Everything you need to know to help you navigate your new life is spelled out in your name and enclosed within your date of birth.  When I speak about the missing letters in the name, the story is told of karmic imbalances, old issues to be dealt with and a group of indicators to help you work with your challenges.  Most people don’t know and don’t care until they reach their late 40’s.  By then, enough challenges have been experienced, doubts about what they are doing become larger and a general restlessness sets in.  There must be something more than this.  Many will take up intense exercise routines, leave marriages, get laid off, get depressed or doubt their prior choices.

Enter your blueprint.  It gets much more attention now.  Doubters start to take a look and I get the emails, text and phone calls.  Can I help?  Actually, you can help yourself.  My job is to help you do that.  Your experiences show you the same pattern–but why?  One of the first places to look is at the missing letters in your name.  Letters always mask numbers.  For example the number one represents the letters A, J and S.  The number two represents B, K and T, the number 3 represents C, L and U and the number four represents D, M and V etc… The final number, the nine, represents I and R.  All letters have numbers and the trick is to understand what it means when none of the letters for a particular number show up in your name.

Let’s take Norma Jean Baker (aka Marilyn Monroe).  Her name is missing the number 3 (no C, L or U).   It is also missing the number 7 (no G, P or Y).  Last but not least, it is missing the number 8 (no H, Q or Z).  This is a fair amount of issues, three of the nine numbers are missing.  Each missing number is an issue for her to deal with in this lifetime.  Changing her name to Marilyn Monroe she did not relieve her of her issues.  Her karmic challenges stayed right with her.   When people change their names, they cannot lose the original name and the original issues.  They can work on top of it and a new name can either help them or hurt them.  Her issue of the number three gave her issues regarding her creative abilities.  She didn’t like to speak up for herself and found things wrong with her abilities.  She was definitely self-critical.   Her missing seven indicates she didn’t have strong analytical skills or the gift of wisdom.  Thinking things through and asking good questions were not her forte.  Discernment was missing.  Her missing eight would challenge her over and over again about her abilities to use her power, money and time.  She could make money but have a difficult time keeping it and using it wisely.

Most of us have one or more missing letters/numbers in our names.  They are the story of our past lives and where we need to correct, balance or further our knowledge.  They challenge us until we can work with them.  For those who have no missing numbers, a small percentage of the population, they must learn to practice dharma.  This means they must learn to respond to circumstances in a balanced manner.  They must not overreact or underact.  This is extremely challenging.  These souls have had much prior earth experience and are great teachers for the rest of us.

You can learn more in my book “Divine Design–How You Created the Life You are Living”.  In the meantime, think about how your name and date of birth are the handbook for this life.  Open it up one day!





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