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Facts Tell, Stories Sell–Living with Chaos and Uncertainty

Supposedly, or so I hear from the various reports, the economy is doing well, unemployment is record low, LOUD NOISE TO CHILDjobs are out there longing for applicants, wages are supposedly rising and there is peace in the kingdom (I made up the last one).  Why then, does there seem to be so much uncertainty and anxiety in the general population?  We should be sitting on top of the world looking at our rising savings accounts and having various job opportunities to pick and choose.  Instead, there is chaos and uncertainty as shown by the stock markets’ gyration and the general population’s waiting for another shoe to drop.

There is a new “economic policy uncertainty index”.  The index measured 140.2 during Mr. Trump’s first 13 months in office, compared with 126.0 during the comparable period of Mr. Obama’s tenure and 134 during his two terms in office.  The index averaged 100 from the years between 1985 and 2000.  Considering that Mr. Trump had very favorable conditions going into office compared to Obama presidency where extreme policy action was needed, he should be experiencing lower uncertainty numbers not higher ones.  Probably, the big policy changes in Washington–such as the aggressive new stand on trade and partly because of the chaotic decision making process of Mr. Trump is keeping uncertainty and chaos alive.

Just yesterday Mr. Trump was talking about having the military on the border by last night.  Small detail to this story is that the President cannot call up the military for problems inside the nation.  That is called a dictatorship and is outlawed by the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878.  You can only use the military for insurrection or rebellion within the country.  You can, however, connect with the governors of the states lining the border and ask them to call out their National Guard for assistance.  Again, chaos reigns as Mr. Trump learns after he tells the story.   Besides, the National Guard cannot arrest anyone but can only do surveillance or what might be called watchful waiting.  The governors will want to know who pays for the guard (you the taxpayer), how long will they be needed and what qualifies as success so that the duty can end.

The actual fact is that Mr. Trump did not get the money in the recent budget to pay for his wall.  This is his “strike” on the system.  He will want to keep the National Guard at the border as long as possible to demonstrate to his base that he is delivering what he said he would deliver.

The facts tell another story.  Migration is at it lowest point since 1971.  Besides, a border wall will not keep out the drugs.  There are several cartels and an army unto themselves with deep connections in the United States.  The immigrant brigade traveling to the United States for asylum is nothing new.  This time, however, they drew more attention to themselves by grouping together and total panic set in.  The facts also tell that foods are rotting in the field due to lack of workers to pick the crops.  This is true across the US where we are beginning to suffer from a lack of immigrant workers.  Summer hotel vacation spots are not getting the temporary worker visas for the needed summer help.

Regarding the economy, what the hoopla is not saying is that the tax cuts Congress passed in December, combined with subsequent spending bills, are driving up the federal budget deficit faster than most expected.  That’s forcing the US Treasury to sell more bonds, which puts even more upward pressure on bond yields while the Federal Reserve is already raising interest rates.  You can expect stock dividends to not look as attractive once Bond yields continue to climb. If you choose stocks now, you may have to accept lower income in exchange for higher principal risk.  Not such a good deal and lots of anxiety in that one.  The stock market could fall just on reduced buying interest alone.  There is some uncertainty for you.

As I have said in previous posts, the big moves in the heavens are setting up the right atmosphere for a cultural correction.  The first tool of change lands here in May when Uranus moves into Taurus, money, banking, shifts in currency and blockchain.  Welcome to a new world of money and how it will move through society.  It will be a 7 year learning lesson.  Cryptocurrencies will be in play.

The second tool of change lands next summer when America has experienced many unintended consequences from the tax cuts and budget changes plus more transformative experiences due to the big Pluto (Lord of the underworld) as America visits the healing energy of the original American Revolution.  She is also addressing the unfinished business from the Civil War.  What a time.  It will pass and the outhouse will be cleaned up but we still have lots of time to these transits and they will not shake us loose until we make the changes to heal ourselves and our country.  Remember America is a Republic, not a democracy.

Be aware that fake news is nothing new to the Republic.  We used to call it lies.  What is different today is the marketing aspect of the lies.  There is a level of precision to the marketing and identifying the particular segment that will buy the lie.  Marketing can now turn a candidate into a commodity and craft the persona.  What we have lost is authenticity and the quality of leadership and moral authority over issues.  Messages can be inflamed so they can get an even larger response.  Factions can be isolated from each other and the sense of absolute righteousness along with demonization of others has grown to a level never seen before.  Anyone with a small budget can create a new and embittered faction while sitting in their own living room.  Read more on fake news by George Friedman.

Facts do change over time.  For example we used to think the earth was flat or that the sun went around the earth.  Over time we learn to change the fact as we gained more knowledge.  Stories, however, are what people want to hear.  The more embellished the better.

Be discerning in knowing the difference between what you are hearing as story telling and the facts.







12 responses to “Facts Tell, Stories Sell–Living with Chaos and Uncertainty”

  1. Coleen says:

    Hi Gail! This article stirred a memory… At one of your presentations in Tucson in the early 2000s, you told us that the day would come when INTEGRITY would become the greatest asset. Now the world stage is reflecting back to us like never before just how rare true integrity is, and how miserable and unbalanced we become when we are out of integrity! I have been reading all your published work for years so I know you know there is plenty of corruption on both sides of the political aisle. I find the comments above accusing you of political bias hollow and unwarranted.

    Keep up the great work and don’t change a thing!!! Thanks and blessings to you Gail!

  2. Terry says:

    Thanks Gail! Hope all is well with you and your family.

