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Jeff Sessions and Robert Mueller Blueprints - Jun 28, 2017

I have received more mail on Jeff Sessions and now Robert Mueller so I thought you might like to know more about these two men. When I did their blueprints, my thinking was confirmed by the display of behavior by each of them.

Let’s start with Jeff Sessions, born as Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III. He has an 11/2 Life Path, a number 5 personality, a number 6 soul number and another number 11 destiny. Remember, when figuring a name, we do not use earth placements such as the III or the IV etc. The only placement used is Junior or Jr. The interesting note on both men is that they are both the III. Jeff’s birthday is

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Evaluating Candidates by Their Numbers - Jun 23, 2017

From time to time I am asked by my readers to please do the Numerology profile on this person or that person. When Comey was testifying, several wanted to know his birth chart. Now they want to know Mueller’s. Some ask for Steven Bannon. Washington has no shortage of interesting characters who keep us amused and terrified.

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Hard to Find Greatness Today - Jun 14, 2017

I keep looking at today’s leaders. There are many who call themselves leaders. They run the companies, the government, the religious houses, the sports teams, the financial world and other segments of our society. Some are good, some are decent and some are downright awful in leading. Based on the image they present, one might call them successful. They control, they are financially successful and they appear to be smart. Some even outsmart themselves. Herein lies the question. Are any of them great? What is involved in greatness? How do we separate greatness from successful. Certainly we have many successful people in our midst. Here in the United States we generally judge

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Oceans ALWAYS Win and BTW Patience on World Peace - Jun 5, 2017

Did we really think we could fool Mother Nature? Do you really think tweets and rants will stop her from flooding Miami or Bangladesh? How about the ancient cities that went under many thousands of years ago? Was Plato just making it up? Was there really an Atlantis that sunk? We basically are pretty ignorant of the real ancient history of this planet and civilizations that existed 50,000 or more years ago. Without evidence, did it ever happen?

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