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Dying Piscean Age, Trump and #2

I’ll be so glad when this election season is over and we can stop the poll numbers and ads and crazy rants and she said, he said and lots of gotcha moments.  This almost takes us back to the original elections when our founding fathers basically threw anything they could at each other.

No matter the outcome of this election, the Piscean Age is ending. We are seeing many examples of its death rattle.     This election is showing you the past and the bridge to the future.    If you can, try to see this as a transition time as we leave an old way of thinking, living and believing behind.  The old Piscean Age served its’ purpose in creating a collective.  The biggest tool to do that was “fear”.  We move forward into the new Age of Aquarius filled with fear and learning how to release it and let it not control our lives any more.

She's coming in view!

She’s coming in view!

The Piscean Age was also male dominated.  Kings, Popes, all authority figures were male.  Women were to submit, be hidden and valued only for their ability to create offspring.  Women were veiled and covered long before the Piscean Age but it became even more pronounced.   Religion was one of the biggest fear-teaching tools.  All major religions that we practice today came from this Piscean Age.  This is includes Christianity and its various branches, the creation of Rabbi’s for a new Rabbinical order, Islam and Buddhism.  As we exit this Piscean Age, more press is exposing the dysfunctions of many of these religions.  The covering of the female is still making news.  The burkini moments and the arguments for wearing the “veil” are basically a throw back to covering up the female so she becomes less “visible”.  It has nothing to do with modesty, although it is now being used as a reason to cover.

Donald Trump is the last candidate of a dying breed of candidates who are part of the old male dominated authority.  Within 10 years, you will not see another candidate like him being nominated and/or winning.   Our consciousness as a culture is changing.  America will have to make the change to move forward into this new era of compromise, inclusion and accepting of the rights of the female.  We have entered into a 1,000 year cycle of the powerful number two.  From 2,000 to 2,999, female energy and power is unleashed.   You could say that women are emerging from their prisons of the Piscean Age.

We are changing to rational thinking and respect for the rights of the individual.  We need to open ourselves up to change and to understand what we are changing from.  When we know what the changes are, we can adjust our lives to the new vibrations so that we can be more successful.  It is a darkness before the dawn.  It is a cleansing.

We cannot sit in fear any more.  Rational thinking is required now.  Ranting, “Lock her up” won’t work.  We have been locking up women for so very long.  It will appeal to the irrational thinkers but those who look towards the future know that things are changing and the boat has left the harbor.  The United States can decide to go backward with this election but it will pay a dear price if it does.  No matter how imperfect the current female candidate, she is the bridge of the masculine old age and the feminine new age coming into view across the horizon.  A very feminine woman would never make it through the gauntlet of slings and arrows right now.  We are not ready for that.  We complain that she is too secretive, untrustworthy, too shrill, too manipulative, too weak, too rich, lying, guarded, greedy, she should have left her husband, she brainwashed Bill, she did whatever.  It won’t stop because she represents the transition.  People still see the male as the protector-in-chief, the father figure and somewhat of the “savior” syndrome.  The cracks are all around though.  Pay attention to the cracks breaking apart the old order.

I find it interesting that one of the biggest proponent of the old dying age,  Phyllis Schlafly,  actually died yesterday at 92.  Phyllis worked hard to defeat the Equal Rights Amendment and fought to keep women at home or with limited lives.  Another example is Libelle Polaki, a 28 year old New Yorker and excommunicated member of the Satmar Hasidic sect (an ultra-orthodox Jewish sect).  It seems Libelle wanted to get an education.  Having suffered through an arranged marriage, she was forced to pay $18,000 to get divorced.  Only 6% of Hasidic women hold bachelor’s degrees while men hold 11%.  The religious order prohibits outside education.  At 26 she got her high school diploma.  “A letter from the United Talmudical Academy, the governing body for a consortium of schools, meant for girls entering the 12th grade and their parents, stated that they shouldn’t, God forbid, take a degree which is according to our sages, dangerous and damaging”  You can read more of this story at the the New York Times, August 4, 2016, “Stifling Higher Learning Among Women”.

None of us will get exactly what we want with this election.  Choosing not to weigh in and vote is foolish.  It is time for us to grow up and realize that we will have to compromise to work within the the new dawn and the old setting sun.  I choose the future.  We are in it now.



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22 responses to “Dying Piscean Age, Trump and #2”

  1. Gail Minogue says:

    Hello A,
    The Aquarian Age is not represented by a person either air, fire, water or earth. Because Hillary is a water sign makes no difference. We are in transition. She represents both the old dying age and the new one trying to be born. She also represents the Age of the female than officially began in 2000 and will take us until 2999. Women all around the world will become visibile and released from thousands of years of bondage. Trump was to disrupt and that he did. He was not intended to be president. Study up on Vedic Astrology and Numerology and you will see the transit that is affecting his birth chart.

