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Incarnate and Excarnate–Part 1

I have been doing more studying on important 7 year Soul cycles that we all experience during a lifetime here Diversity of the Mindon earth.  I have always found them fascinating and accurate.  They help point out to us when we will be experiencing deeper changes in our Soul and Spirit.  Even though there seems to be much chaos going on in everyday earth life, there is an order that is ongoing and dependable.  We can use this rhythm to help ourselves understand our own destiny.  One of humankind’s great losses has been its disconnect from the world of Soul and Spirit and its emphasis on the physical body.  Because of this disconnect, we fear death, have no understanding of life after death, what the death process actually is, what happens well before conception, during pregnancy and the important 3 month period that follows the birth process.

Western science doesn’t touch on these subjects.  There is, however, an entire world of the cosmos that aids in the creating of the new life.  The new life is created long before it arrives here on earth and joins with the union of its parents.  Although the parents are instrumental in watching over and guiding this new being, the destiny of this new life doesn’t belong to the parents.  It is it’s own Soul and Spirit that has arrived here to grow and fulfill its’ own destiny.  We literally incarnate into the earth energy.

To assist this Soul on its journey, guidance has been set up in advance.  There is the astrological guidance and the name and date of birth guidance.  The invisible 7 year Soul cycles are at work the instant the Soul takes it first breath here.  The first Soul cycle is critical to establish the energies of love and kindness, acceptance and exploration.  Souls deprived of this during the first 7 years of life can show up as very dysfunctional teenagers and adults.  The first 3 months of life are still opening the Soul up to sensitive energies.  Whoever tends to the baby during this criticle time must be very loving, calm and sensitive to the needs of the newborn.  The completion of this development takes 7 years and is solidified in place by establishing permanent teeth by the time the child reaches 8.

Many of the things we teach and promote are really not to be given to these children during the first 7 years.  There is tremendous pressure from the parents and society to develop genius children in this period.  There is little concern for the growth of the Soul and Spirit.  Basically the emphasis is on the material and grooming for success.  There is little emphaisis on the Soul’s inner light.  This light can give the child security, confidence, compassion, equanimity and radiance.

Each of us will go through these passages every 7 years.  Each 7 year period will have its own sets of lessons and responsibilities.  Nobody can escape these Soul cycles.  Each year within the 7 year cycle is also ruled by a specific planetary energy. Always the first year of a 7 year cycle is ruled by the moon.  Your age marks the 7 year cycle.  For example, the first one starts at 7, the next at 14, then 21, 28, 35, 42, 49 etc.  It is approximately 10 cycles of 7 to complete the basic lessons of the Soul’s life here.  Life after 70 has it’s own special set of lessons.  A life lived after age 70, is a life that stays here under grace.  One thing to note is that a short life here will result in a shorter life in the the afterlife.  A longer life here can result in a much longer time between excarnation and another incarnation.

Much of the pain and suffering of this world is the result of our working in the purely physical realm.  We have spawned an enormous industry of therapists and marginal gurus to help us somehow work out our issues that are due to this huge disconnect.  Most of the self-help movements and cults have benefitted from this condition.

We will, as a group, be moving forward into higher states of consciousness but not for a long, long time.  We have to begin to understand the process of life and it’s true intention as well as the understanding of the enormous life we have once we leave the one we are living.  We love to devote our energy into reincarnation and what we were in past lives.  We barely concentrate on the life we live once we leave here.

Part 2–Excarnate and Life in the cosmos.  The cosmos exhales us into life on earth and inhales us back at death.  What do we do then??


4 responses to “Incarnate and Excarnate–Part 1”

  1. gail k minogue says:

    Dear Caroline
    I am very sorry to hear about your brother moving on. Whenever someone close to us leaves, it feels as if we have lost a piece of ourselves when they left. We know, of course, that only his physical form has been left here. He has taken himself out of sight but is nonetheless alive and well and making adjustments. He went back home literally.

    Time will help but you will miss him forever and think of him at the oddest of times.
    I am sending you much love and to him as well as he travels on in his journey of love and grace. Remember, that the love shared never dies and is beyond the limits of earth.

    He will visit you again.
    Much love,

  2. Caroline Leban says:

    Thank you for your article. Just list my brother last week. Hard to handle the situation with family
    Of afterlife etc.

  3. gail k minogue says:

    There are more souls that wish to reincarnate here than who actually do. Population increases here are a drop in the cosmic bucket. Souls are never destroyed whereas physical bodies are. How many Souls exist? I have no idea. Are new ones created? It’s a great mystery to us on earth. There are so many layers to the afterlife, we are not privy to it from this vantage point.

  4. Lors says:

    If we are individual souls that reincarnate and cycle in and out, how come the population increases.
    Are new souls still being created ?
    Just wondering


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