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Bernie Sanders-Numerology chart-What are his issues?

Bernie Sanders, born Bernard Sanders (can’t find any middle name anywhere) was born September 8, 1941 in New York.  His Bernie Sandersname and birthday tell us the story of who really is this man.   Bernie has a number 5 life path.  Five is always the number of change and freedom.  These individuals must have freedom.  You will notice he remains independent in Congress but votes with the Democrats.  Fives are individuals who can cause great positive change such as Roosevelt and Lincoln or devastating disasters such as Hitler–another 5 life path person.  Sanders is the only candidate in the mess of contenders who has this life path.  Donald Trump has a prominent number 5 destiny number so he presents change but in a less direct manner.

Sanders has some big challenges in his birth chart.  We always look at what is missing in this person’s character and we can tell by the missing numbers in the name.  In Sander’s case, he is missing 4 out of the 9 basic numbers.  That is a whopping amount.  Most people are missing perhaps one or two, the larger amount is three, a difficult amount in four.  These numbers are 3, 6, 7 and 8.  Interestingly enough, he is born on an eight numbered day to relieve some of the stress of the missing 8.  His personality number (from the consonants in his name) is the number 4.  His soul number is 3 (from the vowels in his name) which helps relieves some of the stress from the missing 3 and his destiny is the 7 (the sum total of his full name) which relieves some of the elements of the missing number 7. BUT, these numbers are still missing from the name and here is what it indicates:

A person with number 3 missing, is very self-critical, usually finds something wrong with what they are doing, usually has bad posture as there is an issue about being seen and heard.  For a long time nobody paid any attention to him.  One of the characteristics of a missing 3 is they take their own joy away.  They have to repeat themselves to be heard and taken seriously.  There is an issue about “the word”.

A missing 6 has an issue on commitment.  When this is missing, the person can go overboard on being committed.  They think they know what is best and you should follow it.  There is an issue here about commitment to personal relationships, family, domestic responsibility.  Family, marriage and all that goes with it was not his thing but he ended up having the responsibility.  It will be interesting to see how committed he will be to what he is telling people.

A missing 7 is always about the development of the intellect and higher consciousness.  This is someone who needs to look deeply into a subject matter, find out the why’s of it, don’t take things at face value.  Ask questions and think.  Somehow in prior lives this area was avoided.  In this lifetime he cannot just assume anything.  He must find out more and think wisely.  Fortunately, he has a 7 destiny number so he is trying to do that.

A missing 8 is all about power, leadership, authority, the correct use of resources.  This is just not there.  He is born on an 8 day which helps him want power and leadership but he definitely is missing the innate qualities of same.

Sander’s personality number is the number 4, the hard worker.  The person who wants results.  Four personalities work very hard but not necessarily very smart.  They turn on the lights first thing in the morning and the last at night.  They don’t see the shortcuts they could take and they can get rigid in how they do things.  They can literally box themselves in.

Sander’s Soul number, the number 3, relieves some of the stress of his missing 3.  He wants to be pleasant deep down. He wants to be able to schmooze more but it is his challenge.  His delivery system is always serious.

Sanders emotional makeup is fiery.  He can fire up the audience and sound like a revolutionary.  Alas, the staying power for these revolutionary ideas don’t last.  He thinks with his feelings, such as “if I feel like doing it I will”, “if I don’t feel like doing it, I won’t”.  He can jump into the swimming pool first before he realizes there isn’t any water in it.  He leaps before he looks. Such as in the promise of single pay medical care or equal pay.  He forgets that he must work with Congress and that the money to do single pay care would require other programs to be put in jeopardy.  When he says he is a socialist, believe him. He has been a lifelong socialist.

Sanders has had a lifelong struggle with his self-worth and value of himself.  He probably is shocked to find that others value him.  He has good basic common sense that helps him but he has had to learn this over a very long period of time.  It kept him from power positions all of his life.  It is not surprising that he reaches his power later in life.  The number 5 life path is usually a “late bloomer”.

Sanders like Trump is peculiar to our life and times in the US.  Citizens are fed up with Washington, lobbyists, vested interests etc.  They want someone unconnected to it–or who pretends to be unconnected to it.  The millennials have experienced lack of jobs, living with parents, heavy student debt and a government run by self-serving politicians.  Sanders is somewhat of a Pied Piper.  Whoever gets elected, still has to work with Washington and the global leaders.  It’s not enough to be angry.

12 responses to “Bernie Sanders-Numerology chart-What are his issues?”

  1. Karen Langford says:

    I, too, am concerned about Bernie. Yes, he has a lot of great ideas. But for many, he’s too far left and will lose a lot of votes because of it. All the commentators on this post mention a lot of great points, too. Plus, a lot of Bernie’s supporters are very fanatical in their support of him. I saw one post on Facebook that said that if he doesn’t win, they they will destroy the Democratic party. How is that any different than what many of the MAGA’s are doing?