    America is in transition and has 8 more years to clean up her act before we have the president we all will want in 2024. She is not going down the tubes at all. She remains the catalyst for the world and has an incredibly lucky birth chart.

  2. A says:

    You forget Aquarius is an Air sign. Air symbolizes the intellect and ideas. Pisces is a water sign, and water symbolizes emotions and the feminine. So you are missing something here.?.

    Hillary is a Scorpio which is a water sign. Age of Pisces is a water sign, and shows strong tendencies and ties to the Picsean Age of water by being tied to the establishment. The Age of Aquarius is an air sign. Trump is a Gemini. Gemini is an air sign. Someone with an air sign is symbolically more in tune with the coming age. The reason you see trump acting the way he does is because air cannot be grasped when it does it blows up like a balloon and we are at the cusp of the age and you will see extreme things happen. The beginnings of Aquarius will upend everything. Hillary is totally tied to the establishment, Trump is the only one who isn’t tied to the establishment and can upend the establishment and kick us out of our collective guilt in order to move forward into the Age of Aquarius. If Trump doesn’t get elected that means humanity was not willing to go with the transition the “easy” way instead it will go the hard way and our collective guilt will take the world down a harder path.

  3. Kris Saba says:

    What a surprise CNN didn’t show Trump in a good light.
    Clinton News Network

  4. Kris Saba says:

    Just wanting to add my two cents. I found women to be a lot more oppressed towards other women. Women want each other to fit into a little box. I have had more trouble with other women than with men.

    Women are often petty, mean spirited and they hold grudges.
    I will not vote for any one based on sex, race or religion.
    I vote for the candidate that fits with my political positions.

    I think the most qualified person should get the job.

  5. Laine says:

    Hi Gail, Love your work and knowledge!
    What if this shift away from Piscean Age is about our acceptance of us women’s role of producing offspring and being a stay at home mother being just as valuable as a college degree? Rather than women needing to be in their feminine power just by working in a paid job or gaining a piece of paper qualification, the job of raising children and being a supportive, loving wife is me being in my feminine power. The core of any family i believe is the wife/mother because that is what we chose when we accepted our physical body. The only thing is this role cannot be measured or quantified which is what society requires to be seen as ‘valuable’. A lot of women don’t feel accepted if their contribution is not measured. ie. paid work Yet, the quality time I had with my chidlren at home for the first 7 years of their life enable them to be ready emotionally for school and their passion for other things developed so easily. The first 7 years are vital as you know for children and for society later on and we need society to recognise this!
    I don’t have anything to show for the hours and hours of supportive communication , patience and love given to my husband to keep my marriage together and the hours of time playing and connecting with my children except that I have expanded my emotional self greatly from constantly being forced to accept my feminine role and have now been rewarded with a stable marriage and passionate, resilient children whom I know will contribute well to society in their own way.
    I am now ready for my working career to start now at 42 after completing my ‘volunteer’ work as a wife and mother for the past 25 years. I am a Life Path 8 with a 22 Soul, 22 Day number and 11 Destiny so it hasn’t been easy for me to put myself last all these years and let go of many career opportunities and business ideas, but my intuition/conscience wouldn’t have allowed otherwise. Maybe it’s more about this being a time when Men will become more self aware emotionally and we are seeing more of this with Dad’s being more hands on than before. We can only hope.
    I watch with interest the election campaign in USA from here in Australia…..interesting times.

  6. Bonny says:

    I totally agree with Valerie!!!!

  7. gail k minogue says:

    Thanks Chris,
    It’s a continual watch for women to move ahead. Union membership is very small in America except for government employees. Phyllis Schalfly was definitely a major impediment to female progress in the work place and in the courts. Her group still exists. Unfortunately, laws for women, gays, trans-gender vary from state to state. If women knew more about laws in other states than their owns, they would see the urgency of pushing forward to help the female– from young women in the juvenile system to homeless women with children. The latest was a report that a homeless shelter in Kentucky threw out the women and children because there was too much sex going on with homeless men in another part of the shelter. This is a Christian homeless shelter.

  8. Chris says:

    My random thoughts on this excellent article, Gail.
    I was privileged to work as an educator for 35 years. I was also paid the same wages as all of my male counterparts because we belonged to a union that protected our contract and our rights. I travel, have had a passport since I was 21. I had to remember how many of my “sisters” were not as fortunate as I was. When you work in an environment that praises learning and education of all kinds sometimes it is easy to forget how many don’t view learning as lifelong–or laudable.
    Early in my career I attended a national teachers’ conference and Phyllis Schlaffly was there. I introduced myself to her and asked why it was acceptable that she could “leave” her home and live in the world when she admonished all other women for seeking careers outside of the home. She remained silent, but asked if I wanted to buy her book–end of discussion. I am sorry for her loss to her family, but after the ERA was defeated, I truly see this woman as a villain to all of us females.
    Hillary may have misspoken or been equivocal, but she has apologized for her vote on Iraq…does Trump ever apologize?…his outright lying to everyone is this “entitled white male’s” bailiwick. This is the time of transparency and the debates will be enlightening…but only to those who will OPEN their ears and LISTEN….the scales may stay firmly covering many eyes…no matter what…I hope they are not successful…I don’t relish saying “I told you so” this time–there is too much to lose.

