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Lessons Learned at 80 Years of Age - Oct 17, 2018

No, I’m not 80 yet but if the good Lord is willing, I will be. It is definitely an age of reckoning. It’s the age the young think of as decrepit and the middle age try to push away as much as possible. The main thing to focus on as we age, is what have you learned over this time and what can you contribute to society from all that you have learned.

I have said in previous writings that our Soul assesses itself every 7th birthday and downloads all that it learned during the previous 7 years. It then moves to another state of awareness. This pattern is repeated every 7th birthday beginning at age 7 and will continue to influence you at each important 7 years thereafter. We can be 77 or 83 and go through another Soul cycle. These are very important birthdays.

This post is not, however, on the Soul cycles but they are mentioned so that you are aware that you never stop growing in awareness, you never retire from life here and you are lucky to be above ground. With that said, about 6 or 7 years ago a gentleman by the name of Byron Wien, who worked or works for the

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Preparation for Power–Women begin to replace the old structure - Oct 2, 2018

Keep your eye on the prize. Keep your eye on the ball. Stay focused though the slings and arrows are flying. Women are on the march world wide and are an enormous force of change. What you have been watching in Washington during these last few weeks of drama is women speaking out about their own experience of being harassed, marginalized and dismissed. Women are waking up after thousands of years of being considered non-persons, weak and ill-prepared for decision-making positions. Women have been under a patriarchal form of government, religion and cultural mores for thousands of year. It is ending, changing and transforming.

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