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Oceans ALWAYS Win and BTW Patience on World Peace

“Difficulty is the excuse history never accepts.” Edward R. Murrow American Newsman

Did we really think we could fool Mother Nature?  Do you really think tweets and rants will stop her fromMass Confusion Ahead Sign flooding Miami or Bangladesh?  How about the ancient cities that went under many thousands of years ago?  Was Plato just making it up?  Was there really an Atlantis that sunk?  We basically are pretty ignorant of the real ancient history of this planet and civilizations that existed 50,000 or more years ago.  Without evidence, did it ever happen?

To grasp today’s situation, we have to learn to think in bigger terms.  We have to alter our perception from notions that we cling to.  Anything that you have gotten accustomed to or thought as real is going through this transformative period.  The world is in total uproar and it will help you to think in terms outside of yourself.

I have said so many times that we are tied to the heavens.  This means what is going on in the bigger scheme, the universal planetary system, will directly affect you and me.  We cannot escape it.  This harsh Pluto in Capricorn transit is right on time and right on character.  We have seen the enormous power of the corporation and the status as having rights similar to the human.  Corporations gained “person-hood” during this tough period from November 2008 to the summer of 2023 and fringes until 2024.  Corporations exist for the shareholders  and higher management.  They do not exist for the masses.  The average citizen and the poor have very little power during this transit.  It is almost as if they have to ride it out until it passes.  Government supports the corporations.  When workers  become too expensive or cease to work as slaves and serfs, they will be replaced by robots during this period.

During this Pluto in Capricorn 16 year period government consolidates power in the name of security.  The fuel that gives government the power is anxiety and terror.  You are seeing this play out with Trump seeking a travel ban and an increase in world security.  Security industries are cropping up everywhere.  We have more security corporate, industrial prisons, cameras, gates, guards and hacking.  Military and government leaders headed by an old and decrepit patriarchy are trying to find 11th hour solutions.  Sooner or later they will realize it won’t work.  They can’t solve the human crisis taking place around the world.

How did this come about?  We have been so creative with smart phones, driverless cars and 2-hour package delivery.  How about all our technological achievements or our scientific success?  What’s missing here?  Why does it look like the rapids ahead?  What did we leave out?  Remember, everything we have done up to now has brought us to this point.  That includes slavery, atomic bombs, drones, inventions, wars, bigotry, depressions, bankruptcy, droughts, poisoning rivers, lakes, streams, oceans, human food supply, corruption, greed, incompetent political leaders, autocratic presidency with family members in court, collapsing religious myths, moral devaluation and of course, social media and racial and gender discrimination.  Last but not least at all, coarse discourse and the dumbing down of the citizens or the lack of interest from the citizens has resulted in a reduction in critical thinking.  We have sacrificed our humanity for the righteousness of religions, power and the need to be right.  We find it a miracle and a reminder of our humanity when two strangers give up their lives to defend humanity on a train in Portland, OR.

All of these world events will impact us at an individual level and a personal level.  The bottom line is that we must evolve.  There is no other way out of it.  We can march and tweet but we must evolve.  We must know that we brought this upon ourselves.  What we are experiencing is the fallout effect of a nation that has gone off the tracks and a world gone mad.  We have allowed this all to continue to go on during our individual lifetimes.  We either didn’t care, didn’t think it mattered or we just were too indifferent until the water reached our living rooms in Staten Island.

Here’s the good news.  Big business elites will not survive this Pluto transit.  They too will be transformed.  The invasive hand of government will not be allowed to stifle individuals.  By the time Pluto transits into Aquarius in the summer of 2023, humanitarian concerns will sweep away autocracy that we now experience.  The price of extreme ambition will have been too high.  Survival of the fittest or the best qualified will begin to have a leveling process.  It could become violent but it will come.   The entire world is affected but here in the United States it is accentuated in the extreme.  The dictatorship of the corporation will give way to the needs of the people.  It seems so long but it is coming.

Whereas women are being held in place or fighting for every inch, the energy will shift from male domination to the female model beginning in 2024.  Ladies prepare now.

World peace is nice but it isn’t now.  We must find peace in ourselves and in our own country.  That is a tall order as America was born divided (her astrological birth chart).  In the meantime going forward do some strict restructuring of your life.  Invest in the essentials.  I’ll report in on some of the coming changes that we can expect going forward.  Until then, enjoy the government secrets and scandals that will continue to surface.  When it is over in 2024, we won’t be number one any more and some of the lunatic fringes will be seen for what they are.  Maybe America will be more responsive to all the citizens, not just the rich ones.  We will look at the last 240 years and wonder how we could have wasted so much time.





14 responses to “Oceans ALWAYS Win and BTW Patience on World Peace”

  1. Gail Minogue says:

    They are intertwined now not sometimes. It will be up to the citizens to change the structure. Question is the accountability of the citizens.

  2. Kris Saba says:

    Just wonder what do you think has generally been the bigger evil government or corporations? I realize that sometimes they are intertwined.
    Which one has more accountability?


