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Heavenly Patterns Still Predict Our Lives

We live in a world in which we think we are in control. As I have said before, we are not. We can direct our lives from our own personalities, egos and choices but we can’t control our lives. The longer we stay on planet earth, the more of this thinking is shown to us. People die unexpectedly, we get a bad health diagnosis, the company lays off workers, the job move was a disaster and, then, of course, the auto accident that seemed to come out of nowhere. We can’t control it. The best we can do is stay connected to the invisible power source, go inside yourself for your answers and keep improving your intuitive skills. If you feel you shouldn’t go in a certain direction but you don’t know why, don’t go in that direction. Really develop your vital intuition.

There is, however, a heavenly system that does control our lives. Just as the sun comes up every day and sets every night, we too, are tied to its orbits, positions and activities. We look at our astrologial signs and we are satisfied by saying we are this or that and be done with it. There is an enormous amount of knowledge we dismiss and live a life of randomness.

Here are some simple comparisons to our current times and similar times of the past.

If we look at the current planetary positions, we see Uranus, the planet of revolutionary changes and the global economy, in the constellation or sign of Taurus. Not only that but the North Node is also in the sign of Taurus. We can learn from history here. Going back to 1351 through 1353, we had the plague or black death as it was called. It wiped out a large part of the population. It went from approximately 475 million people to about 350-375 million. The interesting fact of the black death is that it, too, started in China and spread to Europe through the trade route, the Silk Road.

As a result of such a large part of the population gone, villages and homes were deserted and abandoned. Wages went up as there were fewer workers. Working conditions improved as well. It began the breakdown of the feudal system and the beginning of the merchant class of workers. Another characteristic of this period was the return of the forests. Nature literally took back the land, villages etc. The temperature on the planet cooled and this period following the plague was called the “little ice age”.

Fast forward to today where we have the same configuration in the heavens. Uranus is back in Taurus with the North Node in Taurus as well. We again have a new plague, Covid. It is still ongoing and as long as people keep traveling the globe, it will continue to mutate and create new variants. It created increased wages, better working conditions but because humans have overly developed the lands and removed a great deal of the forests, we have the opposite of the little ice age, we have the over-heating of the planet with strange, extreme weather patterns. It is still the same cycle.

Just as prices rose in 1351 to 1353, we have the similar pattern with inflation. It will continue the rest of this year and in 2023. Just as the people did during the plague and after it ended, people could name their own price, change the working conditions–working a partial week etc. Since Taurus rules the economy and currencies, you will see the introduction and rise in cryptocurrencies. Back in 1351 we had shortages of food and we do as well today. In fact, in 1351 there were many shortages.

When will covid end? Probably when world travel is more controlled. That means both business and pleasure. We won’t do that now but to end the virus, or to stop it from mutating, we will eventually curb travel.

Uranus will move on out of Taurus in 2025 and into the constellation of Gemini. Here begins the end of the petrol age. Uranus stays in a sign or constellation for 7 years, so it will take time but it is coming. Gemini is the sign of transport whereas Taurus is the sign of the economy. You will have to wait until it gets out of Taurus to see some of the changes you are anxious for now. You can expect revolutionary changes in how we do transportation, such as electric airplanes, clean transportation. Due to continual covid variants, we will begin curtailing world travel and travel more like we did in the 50’s and 60’s. This means we will do these foreign visits less often but with more appreciation. Uranus in Gemini will also see the beginning to changes to the world map of borders. The last carve up came from Uranus in Gemini during World War II and a few years after. Expect to see similar changes to the world’s borders and changes to territories. We had a war during the last Uranus in Gemini and it would not surprise me to see warfare during this period.

So, all through the 2020’s there will be continual changes to the economy, changes to the environment, changes to the political and economic structures. We also have to get the planet Pluto out of the constellation of Capricorn where it has been since 2007. That ends the end of 2024 when Pluto enters the constellation of Aquarius. Here we will begin the rights of people rather than corporations. We have been forced to experience Pluto in Capricorn create the power of corporations over and control of the government. This is why it feels so corrupted.

Patience is the word and faith in the changing world is very important. What you want now is coming. Everything here has to evolve, including the people.

5 responses to “Heavenly Patterns Still Predict Our Lives”

  1. Gail Minogue says:

    Jason, thank you for commenting. To study other historical or ancient cycles similar to the plague times, look for North Node in Taurus and Uranus in Taurus. Each time it occurs, it would have different ramifications due to other planetary conditions. This position of the heavens always conerns changes to trade, wages and property.

  2. Jason says:

    Can you look at other times when this configuration you associated with plague and rising wages had occurred and what was going on then?

  3. F McCarthy says:

    Thanks for this Gail. Balanced and revealing.

  4. Jeannine says:

    Thank you for reminding us that patience is so very important. It helps to lower my anxiety over the current state of affairs.

  5. Lauren Cole says:

    Thanks for this, Gayle. I always appreciate your clarity. It really helps me going forward.

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