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Have We Got Your Attention?


Well, right on cue, the world was turned upside down again and look at all the stuff that fell

Remembering Unconditional Love

out.  We are still in that transit I spoke of back in 2008.  It isn’t over until it’s over and that won’t’ be until 2024.  It is not much longer but it is a few years.  So, do not hold your breath.

We have worldwide droughts, forest fires, flooding, pandemics, famine, wars, overheating, severe pollution, a few earthquakes here and there and these are the natural world effects.  I have said many times, Mother Nature has a way of getting rid of her drones.  These are not the modern -day backyard peeping tom’s or weapons of war, but the old fashioned drones referred to in the beehives.  The idle ones.  The ones who keep reincarnating, will not use this opportunity to grow in awareness and just take up a lot of space.  Mother Earth can dump the whole place if she thinks it needs it.  We might be taking our bad behavior more seriously when it comes to our futile attempts to control her.  Many civilizations have been removed due to this repetitive pattern of bothering to come here and not willing to grow.  How easy it was to spread a pandemic and wipe out a few million in the process.

We are learning, to think before acting, managing our emotions and not just dwell on ourselves.  Guess what, if the scientists who created the vaccine had not been willing to share, we would not have the vaccine in quick order.  Do you think this one example could indicate what is possible when people cooperate and stop thinking that everything is a competitive race? Too many of us need to be right.  Too many of us get caught up in inconsequential activities and meaningless endeavors.  I chuckle at the entitlement of too many.  I just read where college graduates are terribly upset, they cannot have in-person graduation.  So! Stay safe and develop the understanding of why it is necessary.

We went out without masks to thumb our noses at the “establishment” that is trying to take our personal freedoms away.  We fought to open early in many areas to save businesses rather than lives. We hardly cared what happened to the elderly as they died like flies.  There has not been one march for “Old Lives Matter” because, in America’s society they don’t.  We store them away in warehouses calling them lovely names and allow them to be neglected, minimalized and forgotten.  We do not realize that unless we are willing to act and not just complain, we will land in the same warehouse.  Of course, that can take quite a bit of money.  I have learned that you can pay a great deal and still get poor service.

We have become entitled.  We buy big barbeques at COSTCO (I do love COSTCO) and cook big steaks, various meats and mention that cattle are the biggest users of water, land etc.  We are shocked later to find we have high cholesterol, high blood pressure, cancer and various degenerative diseases.  Of course, we have heard it all before and we think nobody is listening.  Mother Nature is listening and watching and will pull the plug when she has had enough.

It is time to get ourselves together.  These crazy last few years should not have been a surprise, but they were.  They shook us up and exposed the dirt under the dirt especially the great inequities of various societies, including our own.  The wailing and opposing anything that might help progress the species is comical.  We podcast, Instagram, fill social media and deliver opinions until we bore ourselves.  We promote celebrities in all areas, sports, film, social media as if they are guiding posts for us to follow.  We do the same with religious dead people.  We worship them and stampede ourselves to death (as recently in Israel) this past week.  The dead have moved on, it is time we learn to live wisely on earth and focus on the now.  We are not entitled, and we are all the same, the spark of the Divine.  We keep putting up barriers because we are unaware of any invisible world, our awareness is confused and too many of us act like drones.  We have concocted leaders who are more interested in their own personal power than in serving others.   We look for greatness and find little.  Successful people yes, great people very few and far between.

The hope is in the number 2 and the feminine energy that is being beamed into our environment.  Without her, society has little chance of making it.  She is the conscience of society.  If she does not have a strong role in guiding a culture or society, the society will eventually perish.  This is her time for the next 1000 years.  If you look at all the shootings in America, they are almost all done by males.  If you look at the brutal leadership in many countries, you will find they are all run by males.   Too many incompetent males have been allowed to move up in leadership positions and the world must balance this out if it is to survive.  It is now time for us to mature in our understanding.  It is now time to think first before speaking.  The world cannot be run by mainly testosterone.  Women, in general, tend to make different or more complex internal calculations than men.  It is time for her to stop underestimating her qualifications.  Men have just the opposite problem, they tend to overestimate their qualifications.

