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America’s endless search for the next big thing!

How do you all like living in a No. 5 country?  That’s what America is.  A land of change, freedom and a

America's Number 5

America’s Number 5

search for what’s next.  It’s about travel, movement, opportunities and self-indulgence.  A 5 country continues to strive to learn the balance from its life experience and when balance is learned, move on to something else.   When out of balance, it will seek excitement and stimulation in sex, drugs, alcohol and other sensual indulgence.  A prime example is the indulgence in food–excessive amounts of sweets and fats.  In America we promote TV shows, blogs, contests and the like all around food.  Who can make the weirdest combinations?  How about snails with ice cream?  I remember years ago in San Francisco– back in the 60’s–the Hippo Restaurant on Van Ness was famous for its hamburger with ice cream on top.    Definitely had to try it.

A five country like the United States has come into existence to find a proper balance.  Fascinating place to watch as it swings from a complete disregard for social norms or it frightfully clings to religious laws, social and/or civic laws as a way to work with inner desires.  Fives are caught up in pent up physical urges and the dictates of religion, society or family morals.  What a place!

In its pursuit for the next big thing that can change what drives America, it does just that.  We are now searching for the next innovation.  One that it won’t be driven by is the microchip.  All innovations have built in obsolescence.  Take a look at the internal combustible engine, the automobile.  They no longer are transforming the culture.  Basically it came down to marketing and they have been replaced my managers who just manage the machine.  The car became a commodity and commodities do not produce transformation.  This is what America is looking for.  The microchip is now 50 years old and the products that it created have already transformed our lives–the smart phone, the cellphone.  Basically, America is saying what’s next?

America gets easily bored–just look at fashion, foods (avocado toast, kale) and what some countries would call miracles, we just call every day or common.  As a result of this next-best-thing attitude and a constant movement to go forward, America is a driven country.  It doesn’t have much pity for the old and the old cannot understand that their time has come and gone.  Like the auto industry before it (who waits really for the next new model of the Honda), the US computer industry is old and passing.  Apple certainly is feeling the time-has-passed syndrome.  Apple could one day be as uninteresting as the Buick.  Do they still make Buicks?

We can sense something new is coming but we are not sure what that could be.  We know we’re on the brink but we can’t envision it.  We think it is AI but we don’t know.  Apple is going the way of the industries before it.  We imagine somehow the future will be like the present but it won’t be.

George Friedman, the geopolitical expert, speaks to us now living out an old American story in our society.  We will have more disruption but the next “extraordinary moment will not come from the tech industry.  The manager will maintain stability but the next wave will surprise us all and we, just as we started with cell phones, will not recognize  its importance until years after it emergence.”

The interesting thing about the United States and its constant reinvention of itself, is that it is a Cancer country.  It was born back in July 4, 1776 when the sun was in the sign of Cancer.  Cancer energy loves the past and loves to revisit it often and so does the United States.  It’s a strange push pull and you can see it in the stress of the citizens and the leaders.  It constantly “reinvents its past and longs for the future.”  This is what contributes to its power.  “It has no mercy on what is passing away” (including human beings–shown in little focus on the old but greater focus on the youth of the country) and it worships that which is coming to be.  The iPhone will be something that was at one time exciting, we still use it but nobody really cares.  It is becoming irrelevant, and just another commodity.

Number 5 people and countries learn best from contact with other people.  Lynn Buess in his book “Numerology for the New Age” suggests that number 5 people and countries have a karmic condition from past lives where they had previous lives or life  of prejudice and intolerance of certain nationalities, ethnic groups, religious sect, or political persuasion.”  This time they have chosen to be born “into a situation that somewhat coerces them to work with people, some of whom they distinctly dislike. They will have the chance to deal with all types of humanity, including rich, poor, those of different races, creeds, religions, colors and varying political, philosophical, moral, ethical and economic persuasions.  This powerful dichotomy cannot help but provide a learning experience.”

This sounds as if it could be a snap shot of our  current society.




3 responses to “America’s endless search for the next big thing!”

  1. Gail Minogue says:

    Hi Lowell and Bonnie,
    Yes, history books do not report the whole story. As I have said before, the heavens rule the earth. During this genocide of the America Indians, Pluto, the big boss of death and transformation, transited into the sign of Aries, the ruler of Mars, the God of War in mythology. This was the time of America’s “Manifest Destiny” of 1823 and validated the genocide. It was encouraged to go West–which also led to the war with Mexico. Pioneers opened floodgates of pioneers going West. “Brave” adventurers led the way, such as Daniel Boone. Joseph Smith the Book of Mormons and led his followers west to the promised land. The Pluto in Aries period from 1823 to 1850 began an era of murder and plunder of natural resources including the gold. rush.

  2. Bonnie Cayer says:

    Thank you Lowell for your response. My husband too was American Indian (25%) and he felt the same way as you have expressed. The history book got it wrong.

  3. Lowell Smith says:

    As I read your piece about America as a 5 Country I want to ask if you have ever considered (Numerologically / Astrologocally) that America is a land that was not settled but taken usually with force and often with Genocidal killing of the native peoples….. men women and children, not because they were doing something against the most White people, but because they were on lands that the whites wanted? But our history books do NOT tell the truth, they talk about the settlement as if there were nobody here…. the reality, nobody that was human, only salvages. That is a disgusting lie that continues to be told.
    This was made recently more in my face when I watched “Woman Walks Ahead”. I am of mixed culture — European and Cherokee and Souix. It would be nice to hear your N/A view.
    Thanks for your continued mind stretching insights,

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