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A Glimmer of the Worm Turning - Aug 20, 2019

t’s interesting to watch the world go through all types of twists and turns as it adjusts to heavenly transits. The big Pluto in Capricorn transit has been haunting our lives since it began in 2008. I have kept the same drum beat rolling that until it was done with us, there would be little peace and sanity. The hardest days were to be 2015 through 2019. The ending would come in 2024. We are right on time!

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Unintended Consequences of Aquarian Age Changes - Aug 7, 2019

In all that we do and all that we plan, there is always a parallel, invisible tract running alongside our plans. We plan for our safety; we try to plan for the roof over our heads, our income, our health and so on. We buy insurance, we work extra hours, we raise our families, and we try and date the better people. In short, we act as if we are somehow in control and if we do this (invest in the right stocks) or we do that (buy more life insurance) that we can be safe from future calamities. But time after time life will show you the parallel track that has been running with you all along. It can come in a sudden diagnosis of cancer, the drowning or accidental death of a child, a city condemns your property due to toxic leakage, your pension plan is cut in half or your newly married spouse is gunned down in a drive-by shooting. How about the Bernie Madoff debacle? All of a sudden all the great plans for the future disappear before your eyes. The unthinkable and unplanned has happened. Now what?

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