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For What’s It’s Worth–When or will this virus fade away?

Humans will get through this latest test of its humanity as it has been doing for ions.  As the corona virus spreads itself around the world, we are finding that politics and politicians really can’t wish it away.  Neither can they laugh it off or blame it on another political party, a witch hunt, a hoax or that the dog ate my homework.  This is such a critical period for all of us as we get to see how we think and feel about things we can’t control.  Not being able to control our own safety is really scary.  We wear masks (that for the most part don’t work), we wear gloves (forgetting that now we have the virus on our gloves and we touch our clothes with them as well as all types of door knobs, food products etc.  Share and share alike.

We actually become fairly crazy.  We stand in line in the rain snaking around the corner waiting for a shopping cart at Costco–hoping there will be enough toilet paper to help save us.   When I first heard this, I thought the disease must give everyone diarrhea.  We are ready to be quarantined through the rest of the year.  We buy out all the hand sanitizers, frozen foods and dairy (realizing, of course, that dairy and fresh meats only last a few days).  One lady filled her cart with boxes of pasta and the top part of the cart with cans of tuna.  Too much casserole for me.

The problem is the Federal Government has been late to the party.   It has dropped the ball on its own citizens.  It has a very skimpy safety net system of health care and 80% of its hourly workers have no sick leave.  That means they go to work sick or don’t eat.  Enough early information could have slowed the disease but the test kit had problems in manufacturing along with administrative red tape between the CDC and the FDA.  The debacle brought to light the underlying budget cuts.  Skimpy budgeting along with bureaucratic blockages bear part of the blame.  President Trump downplaying the chance of disruption to our lives and the economy has not helped.  He called it virus hysteria and looked to save his stock market over the citizens.

Alas, I think he now sees the handwriting on the wall.  He is still talking of saving the cruise industry with its belching enormous green house gases, slave labor, down-below crews and a giant environmental mark.  As the Financial Times reports, Carnival’s pollution problem is so bad that across its fleet, the large boats pollute 10 times more than all 260 million of Europe’s cars. … The organization found that Carnival–and its brands–were the proud owners of seven of the 20 most polluting cruiseship lines.Jun 5, 2019.  This is just one cruise line.  Do we really need these giant, bloated boats now taking over 6,000 passengers (on the newer ships) round the world?

This virus is somewhat of a world wake up.  When your health, social fabric and economic world is threatened, you won’t worry about tweets, fake news, witch hunts, MAGA and other theatrics that are better for a game show.  This is a serious time and people do not want to be talked down to, lied to or belittled.  They do want leaders who truly care, speak from the heart and have their personal best interest at heart–not the markets.

Speaking of these times, when might this period be over and what should we expect going forward.  I, of course, can’t tell you that but I can give you some information that might be of interest.  Again, we look to the heavens–which controls, guides and directs what goes on below.   Using Vedic Astrology, we call this period a Rahu period “Rahu’s transit through the Gemini sign, especially in Ardra nakshatra, is a very painful and difficult transit for the United States.  Rahu was transiting Ardra nakshatra in Gemini sign during the 9/11 attacks.  Rahu and Ketu complete their transit cycle of the Zodiac in about 18 1/2 years.  Now Rahu has again come back to the same position in the Gemini sign and we are witnessing Corona virus attack.  Since Gemini is the 3rd sign, of the Zodiac, it rules lungs and respiratory system.  Gemini is also an Air sign so the Conorna virus is transmitted through air and it affects the lungs /respiratory system.  In my opinion we will see the full blown Corona virus in May/June/July this year.  It will disapear or go away when Rahu leaves the sign of Gemini and enters the sign of Taurus on September 24, 2020.”  Gurmeet Singh

My guess is the peak will be June and then start to diminish.  In the meantime, we need to be wise and prudent about our personal lives and health.  We cannot go around and be nuts about it nor can we be paranoid about catching it.  It can strike the young but that is rare.  It is a disease of the elderly with the average age being in the 70’s and 80’s.  Most deaths have occurred around age 80.  This is not comforting if you are around 79 but if you are wise in your eating and sleeping habits and cook more of your own foods, your immune system should protect you.  I take Chinese herbs and I am so greatful with all my stress that I have been healthy.

