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Birth Charts of Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders

We are down to the final decision on the two democratic primary candidates.  I thought it the best time to take another look at Bernie Sanders and a new look at Joe Biden.  I did a chart on Bernie back in early 2016 and nothing has changed since.  A birth chart stays with you your entire life.  Some transits may occur but the core of you is intact.  You can read about Bernie here

Remember, this was written four years ago.

Joe Biden is a very different chart.  His birth name is Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. and he was born November 20th, 1942.  He has the Life Path of the number 11, a Master Number.  Master Number individuals are always on an assignment.  Former Master Number presidents include Barack Obama, Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton.  There is always the quality of the peacekeeper and they tend to be inspirational people.  This is true when they deliver a message or use the written word.  I would not apply inspirational speaker to Joe Biden.  Why is that?  Nor would I apply this quality to Bernie Sanders.

Joe Biden is missing one number in his birth name, the number three.  This is the communication and creativity number.  It is a gift of the word, the joy person, the artist, the comedian etc.  It is not uncommon to find people with speech defects with a missing three.  Poor posture can also go along with the missing three.  We see both candidates are missing the number three.   Bernie Sanders, has terrible posture and Joe Biden has had a stutter problem since childhood.  This is why, on occasion, he will slip up his statements, or literally put his foot in his mouth.  He has to really think before he speaks.

Joe has the number four personality number from his consonants and the number nine from his vowels.  The number four personality makes him a tireless worker and the number nine is the number of the humanitarian.  A prominent number nine in a name usually signifies loss and letting go.  Joe has had to let go of his wife and child through an auto accident and again, within the last few years, the death of his adult son.  There is always an element of sacrifice with the number nine.  It gives him a very deep understanding of the suffering of the human condition.  He has suffered great losses in his life.

If you combine the number nine Soul number (number 9 from the vowels) with the Life Path of the number 11, this can be a powerful chart.  It all depends on how he handles the missing number three.

Missing number three people are very hard on themselves and can be self-critical.  They are learning to have more joy and receive compliments.  Without a sense of humor, it is very difficult to navigate any life blueprint.  Bernie shouts to be heard and recognized due to the missing three and Joe stumbles through some of his statements due to the missing three.  Bernie’s chart is very flawed due to the excessive amount of issues he brought with him.  As I mentioned in the linked post, it is very tough trying to live out a life with four missing numbers.  On top of that, Bernie never valued himself enough in this lifetime due to his Saturn in Taurus.  This is lifelong issue–learning the lesson of self-worth.

Joe, on the other hand, with only one missing number can easily work on this issue.  His is not one of self-worth or lack of value of himself.  He has the issues of being taught as a child to “stuff” your personal feelings, don’t give your opinion often as it will not be heard and, above all else, do not look like you don’t know what you are talking about.  That is a painful one.  It can keep an individual in safe territory rather than go into areas they are not sure about or that might make them look stupid.  I am sure he has worked on healing this through his many losses but “stuffing” deep personal experiences and thoughts were not helpful to him.  I believe the business with his remaining son will bring him more worry and conflict.

Of the two candidates, Biden has the stronger chart and the ability to see both sides of an issue, the number 11.  This is powerful.  He also is extremely psychic.  Do not lie to this man, he will see right through it.  He is super sensitive.  He will last longer than others think.  He somehow defies defeat and death.  He is very low on “fire” energy in his chart.  He needs to fire himself up and surround himself with individuals who can fire him up.  Essential.  Sleepy Joe is not an accident.  He is deep and psychic.  He isn’t the fiery type.  He can be very sarcastic and if he is the candidate, he will go toe to toe with Trump in the sarcasm area.  He can be brutal with sarcasm.

Last note on Biden that Sanders does not have.  Joe’s first vowel is the letter “o”.  This is the boss, the leader, the person who wants to be in charge and doesn’t settle for being less than the leader.  It is Donald Trump’s first vowel as well.  The debates will be head to head.  Joe must get himself fired up though.  He needs to watch his nutrition and probably take some good Chinese herbs to improve the fire energy in his system.  Hopefully, someone will tell him this now.  He will need much fire energy during the coming months.

As a disclaimer, none of these three candidates, Trump, Biden or Sanders would be my first choice.  This, however, is what we have to work with.  In the end, I believe it will be Biden and Trump.  America was not ready to vote for any of the female candidates into office.  It wasn’t really about being female, it was always about the characteristics of the top female choices running for office.   Better female candidates and different times will be available to the electorate in 2024 and 2028.  This year was not the year for her.


7 responses to “Birth Charts of Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m sorry to have to point this out, but Biden is not a life path number 11. He is a 2 life path number. His birthday equals out to 20, not 11. 1+1+2+0+1+9+4+2=20/2+0=2

  2. Lorinda Pollack says:

    Have to agree with Cheryl above. I do not buy completely about Joe’s stuttering causing problems now. I believe it is something more.
    Donald Trump needs to pipe it down but American may never see another magnificent leader for a long time. Bernie and Joe are sitting on a railroad track!

  3. deborah says:

    i m in favor of joe, but does have some sadness attached to him. also his history with bad media . but who does n t these days. diffidently not bernie, his own co democrats don t want him…tooooo much change and all for government paid/free programs, which then means more taxes. I believe taxes will go up anyways, don t they usually each time election of new president. on the other hand, trump just might get elected again, cause you know what you are getting. PS joe has not mention his VP yet, could that be Hilary? Trump is for capitalist bernie , socialism .

  4. Haley says:

    Bernie 2 0 20 Bernie is a MOVEMENT, not an individual…would Love for you to re throw his chart in light of his transits and working with a collective, i.e. his POTENTIAL/Probable Cabinet! we NEED Elizabeth and Bernie!!! Feel/Forward the BERN Liz, Please!!!

    Thank YOU Gail for all your Good gracious works as gifts to us out here~

  5. I feel sorry for Joe Biden. The lights are on but nobody is home. Once again the DNC is presenting us with another flawed candidate, and the enablers and opportunists surrounding him don’t care enough to protect him from the rigors of campaigning that may further impair or even kill him. This great statesman deserves better, but such is politics.
    Tulsi Gabbard 2024?

  6. Always look forward to your blogs thank you so much.

  7. Pia says:

    I hope you send this to Biden’s campaign staffers. 🙂

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