    I also read another source that said that the other candidates as a whole are actually getting more votes than Bernie (when you add them all together). The problem is that they’re split between several of them.

    It’s a wild ride for sure and anything can happen between now and than.

  2. Sharon says:

    I am concerned about Bernie’s being 78 and the fact he won’t release current medical records. And, transparency is important. We need a president who is fit, as it is such a demanding job filled with lots of pressure 24/7.

    Currently, I like the plan Elizabeth Warren has outlined. She is experienced, articulate, authentic and as honest as they come. She would tax the wealthiest Americans and corporations who are currently getting all the tax breaks. In a debate with Trump, she would win hands down (as demonstrated with her remarks to Bloomberg).

  3. Karen says:

    Anon777 states how i feel too — including Russian interference. I have 4 karma’s too, not the same ones as Bernie’s, but close, so I feel for him. Although he’s not my first choice, if he is chosen I too will #VoteBlueNoMatterWho. I have nothing concrete to support the following, but I have a feeling Bloomberg might be the one to beat Trump so I look forward to seeing what his chart holds. Thank you as always for your insights.

  4. Anon777 says:

    It looks like Bernie will go into the Convention as the presumptive nominee, but he may not emerge as the actual nominee. Cue a revolt- major contested convention. Berners are threatening to “bern it down” if he doesn’t get the nom. He is angry and so are they. But I don’t think Bernie will beat trump in the general. And I don’t think he has the experience – or support, he’s an outsider – to implement the most ambitious social programs since FDR. I believe we need to vote blue no matter who, understanding that there are nefarious forces (cough, russia, cough) that will strive to keep trump in office even if we run a Moderate. So for me it’s all about focusing on flipping the Senate and holding the house. If we flip the Senate, we can stop the bleeding from the trumpian wound (remove the dagger from McConnell’s hand) and in 2024 allow the true leader/s to emerge.

  5. Ruth Deutsch says:

    I think people are looking at Bernie too narrowly. The young say, “Look, free college!” Those who’ve had issues with paying for healthcare are championing him too. But they forget how much he’d need to raise taxes to pay for it, and no one knows who’ll go along with that. They forget to look at his record, which is not that great. At least Elizabeth Warren has thought out “plans” and Mayor Pete has Medicare for all who want it, and Amy Klobucher is someone who “gets things done”. I wonder how Russia is helping Bernie, as has been reported in the news…They must believe Trump can trump Bernie.

  6. K St James says:

    Thanks Gail for your insight and objective review of Bernie Sanders. I don’t feel he would be a good Leader for our Country and I can see from your report why I am feeling that way. He lacks the innate qualities of power which is what I sense. Yes, he does voice the opinions of the discontent of the young people but I fear the ways to make the changes are not going to be his strong point. It is one thing to just be angry at what is at the moment but to really make good strong changes takes a strong Leader with the ability to convince those hard liners that there can be compromise. If he does not see any compromise how can he expect to convince others to join his views. I thank you for taking the time to do these analysis for us. Kayce

  7. DawnMarie says:

    How refreshing!! Commentary on the candidates that is actually insightful and informative instead of just mud-slinging. As always, I enjoy and value your insights. Thank you, Gail!

  8. Carrie says:

    I have been listening to Bernie every Friday on the Thom Hartmann show for 6 or 7 years. He really cares about the people. Money is not a motivator for him. He doesn’t look at things at surface level. He goes for deeper understanding. At the age of 73 he most likely overcome his missing numbers. Age is about knowing yourself and having judgement and wisdom. After 40 years of Reaganomics, he is blowing in a wind of hope for young people. I don’t want my son and grandson to slaves of the corporate class. Go Bernie!

  9. Judith says:

    Thanks for your insightful information. Look forward to hearing more on the other candidates as things move forward!

  10. gail says:

    Thank you Cheryl and Laurie. I appreciate your comments and best wishes. I’ll keep putting out more information on the candidates and the bigger picture once we eliminate more candidates and we begin to see the main candidates. It’s real theater!

  11. Cheryl Cuttineau says:

    Once again, very insightful. While many may feel Bernie Sanders “is not the man we want for America, ” he IS a harbinger of things to come. We already have “socialist’ programs in place such as Social Security and Medicare. Anytime we call the police, drive on a paved public street, and flush the toilet, democratic socialism is alive and well! BTW, Happy Belated Birthday! Like a fine wine, you just get better with age!

  12. Thanks Gail. This is not the man we want for America. He has 80 percent of voters under 29 years old. Please, read what socialism did for other countries. They will promise you anything and you will get nothing. Look up what happened in Florida when socialist where elected! They will not make that mistake again! Do not let this happen to America! Thank you!

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