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For What’s It’s Worth–When or will this virus fade away? - Mar 15, 2020

Humans will get through this latest test of its humanity as it has been doing for ions.  As the corona virus spreads itself around the world, we are finding that politics and politicians really can’t wish it away.  Neither can they laugh it off or blame it on another political party, a witch hunt, a hoax or that the dog ate my homework.  This is such a critical period for all of us as we get to see how we think and feel about things we can’t control.  Not being able to control our own safety is really scary.  We wear masks (that for the most part don’t work), we wear gloves (forgetting that now we have the virus on our gloves and we touch our clothes with them as well as all types of door knobs, food products etc.  Share and share alike

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Birth Charts of Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders - Mar 9, 2020

We are down to the final decision on the two democratic primary candidates.  I thought it the best time to take another look at Bernie Sanders and a new look at Joe Biden.  I did a chart on Bernie back in early 2016 and nothing has changed since.  A birth chart stays with you your entire life.  Some transits may occur but the core of you is intact.  You can read about Bernie here
Remember, this was written four years ago.

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Don’t Borrow Trouble–Stop Going Around the Block to Meet It - Mar 4, 2020

Don’t borrow trouble.  Stop going around the block to meet it.  A wise friend told this to me many years ago and it has guided me all my life.  That doesn’t mean I don’t worry or concern myself too much with trying to figure out the “how” of everything.  I am more conscious now of the “what” and not the “how”.  Over the years I have learned the best way to stop myself and waste copious amounts of time is to try to figure out the how.  

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