  3. Gail Minogue says:

    Hi Jan,
    Thanks for writing again. Of course, collaboration is not limited to the female. There are many females who are not very collaborative just as there are many men who are. The number 2, the feminine energy, will become more prevalent as we move forward into the years 2000 to 2999. She is rising and becoming much more visible. Some men may feel threatened as structures gradually change. She has not had this type of potential leadership since about 4,000 BC so it is a big time for her. Society will adjust but it will take much time. Some men feel they are under attack. Women have not been in this together. It has not been a level playing field for her. It is starting to be and will become more so. Much will be changing and more men, particularly older men, will feel threatened.

  4. Jan says:

    Gail – thanks for clarifying the “female model.” I, too, value collaboration and cooperation. However, given that there are collaborative males and also non-collaborative females, I’m not sure the “female model” label is helpful. Why not call it a “collaborative model, ” modeling and encouraging everyone to favor that approach whenever possible. No sense setting up an us vs. them scenario between the sexes. I hear from the collaborative men that I know that they feel they are under attack. We are all in this together and need everyone to consider a better way.

  5. Gail Minogue says:

    Hi Cheryl,
    Thanks for writing. Slow going ahead with the GDP for several years. Economy more conflicted beginning later in December by the transit of Saturn moving into Capricorn along with Pluto already there. We may be planting potatoes in our front lawns. You can tell I am Irish.

  6. Gail Minogue says:

    The female model or the feminine model is a more collaborative and cooperative model. The female/feminine is considered the conscience of a society. Where she is marginalized or hidden, the society of that nation cannot flourish. We entered into the year 2000 and it will last a thousand years (the feminine number 2). The female will rise in power and is rising in power. From the years 2024 through 2044 in the IChing Jupiter period, she is represented by the middle daughter or the middle-aged woman. She is in the 20 year prep cycle now.

  7. Gail Minogue says:

    Good to hear from you Rico. We definitely live in exciting times.

  8. Gail Minogue says:

    Thanks for writing Debbie. There will be many more changes to the structure over the next 10 years as the old structure crumbles and a new one begins to rise. The set of circumstances we are working with today will not be the same when this new period begins. There are big changes in the 2020’s. Women have already begun to rise and will become more visible as we progress into the years 2,000 to 2,999. This is the stronger feminine period (working with the number 2) we sit on the brink of beginning. It won’t replace all male power but will become more powerful over time. It is a cooperative atmosphere with more collaboration.

  9. Debbie says:

    How will we pay for all of this taking care of humanity ??? Hopefully NOT the middle class, that has become the slaves of this country & almost are in the same boat as the poor, thanks, to Corporations not paying their share & off shore accounts of the Uber Rich.
    And….who will be number one ? Just curious. And yes, I do think women will do a better job. However, having only women in power will be just as out of balance in the big picture as having all men in power was/is…almost. Wouldn’t a balance like ying/yang be better ?

  10. Dianne says:

    Hi Gail,
    A timely reminder of our personal evolutions and our need to begin there with peace and intention in our inner workings first. Fascinating stuff.
    Off point a bit, have you done FBI James Comey’s numbers ? Or FBI investigator Mueller ?
    Thanks for your thoughtful offerings

  11. Rico Baker says:

    Hi Gail, I really appreciate your view in this article. I have been studying astrology for many years and agree about what you write about Pluto in Capricorn.
    I also note that there will be a major alignment in Capricorn in 2020 including Jupiter and Saturn the two giant planets that have dramatic physical effects when aligned. Saturn and Pluto conjunctions are usually intense also. The “perfect storm” that appears to be on the horizon could very well break on our shores during this time period and perhaps Pluto’s transit into Aquarius may give some relief. However, Aquarius also has its shadow side with all the emphasis on technology and scientism, so . . .
    At any rate, I am enjoying how you integrate astrology and numerology and plan to attend one of your workshops some day soon. I came to one evening event in Santa Cruz several years ago, and have been receiving your email for some time. Thanks for your your emphasis on evolution.
    Namaste, Rico

  12. Another outstanding article. And a sweeping perspective, to boot–one to read and remember.

    Many of my astrologer friends are saying a major economic upheaval like the one we had in 2008 is headed our way in 2018. It may havevto do with Uranus changing signs and entering Taurus. $20 trillion in debt and we just keep printing more money with nothing to back it up with. The roosters are coming home. Any insights?

  13. Jan says:

    Please elaborate on what you mean by the “female model.” Sounds like a stereotype. I hope we find a path that includes both males and females working together to improve our country. We need to fix our own house first. Having worked for one, I definitely agree that the multi-national corporations are a big problem for many reasons, including their huge influence on our legislators. In my opinion, the Citizens United decision was ill-advised and exacerbates the problem of money driving decisions made in our political process.

  14. Pam Hale says:

    Wow, Gail. Deep breath. You are so right on with these comments. I am working with a group locally to keep our vibrations high, because there is a lot of grief among conscious people about what we have created. And yet, you’re right. What is the choice? We move on, and we move up. Thank you for your insightful commentary.

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