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President Mike Pence–Could it be possible? - Nov 30, 2016

As we continue on down the post election road, the new cabinet candidates are waiting in the wings. We’ve seen a few of the waiting workers and those who will surround President Elect Trump as he puts together his team. From what we have seen so far, rather than drain the swamp, he is adding to it. Nearly all of his choices are Wall Street connected, existing members of Congress or large donors to his campaign. Nothing new here, just a different party. Many of those submitted are Tea Party members. Regarding getting rid of lobbyists, those who are existing lobbyists can just de-register as lobbyists, cross over the street and become a consultant.

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The Vote Heard Around the World–America’s Brexit - Nov 9, 2016

I think it is time for the serenity prayer. God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference. Amen to last night and the major electoral victory for Donald Trump our new president.

I have learned that when we are given some abrupt and drastic change in our lives, change that we cannot do anything about except accept, we would be wise to adjust as quickly as possible to the change. Having said that, many of us are reeling from an upset election. Yes, Hillary won the popular vote, as expected, but it wasn’t enough to get the electoral vote to put her in office. How did this happen and why were the polls so wrong? What did the democrats miss? They missed the largest and

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The True 1% - Nov 3, 2016

I know it’s crazy season right now but it might be wise to vote early and get it over with. The Wall St. Journal is stating that this election has taken a big emotional toll on Americans. People are exhausted from the stress of it all. It’s a lather to be sure. At least the Cubs won the World Series after waiting 108 years. They did it a number 9 year of endings. They ended their losing streak. Great and fun news to break the tension.

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