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Preparation for Power–Women begin to replace the old structure

Keep your eye on the prize.  Keep your eye on the ball.  Stay focused though the slings and arrows are flying. women business owners Women are on the march world wide and are an enormous force of change.  What you have been watching in Washington during these last few weeks of drama is women speaking out about their own experience of being harassed, marginalized and dismissed.  Women are waking up after thousands of years of being considered non-persons, weak and ill-prepared for decision-making positions.  Women have been under a patriarchal form of government, religion and cultural mores for thousands of year.  It is ending, changing and transforming.

I have said many times that the invisible systems at work in managing the earth have a time frame that is always perfect and exact for each level of evolution.  The system at work now is called the Li period and its’ preparation began in 2004.  This begins the launching of female power around the globe.  She prepares herself up to 2024 and then begins the transfer of power to her hands increasing with each passing year until 2044 where the integration of her presence, power and leadership becomes embedded into the culture.

Just yesterday in California Governor Jerry Brown signed into law an order requiring that all companies within its borders put female directors on their boards.  This will add pressure to all boardrooms across the country to give more women a seat at the table.  This measure will influence and accelerate diversification.  The bill mandates that all publicly traded companies with headquarters in California have at least one female on their boards by the end of 2019.  This will directly impact Silicon Valley startups to make sure as they put a new company together; they need to think female board members.  The number of female board members will be directly related to the total number of board members.  Facebook and Alphabet, the parent of Google, now each have two female board members.  They will have to add additional females to their boards since their boards have more than six directors. 

There is a good possibility that this new law will be challenged in the courts.  But, it is out there now and the whole idea is to get the ball rolling regarding the changes ahead for women.  Remember, California is the catalyst of change for the United States.  She was born with a 5 life path and her job is to bring progress and change.  Jerry Brown is also a 5 life path and is the perfect employee for the job of guiding the change.  He has been influential in California politics for many, many years and keeps making California progress and change.  She is the guide for the changes within the country.  He understands the power of the female.  Regarding these new laws, he was recently quoted as saying that “I don’t minimize the potential flaws that may indeed prove fatal to its ultimate implementation…..nevertheless, recent events in Washington, D.C.–and beyond–make it crystal clear that many aren’t getting the message.”  “It’s high time corporate boards include the people who constitute more than half the ‘persons’ in America.”  This was all said in a letter to the California state Senate announcing his decision.

Governor Brown also signed into law a measure to prohibit settlement agreements that prevent the disclosure of facts related to sexual assault, sexual harassment or workplace discrimination.  This bill was inspired by reports that the big Hollywood producer, Harvey Weinstein used nondisclosure agreements and settlements to resolve harassment complaints.  The settlements inhibited accusers, usually women, from speaking publicly about their encounters with Weinstein.  Usually new laws are tested in the courts and I am sure both of these will as well but the point is that the ball is being moved forward for an increase in the validity of women’s power and presence.

The old structure of white, older men, controlling the reigns of power in government is a dying breed, literally.  Once we reach the 2020’s, women will increase in governmental power every two years.  As it diversifies, the affect of women’s leadership will influence many of the things we now think will never change.  You will eventually see term limits in all major branches, not just the presidency.

The rise in power will be exhibited in largely a middle-aged group of females.  Since it is such a long cycle of preparation and practice, females who are now in their 30’s will be big players 20 years from now.  Those in their 40’s and 50’s are influencing now.

“It is interesting to note that up until the late nineteenth century, the Catholic Church’s Doctrine of Passive Conception declared that the soul entered the fetus during the fifth month of pregnancy.  It was called “the quickening.”  “Numerology, Astrology & Dreams” by Dusty Bunker.  It is interesting to note that prior to that time, the fetus had NO soul.  Therefore, abortion before the fifth month was not a crime.

Just as we think things have become extreme now, we have all been through extremes before through our own evolutionary progress.  Remember, we once swung from trees.  Keep your eyes focused and do not get distracted by tweets, rants, bullying, drama,  dumbness and righteousness.  Some people “doth protest too much.” Women will keep moving forward and move from “glory to glory”.




9 responses to “Preparation for Power–Women begin to replace the old structure”

  1. Kris Saba says:

    Women should be placed on boards based on merit not on their sex.
    Women are often punishing and petty. I don’t understand women and most of my problems involved women.

    My female friends are mostly masculine.
    I wonder why I have so much trouble with women although I am one.

  2. Coleen says:

    Thank you for this hopeful and inspiring message Gail! AND thanks for including the quote from Dusty’s book. It is important to spread this information about the Soul’s embodiment timeline. I sent Pope Francis a letter a few months before the 2016 election begging him to reveal this information immediately, as I feared many women were voting for Trump solely because of the abortion issue. Bless you!

  3. Gail Minogue says:

    Thank you Dick. Well said and well received. Women do need to learn leadership skills and develop their confidence level. When I do a workshop on the Rise of Women’s Power, I provide suggestions for women to improve their chances for leadership. Some of it starts very early including: as children participating in more competitive team sports rather than just solitary activities such as gymnastics, ballet, singing, dancing etc. Women also need to network more effectively and with men. This is a key secret to men’s success–their strong ability to network.

  4. Dick Tippett says:

    I’ve been in upper management most of my life. I have worked with some excellent women managers.
    I have also worked with women who, elevated by quotas to upper management, were completely unprepared. Some I was able to mentor. Some refused guidance because I was a man. if we are to be sexually blind and reward only ability, the training of women to manage must include removing the male/female component, just as it is trained out of male managers.
    Yes, I know that some men are guilty of the same thing. That is being addressed through lawsuits, trials, shaming in the press and, on a day-today level, by lack of promotion. Women must address this issue among themselves, not reward it by creating ‘women-only’ management teams. Women-only teams may make the team members feel more secure against male intrusion or criticism; it alienates and frustrates the men who are thereby excluded from opportunity to participate, to advance or even to train the newcomers, and, in the longer term, is ultimately self-defeating.
    The truth is that management on all levels is a team event, and depends heavily on interpersonal relationships. Women can contribute greatly to this–they tend to collaborate more than compete–yet i would suggest to you that there are not yet enough women skilled in management to ‘take over’. Women also need to mentor other women and I do not yet see a lot of that in private industry.
    I am not in government and so cannot speak for the experience level of women there. i suspect that there is the same limited pool of experience there as exists in the private sector.
    Women, don’t throw rocks at me for what I’ve said here. i welcome you to the pool. There is plenty of room and a need. Get yourself trained-as-you-go, just as men do. Invest in your self, and invest yourself in your work. That is what leaders do.


  5. Deborah says:

    I believe suffragettes were on the march for about 40 years before we got the vote. This will be ongoing. Lift up and rejoice with every sign of progress.
    Thank you for your message and sharing your wisdom.

  6. P says:

    Yes, Gail – one can feel it – not in your face kind of energy, but the slow determination of millions.

  7. Karen says:

    Amen! Counting the minutes and rejoicing in each forward step. Thank you.

  8. My comment….. great insights as usual. Thank you

  9. Pam Hale says:

    This is such wonderful news, Gail, and we know instinctively that it’s true! About time, we could say. And as you say, all in good time.

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