  9. Valerie says:

    The power of women and the feminine is clearly entering our psyche and age is changing- at last. Gail did not mention the recent findings indicating that Mary Magdelin was a wife, healer and saint and NOT a prostitute. I another sign of the change…. But I have to agree with the man who said , don’t vote for someone because she has a vagina. Hilary Clinton is a liar and she should be in prison. People have died because of her negligence and she lied to the American people. Look deep and don’t believe mainstream media. She is a criminal- she doesn’t care about us as women, she cares about herself and her power. She will not bring women more rights or equality, in fact she will bring more ISIS, bad health care and government control (which is still predominately male)
    So if you really must vote for a woman- consider Jill Stein. Really this election- think out of the box and don’t vote REP or DEM because they are BOTH CORRUPT! Do you due diligence and look for information from other sources that the “paid off” media- CNN, google, CBS, FOX, NPR etc..

  10. gail k minogue says:

    Dear Friends,
    This gentleman would not comment on the page but sent me an email. Let’s call him gentleman X. I am sharing it with you.

    Message Body:
    56 % of all university students are female. I do not see oppression at all. At least not in any systematic form.
    My wife has more degrees than I d and from better schools.

    May be the next age will be dominated by women, but they are not any better than man.
    as the current candidate illustrates it daily.
    If she is an illustration of the coming new age, it will be jsut as bad as the current one.
    Just because one has a vagina, does not make it any better person.

  11. gail k minogue says:

    Thanks Pamela. A great one liner.

  12. Pamela Hale says:

    I love this commentary, Gail, and happen to agree with every word. Friend and mentor Lynne Twist puts it well: “Do hospice for the old while being midwife to the new.” That is why we’re here at this time.

  13. I also see this period as the balance of the archetypal feminine with the masculine. As a man, I honor the conscious emergence of the feminine aspect of myself without having to hide it or apologize for it. The new warrior is a peaceful warrior, strong and sensitive, balanced and integrated. Compassionate and loving, yes, and much stronger and beneficent for it. Thank you, Gail, for your wisdom.

  14. Hi Jan,
    It may seem that treatment of women is getting worse but it is the exposure of age-old behavior that appears as if women’s treatment has gotten worse. We now have social media and the threat of female power breathing on the necks of religion and male domination. Years ago, we knew none of this but it existed. It was, in fact, much worse. Remember, we are in transition from the old into the Age of Aquarius and the number two energy has barely made its mark. It has taken almost 100 years since women in America got the vote and yet women only have 19.7% of seats in Congress. Yes, vote for women who are qualified. In fact, one better. Put money and support behind qualified women. It takes years to groom them for office. Let’s get behind good female leaders. Women, as a group, give very little to female potential candidates. Men far outshine them in giving to candidates.

  15. Hi Laurie,
    Yes, women’s future is powerful. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Laurie Pollack says:

    My daughters were born at the end of the Pisean Age, but they are very strong new Aquarian Age women. I am so proud of them. I could see them in the White House. My son works hard but he is a real Mr. Mom too! Proud of my family! What a future women will have!

  17. Debbie says:

    Excellent Article, as always. Thank You !

  18. Jan says:

    I am curious about your thoughts on how the “women rising” idea fits with the current rise of Islam around the world. I have read the Koran and it definitely does not see woman as equals. It seems like treatment of women is getting worse, not better, in many parts of the world. Also, while I would vote for a woman if she was the most qualified for a job, I would never vote for a woman just because she was a woman. That doesn’t seem rational at all.

  19. Anne says:

    I watched 2 hours of Hillary and 2 hours of Trump on CNN last night. For anyone who missed it, it is being repeated this weekend. I heard 2 hours of Hillary and all the good works she did, and helping people, and having friends for many years. How she always wanted to help Children. And then there was 2 hours of Trump with only his children complimenting him. It didn’t give one example of how he put himself out for anyone, and how he was always getting into trouble from schooldays on, and how he used creative language from fairly early on to get his own way, or explain away his lack of vision.

    Just saying…………………watch for yourself……………………Hail Hillary!!!!!!!!!!

  20. JUDE LUTTRELL says:

    I love your articles, Gail!!

  21. Hi Carrie,

    Yes, the old order is passing. Americans can’t avoid it.

  22. Carrie says:

    I also thought Schalafly’s passing was a sign. And I think the old religions are on the wane too.

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