  3. sally says:

    I live in one of those Cali “Sanctuary Cities”….and I think Gail is spot on in her oversight….I don’t find her commentary
    overly political in any direction but a reflection of the planets and the numbers playing it as it lays….on our collective
    commentary conscious

    I haven’t checked the fields nearby or heard stories but I’m not out there on a daily basis interacting either…but I will
    check that out

    Gail is providing us a wonderful free service updating us with the stars and tangents coming at us now…
    Thanks Gail…blog on

  4. Kim Midanik says:

    Thank you, ED and Cheryl. I agree with you both. And thank you, Cheryl for presenting facts about troops at the border.

  5. Karen says:

    Hi Gail,

    Our country is going through deep change, and I appreciate your blog. I watch the news footage showing McMaster stating that we need to be tough on Russia and then watch footage of Sanders lying and saying that what he said is that we’re tough on Russia. Depending on what news channel you watch depends if you see all the news. As Mark Twain said “It’s easier to fool people then to convince them that they have been fooled.” In time the lies will fall away and they will see the truth. The old way of the south died, and now the old guard is having their last stand before dying too, and I guess that’s what it takes for our country to finally assimilate. I saw a wonderful video where the person asked an all white audience to stand if they wanted to be treated the way blacks are treated. The looks on their faces were incredible, and of course not one person stood up. Keep doing what you’re doing… this started by looking at the life path of the United States after the election to understand the results. The astrological part has been spot on too. It’s comforting to know what to expect and to know we will get through this, just wish it was quicker. You have a very full schedule, but I would love to know if Putin will eventually be put out of office. I don’t know the life path of that country so maybe it will always be like it is. If I remember correctly, I remember you saying that some countries have 1 life path’s so they won’t shift much, but since we are a 5 life path, and we’re all about change and creating a better way. Thank you for your blogs.

  6. Kate rinaldi says:

    I am trying to locate the article where you stated the times at night when various organs like the liver were activated. Kate

  7. Gail Minogue says:

    Contrary to your opinion, I personally have not fallen into any state of uncertainty and anxiety and remain a pretty optimistic person. I am also optimistic long term about the United States. It’s the short term that presents the challenges. I would be happy to learn what is your “real data” and its source. The United States chart and its transits affect all parts of the world so it’s quite important who, what and when it is experiencing them.

    Regarding your comments about my credibility as a Numerologist by going “low with your political commentary” I would only add from the many people who have private sessions with me or who have taken classes from me, I beg to differ on your comments of my credibility as a numerologist. From the feedback I have received and the many repeat clients , I must still be maintaining my credibility. The feedback from the your friends who had private sessions with me was really wonderful. They were lovely people and were very pleased with their sessions. Of course, you have every right to stop gifting your friends with a session with me. I understand your own personal boycott and/or shaming. Happily for me, I know I am sourced by a higher power that works mysteriously through various friends, referral and strangers.

    From the analytics and feedback I receive regarding my posts, people are very interested in the trends, forecasts and numerology. I don’t have the energy or the time for two blogs.

  8. Debbie says:

    Agree w/ the others. You’re a great numerologist & you are creating a divide & adding to the energy chaos, by always making everything political, when you clearly know that there will always be opposite facts to state an opposing political opinion.
    I like hearing different views as a COMPROMISE & Balance , is really what is needed in the political government. NO one side is going to get THEIR way !!! We need balanced change to move forward…not one sidedness .
    Please, consider going back to what you are great at…Numerolgy & maybe writing a separate political blog.
    Not everyone, thinks like an inner city Californian, which is apparently clear by the backlash that is being seen at this moment in the state, from people who work hard, pay taxes, follow the law & immigrated to this country, through the legal channels. All of these Americans, are pretty tired of politicians stating that non citizens have more rights than they do. California, is a state w/ so many laws to “protect the people”, that it doesn’t even realize how many freedoms have been taken away.
    Some people want to have the right to make their own decisions, can walk & chew gum at the same time…not everyone needs protection from themselves.
    As always, Thank You, for an interesting article !
    & Thank God, I live in a state that the farmers, don’t have to figure out a way to keep the gas emissions from cow flattulence down or get fined.
    …just wondering where they are putting all that passed gas, from the millions of street people there ?

  9. Sweetwater says:

    Why must the President and politics be pulled into EVERY conversation? I for one am sick and tired of it.

  10. Hmmm . . . According to Time Magazine, Saint Obama sent 1200 National Guard to secure our southern border in 2010, and his predecessor Pres Bush ordered 6000 National Gurad to our southern border in 2006. But if Trump wants to send troops to enforce current immigration laws from immigrants who flaunt those laws, it is a “dictatorship.”
    Perhaps the angst and uncertainty and drama are the result of unmasking Hillarygate and the years of corruption, fraud and outright deceit by government elites who believe they know best and it is ok to lie under oath to pursue private political agendas.
    That said, I agree with ED that this blog has taken on an obvious political bias that is more appropriate elsewhere. Peace.

  11. ED says:


    It’s unfortunate that you continue to fall deeper into the state of uncertainty and anxiety that you describe. Sorry, but I’m happy and optimistic. And respectfully you are encouraged to check your facts. The real data are compelling and are trending positively.

    Your credibility as a numerologist is diminished by going low with your political commentary. I’m no longer able to recommend or refer or gift friends with a session with you.

    Please start a new, separate blog to post your political opinions. Your original, authentic numerology and astrology blog is sorely missed.


  12. Gail,
    Great insightful article. It seems that this president does not care at all about the truth, only the “truth” as he sees it or invents it. He is beyond being called a liar, he is a seasoned inventor of “alternative facts” (lies) and is surrounded by lacky’s who are more than willing to lie on his behalf unashamedly. Disgusting.

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