We need to stop scaring ourselves, learn to comfort ourselves, learn to live with ourselves and be so grateful we are above ground.  Every day is the rest of your life.  Do you really want to be angry.   righteous or indignant?  Can you do the effort and work that will help our society improve and be more at peace.  People say to me they want to be happy.  What is happy?  It is sporadic events that happen between life and death.  We also will get our share of unhappy.  Sometimes we get that in big doses but if we have the awareness, faith and peace of mind we weather through the happy and the unhappy.  Peace of mind is the greatest gift you can give yourself.

The years ahead are maturing years for America.  She is waking up to the good, the bad and the ugly about herself.  It is all part of our natural growth spurt.  Politicians can try to squash it, but it can’t be squashed.  It is going to have more exposure and the people will be heard.  The time of corporate America and the government sleeping together is winding down.  It will take time, but the transits are in place.  After 2024, it will still be messy, but they will start sleeping in separate beds.

As for us, we, the people will get stronger the second half of the 20’s.  Let us stop the exhausting competition, anger and let us develop wisdom.  Wisdom is the gift of time.  This is one of the reasons that when an elderly person dies, it is like a library of knowledge burning down.

19 responses to “Have We Got Your Attention?”

  1. susan kramer says:


    Glad you are back in your body enough to write us all again. I have read your posting three times now. I often reread your blogs as I find them centering. Best
    Susan K,

  2. Beth says:

    Gail, it’s so good to hear from you again! I’m so saddened to learn of your husband’s health issues and your issues around selling your home, etc. You’ve got my attention and I so agree! I can hardly wait for 2024!

  3. Gail Hovland says:

    Gail So happy to hear from you , read your blog again . Thank you for sharing your gift , your words always reach my heart . Sending prayers to you and your Husband during these trying times .
    I think everyone’s prayer list has grown during the last 18 months and it’s not over yet.
    I am sad to read people are still not trusting the vaccine. As a retired Respiratory Therapist , I had to study the Polio epidemic and the iron lung before ventilators were invented . I urge people to google the history of polio. The vaccine works , we need to think of each other . A strong immune system will not protect you . As you age your immune system naturally declines, no matter what you eat or drink .
    Thank you again for your Blog
    Best wishes. Always
    Gail H.

  4. Gary says:

    Blessings to you my friend. And a prayer for your husband. Take care.

  5. connie worth says:

    Wonderful hearing from you!

    Loving you,

  6. Terry says:

    So glad to hear from you. Glad you are where you can take care of your partner. Everything is moving very fast. I love and appreciate you!

  7. Danielle Jolicoeur says:

    Thank you Gail to remind us women, that we are and can be very strong. You are a great example !
    Blessings to you and your husband.

  8. Robert Schantz says:

    Gail..welcome back. You were missed and my sincere hope is that all is well with you and your husband. Sending you all the wonderful energy you deserve. Thank you for sharing your insights.

  9. John Kenny says:

    Hi Gail
    Greetings from the Emerald Isle. Good to hear from you again. I used the long long lockdowns to finally write my book on Numerology. Any hints on a good publisher? My thoughts are with you and your family at this difficult time.warm regards John

  10. ELyn says:

    Gail it is always a gift and a pleasure to see you appear in my email. I read and reread your writings as they agree with my deepest feelings so many times. Your journey along the path takes a strength and will- power that I saw in my mom. I recently viewed a Youtube video and the woman said, when she was at her bitter end someone said ‘ be like a bison, as the bison goes into the worst of storms knowing he is equip and able to arrive on the other side of the blizzard. I admire the strength and unwavering dedication to yourself, your beloved husband and your truth.
    Thanks for returning once again.

  11. Christina Lapierre says:

    Glad to hear from you Gail. Yes you got my attention and always do. While the past year was a “reset – pause” to understand what is important to us as humans. Each one of us has either figured it out or not. I am very grateful to have and continue to work from home. This has been the biggest freedom of my life. A huge work-life balance for me has truly helped me understand what important as well as gain a deeper understanding of my spiritual growth and awaken to the divine.

