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Create Your Own Business–Especially as You Get Older

This is such a great time to create your own business and brand.  Society will look at this time period and realize it was

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the Age of the Entrepreneur.  With manufacturing jobs and government jobs shrinking, the work force is in complete chaos as it shrinks in some areas and specializes in others.  We are not becoming a worker-less society but it can sure look scary as we see our old positions taken over by technology.  Even this morning’s radio program was talking about letting go of more grocery clerks at the check out stands and using the scanning machines to check yourself out of the stores.

The grocery chain “Fresh and Easy” is completely automated with a few people standing by the check out stands to assist you if you have a problem scanning your groceries.  It has been successful in teaching us the wave of the future.  More and more people are purchasing their products online and the retail stores are striving to stay relevant with positive cash flow.

What does this have to do with you starting your own business–everything!  As jobs continue to be automated  and governments cannot sustain the promises made for current and future retirees’ pension and health care, it will be imperative that other sources of income be created.  The stock market remains in an up and down position and the banks are giving little away with interest rates for savers.  It is a fertile time to begin your own “popsicle stand” and not wait for ANYONE to save you or protect you.  We do not know what will happen to Medicare or Social Security so that, too, is vulnerable to changes in the benefits.

The Soul Never Came Here to Retire

Dress for Success

In Numerology blueprints, the idea of retirement is not a concept.  A normal blueprint is usually about 120 years (we leave way too many years on the cutting room floor) and the Soul, directing the blueprint, never came here to retire.  It came here to grow and continue to create opportunities for it to do so.  The whole idea of retirement is man-made and misleading.  The fact that health care is tied to an employer was a WWII concept to entice workers after the war ended.  It wasn’t to be a permanent state of being.  Since we have embedded the idea of “retirement” into our collective psyche, we have felt more entitled, gave up sooner, went into fear and prematurely aged.  The GOOD part about the shrinking of the retirement benefits and the loss of home equities and savings account interest rates is that it forces the population to stay in the workforce longer and pushing retirement off into the future until it is not an option.  The GOOD part of this equation is that we are pioneers creating a new way of aging.  Perhaps now, we will take better care of ourselves because we know we will be working longer.

Best Time to Start

Start thinking about what you have always loved to do, what your hand turns easily towards.  The more unusual the better.  You don’t need a degree to start your own company, in fact, it is sometimes better for you if you know little.  There is so much support out there for you.  You can get mini loans to start and larger loans as you grow.  There are numerous “quiet” loans for self-starters and Angel investor using their own capital.  There are websites that will give you money if they like your idea–give you money–not loan you money.  You can advertise free on so many websites.  You can go to  and create your own site.  There is Google Analytics for free tracking of how many people are looking at your site.  The list goes on and on.

The key is to be you.  What do you have a passion for?  The trend is nostalgia for times gone by.  People love Made in America, homemade, unique-and-yet-clever for use, reasonably priced sophistication and services that are well priced and beneficial.  The key is what do people need and want?  They don’t care so much about you or even need to know much about you.  They want to know how what you do or what you sell can benefit them.  Always sell the benefits.

Getting Started

Get Started

A few points to help you start:

Start small–keep overhead down–extremely important

Don’t tell everybody your idea or ideas.  Keep it to yourself and just keep building it.

Improve your health so you can pick up the pace as needed.  I have a friend who is in her late 70’s and is working about a 12 hour day and loves it.  She makes jewelry and has had great demand for her well-priced items.  She only uses quality silver and stones.  Each piece is custom made and attractively priced.  Key here attractive pricing and quality.

Take free classes on social media so you can utilize free advertising.

Plan on working in your 80’s–include 20 and 30 year old’s in your life.  They can help you with tech questions.

Plan on a car and driver in your plans so you don’t have that excuse that you don’t like or can’t drive.

Do not talk about your aches, pains, age or body.  Quietly improve it.  Buy the book “Eat to Live” $10 on Amazon

Be genuine and relevant.  Nobody cares about your trophies or best seller etc.  What are you going to do for me if I buy your product or service?

From this day forward, promise yourself, even if you already have a job, that you will start a side company.  Use your time constructively and eliminate time wasters and self-deception.  Good luck and let me know what business you have begun.





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