Fortunately, the loud and disruptive debates and presidential rallies are not happening.  What a blessing.  People will have time to perhaps process and reason rather than react.  Crowds are dwindling so less arguments and bad behavior.  Hopefully, less nasty comments and tweets.  More foregiveness and commonality of the human condition.  I know if my house was on fire and a gay, black man dressed in a dress was going to rescue me,  I would fall in his arms and tell him he looked beautiful and how much I loved his earrings.

The bottom line, we are all cut of the same cloth and will return home naked.




23 responses to “For What’s It’s Worth–When or will this virus fade away?”

  1. Caroline LEBAN says:

    So true Gsol.thanks for your wise words. We need to think and b are smart about everythknh.ftom getting enough rest to exercise and cutting out.sugar and
    J uh dt tslk GB more plant.based and preparing meals t home. We have not hone out since March fir dinner
    And m ade it a projecttoshop with each other at the
    FRESH TYME mnk market close by. Then prepping
    Everything when we got home a really nice
    Date and haven tried to an ahead. Think I am abetter
    Cook. Kindafun. Thanks.

  2. Ed Bengtson says:

    Thank you Gail. Sincerely thank you for these words… If only this was shared over the News and social media…. Much Gratitude…

  3. Maawiya says:

    Great Point Gail!

    Love your Analysis!

  4. Michele S says:

    Love your insite! How interesting that some of the same energy came up on 9/11. Thank You for talking me down, I have been “nervous” We will get a different pres in 2020?

  5. Tina Eden says:

    I love the, ” I would fall in his arms and tell him he looked beautiful and how much I loved his earrings.”

    You’re my kind of lady!!

  6. Belle says:

    Thank you Gail for adding cosmic information.
    I appreciate your insight and authenticity. Sending you energies of love and resilience.

  7. Kate Lewis says:

    Awesome astrology and author! Thanks Gail.

  8. deborah says:

    interesting points . like a puzzle that i am seeing and maybe will get notice and completed. since the city wuhun then Italy did their shut down been a report of about the air pollution decreasing…now think about that with the Gemini part just mentioned…Air/lungs…i hope this will wake the world up what our climate is and will be doing up there at this time. maybe states will have a rotating shutdown for climate ? since air pollution is BIG and this virus has no place to escape to but land on our bodies/and so on makes sense can take awhile to clear up and go into the atmosphere . just off the wall thoughts coming to me. There are of course other theories now popping up. like the 5G and our bodies can not handle it. China is ahead of us, in that city china has installed up to 10T and never tested if its harmful or not.

  9. Barb H. says:

    Thank you, Gail. As always, wise and succinct.

  10. Caterina Arends says:

    Love this! Well said. Thank you, Gail. Much love.
    Caterina Arends
    San Antonio, TX

  11. Haley says:

    This is BEAUTIFULL Gail….thank you!!!

    PositiviTEA at Her Best

  12. Tina says:

    Thank you Gail for sharing your gift, wisdom and insight. This message brings into prospective “why now”and helped to calm me at a time I most needed it.

  13. Lora says:

    Hi Gail. Thank you for this article. It is particularly helpful with some time lines and the call to stay focused. And walking through the “valley”.

  14. Rebecca Jayne says:

    Thank you, Gail, for this informative article. I always appreciate reading your work.

  15. lors says:

    Thank you for this detail…amazing

  16. LOVE the line “If my house were on fire…” So hard to relate to as of now but another learned behavior is upon us.
    Blessings on you!

  17. Catherine Murphy says:

    Thank you Gail for this excellent article.

  18. Cheryl Cuttineau says:

    Wonderful article. I have found Vedic astrology to be far more accurate in reviewing historical cycles. Thank you for “enlightening up” our awareness during this time!

  19. Joan says:

    Deep gratitude Gail. Your comments are practical and reasoned. Always appreciate your cosmic perspective.

  20. Suzanne Bell says:

    I really enjoyed reading this post, thank you for sharing your thoughts Gail.

  21. Tamara Leathers says:

    Thank you. And September can’t come soon enough. You are a Light. Bless you.

  22. Merrilyn says:

    Thank you for this posting. I live in an area of the United States which is untouched, as I write. Nonetheless, fearful shoppers have decimated grocery shelves and schools are closing. I personally pray that this is a wake-up call for those who haven’t recognized that this is not the time for naked nationalism. Everyone here on planet earth is in this together.

  23. Pam Hale says:

    Gail, this is wonderful. Thank you for your humor and truth-telling.

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