    I do have to agree with Fran on the CDC controlling humanities options all for greed. Sadly, as we see everyday, there are still too many men in control in these regulated areas controlling humanity and what should be taken just to be healthy? Sorry, but I do disagree with the vaccine for the sole purpose of greed in several billionaire pockets such as Gates, Fauci and many others. As Fran points out, everyone should be educated on natural medicines/supplements as well as common sense of healthy food, regular exercise (which the last year has allowed all human to get outside and walk), and fresh air, the beach. All of Mother Nature’s natural healthy elements.

    Yes I do agree that our elderly are just forgotten and remember when my grandmother was in one. Had my mother not advocated for her care, she would have been worse off.

    It is unfortunate that we as humans don’t care about all lives and our animal kingdom. It does sadden me when I see all humans and our beloved animals not taken care of.

    But for those of us who have awoken through our spiritual growth and know that we are truly not of this planet but energy and souls who came here to learn and grow through the many lessons of human life.

  12. Andrea Gold says:

    Welcome back, Gail. You were definitely missed! I’m sure we all agree that we’re thrilled you have “survived” all those challenges. Oh yes, it’s time for the next step, to increase our awareness, recognize our Higher Power, step into our Purpose, and act on the possibilities around us. Only then can we feel true fulfillment and happiness. I will do my part…book along these lines coming soon. Let’s GO!

  13. Barbara says:

    Gail, I too was so happy to see your email in my inbox as so many others have said. . I so look forward to your commentary and my heart has gone out to you over these past months as I know you have had alot of your plate. Just know you are in the thoughts and prayers of so many of us, both seen and unseen, who value all that you give to the world with your wisdom and ability to communicate through the written and spoken word. Much love to you and Richard as you walk this path together.

  14. Carina says:

    How lovely to see your email in my inbox. Glad you’ve stayed safe and hope your husband continues improving. I think all of humanity feels the shift, even if most of us only feel it from an unconscious place. I look forward to reading your blog posts again. Take care : )

  15. Joan says:

    So happy to see you in my inbox and to receive your clear, direct message about current events. Thank you for filling us in on your whirlwind life. Sending you support as you navigate this chapter.
    Thank you for being on the planet with us. I value your insights and your grounded presentation. Deep gratitude to you Gail.

  16. It is so good to hear from you again. I always enjoy reading your take on things. However I did chuckle when you lauded the scientists for creating the vaccine in such quick order and in the next sentence told us to stop thinking that everything is a competition! To my mind, the efforts made by scientist to get their vaccine out is a prime example of a competitive race to win the big pharma money pot! I completely agree with Fran’s comments on the vaccine and encourage everyone to educate themselves on the medications and supplements that can reduce their chances of ending up in the hospital.

  17. Michele says:

    Thank you Gail. So nice to hear from you and all the best to you

  18. Elizabeth says:

    Gail, it’s so good to hear from you. You’ve had quite a journey and learned a great many things. I think this pandemic has exposed the “sickness” in our society. As you so aptly describe the treatment of our sick and elderly as warehousing them like forgotten, useless beings. the pandemic also exposed our society’s huge inequities – the haves and have nots. In these ways, I hope the pandemic has awakened us to being a more compassionate, loving and empathic society. Thank you, Gail, for sharing your wisdom.

  19. Fran says:

    Thank you for this enlightening article. Tell me more about this transit that started in 2008 and will end in 2024. Are you referring to Pluto?
    I have to say that I am not enamored of the vaccine that is experimental. I believe we could have survived if Drs were more able to treat without being handicapped by the CDC. The refusal to endorse Ivermectin and The other Med hydroxychloroquine has cost many lives for the sake of greed. People need to educate themselves in the area of nutrients and supplements and get regular exercise, clean water and fresh air. Densely populated areas will always be at risk. We are too dependent on petrol and how we live is unsustainable. The planet will survive. We are a parasite.

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