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BARACK OBAMA AND his Mother’s birth plans Part II

Youth and Promise

In the first segment of studying Barack Hussein Obama II blueprint, we found that his Life Path (No. 11), taken from his full birth date and his personality number (No 1), taken from from his consonants register the same as his Mother.  Her full birth name was Stanley Ann Durham.  She was born November 29, 1942.  He is born under the sign of Leo and she under the sign of Sagitarius.  Both of them are fire signs with lots of energy.  Her whole birth chart is loaded with the sign of Sagitarius.  Interpretation of this would account for her adventurous spirit and her need for truth.  If you think back to the time that Barack was born, 1961, birth control had only been in existence for one year.  Marrying or becoming pregnant as a white woman to a black man was off the charts.  This was still a time when unwed women “disappeared” with some mysterious illness or family matter and voila came back no longer in the “family way”.  Ann Durham was off-the-chart trailblazing and she did not care what people thought.  She did it her way.

Ann Durham had two important missing numbers in her birth name, the numbers 6 and the number 9.  This is very significant–particularly the missing 6.  In this lifetime, domestic life was not her thing.  When the number 6 is missing in a name, the person will be given much responsibility around the area of domesticity.  The implication is that in prior lives she avoided the whole marriage and family routine.  She didn’t want the responsibility and, perhaps, walked away.  So, in this lifetime, that condition would have to be corrected.

Normally the person with a missing 6 will be given the opportunity to make amends.  They are given different scenarios.  One scenario would be the single parent forced to raise the children alone, another scenario would be the wife or husband whose spouse is not available and it forces the same condition. Yet another scenario would be the person who has to fully support their family of origin–aging parents, getting a relative out of jail, taking care of a sibling.  This person would be given extra burdens and responsibilities at work, home and in personal relationship.  They also stay heavily guarded with their emotions and then wonder why they don’t have deep sincere relationships.  In Ann’s chart there is a strong need to be right.  I have no doubt she clashed with her son about her being right.

She was extremely smart and telling the truth was critical.  She didn’t like hypocrites and might have put people off when she pointed out to them the fallacy of statements.  She, being an anthropologist and studying the meanings of mankind’s beginning, instilled a deep sense of a greater and bigger picture of life to her son.

Both Mother and son have the same Destiny Number (the No. 1) The destiny number is the sum total of the entire birth name.   They both were brought in to develop the quality of leadership.  They must develop the ability to lead while others must follow.  Through an independent initiative they are made to stand for their beliefs even under extreme duress.   Each had to develop self-reliance and demonstrate the ability to win.  In Obama’s situation, he is doing that and in his Mother’s situation, if you take her life step-by-step, she was a leader in raising ideals and in being an example of a pioneer.  Certainly Motherhood in the normal sense was not her forte.

Obama had to be raised in such a way that there really was nobody to rely on but himself.  His chart shows the necessity, too, for the father to leave the picture early.  This creates the path for him to become his own authority and not under the authority of his Father.  This was the beginning of a journey that would have him learn to stand on his own two feet and respect the rights of the individual.

Both Obama and Ann had the same No. 9 Soul number.  The Soul Number is taken from the vowels of the birth name (“y” is considered a vowel in this situation).  This shows significant past life experience as humanitarians.  It is not surprising that Obama would be a community organizer and his Mother an anthropologist.  Choosing the No. 9 Soul Number gives them strong intuition and the ability to think in abstract terms.  There is a great generosity with this Soul number and indicates an adept or master from previous lives.  The No. 9 also represents foreign experience.  These people are very interested in foreign lands, cultures and travel.

Obama’s emotional makeup is more cerebral.  His own feelings are analyzed first.  For instance if I said how do you feel,


he might say “hot” rather than sad or happy.  His viewpoint is very Aquarian, rather detached, large in scope but remote.  He understands the masses very well from past life experience.  This is one reason why he can speak to audiences and they are “spell bound”.  Having a Life Path of the No. 11, the Master Number, also allows him to channel.  Channeling is characterized by saying words that seem to come from another world.  They are inspirational and personal.  All Master number 11’s have this same quality–Clinton and Reagan being the most recent.  What makes Obama different is his more detached, cerebral behavior.

What is missing in Obama’s chart is the No. 7.  This is a karmic situation in this lifetime, to be worked out in this lifetime.  It signifies the need to develop both the intellect with the heart.  He cannot just come from the head.  He will be put into positions were he must lead with both.  He also must not take things at face value.  He must question those who advise him.  He must not assume.  Discernment is essential  This has gotten him into trouble with some of his cabinet picks and with working with Congress.  He assumed they would work with him.  He also needs to get rid of some of the advisers around him.  They were not at his level and he cannot make choices by lowering his high standards.

If he is elected to a second term, he must let go of some of his closest advisers.  These people were in over their heads when put into their positions of leadership.  Michelle Obama has the major No. 7 in her chart.  She is the brightest of all his advisers.  He should listen carefully to her suggestions.  She can easily combine her heart with her head and has a great radar system that can tell him the truth of the matter.  The drawback of a No. 11 Life Path is its ability to see both sides of everything.  This can cause indecision and too much of a willingness to compromise.  You have seen this happen with Obama.  Fortunately, he has the No. 1 personality and destiny number.  He has to exhibit more of this No. 1 behavior.  By letting go of some of the prior advisers and choosing now from a more diverse group of people, he will have a greater opportunity to lead and create his own agenda.

One important quality in Obama’s family is how his blueprint fits with America’s blueprint.  It fits very well.  Although the country’s chart is July 4, 1776 and is a 5 Life Path, a Cancerian country, the people of the United States are represented under the sign of Aquarius.  There is a luck factor in Obama’s chart that is a positive factor for the people of the United States.  Looking back on the first writing I did about Obama in 2008 and now, I believe he will probably be re-elected by the “people”.



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