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President Mike Pence–Could it be possible?

As we continue on down the post election road, the new cabinet candidates are waiting in the wings.  We’ve seen a few of the waiting workers and those who will surround President Elect Trump as he puts together his team.  From what we have seen so far, rather than drain the swamp, he is adding to it.  Nearly all of his choices are Wall Street connected, existing members of Congress or large donors to his campaign.  Nothing new here, just a different party.  Many of those submitted are Tea Party members.  Regarding getting rid of lobbyists, those who are existing lobbyists can just de-register as lobbyists, cross over the street and become a consultant.

We will wait and see who gets through the Senate approval ratings but it looks like good old Goldman Sachs and hedge fund

Mike Pence

Mike Pence

managers will direct America’s financial rules and regulations.  The candidate nominated for the Health Care cabinet position, Tom Price, wants to dismantle Medicare and Medicaid as well as Obama Care.  Trump is considering Ben Carson, the physician presidential candidate, as the head of Housing and Urban Development.  Is this a joke?

Enter Mike Pence.  I think we need to take a look at his birth chart and learn more about this Patrician looking gentleman.  Could he be the Presidential candidate waiting in the wings.  Who is he?  Why does he look so presidential?  He certainly makes Trump look good and provides a calm, dignified, presidential appearance.  He presents well and where Trump loves to motivate and excite with little interest in providing a practical blueprint for solving problems, people deem what Mike says as wise.  Trump’s astrological chart with his Uranus and Sun both in Gemini presents a man who is a perpetual motion machine and can appear mentally unhinged and unbalanced.  Pence is persistent, knowledgeable and has years in grade in the political world where he could observe and manage political situations.

Mike Pence is a number 1 life path.  The innovator and the leader.  He really wants to be number one.  Incidentally, this is the same life path as Dick Cheney who acted throughout George Bush’s presidency as the step-president.  (Bush, however, was much younger than Trump.)  Pence also has a number 8 Soul number.  No doubt, this man wants to lead and is capable of doing so.  He wants to be the boss.  He has had many past lives where he was called upon to lead.  He has an 11/2 destiny which can make him inspirational with abilities to charm people.  Not in the way of Trump but in a more deliberate, measured manner.  The number 11 is the peace keeper so he will do his best to keep the peace.  Did you notice how he handled himself at the Broadway show Hamilton when he was boo’d?  Have you notice how he handled himself during the campaign?

Like Trump, he is a Gemini.  They are kindred souls in that respect but where they differ is huge.  Trump has the moon in Sagittarius which opposes his sun.  In many respects, Trump is at war with himself.  To top it off, the unexpected Uranus in Gemini sitting on his sun and opposing his moon makes him appear all over the place with ideas and tweets.  I honestly think he was somewhat shocked at his winning the election.  Due to his Cancer planets in his birth chart, family is extremely important to him.  If anything puts them at physical risk–which is real–he could feel down the road it is not all worth it.  It all depends how it begins to shape up once he actually begins leading the nation.

Do you notice that Pence sits in on almost all of Trump’s political meetings?  He is guiding Trump and suggesting candidates

for him to place in positions of influence.  Pence knows Washington well.  He was a Congressman before he was a governor of Indiana.  Pence, however, is missing the number 6 and he has had to learn to give and take and be patient.  It was not easy for him but certainly he has it.  He also has a very stubborn, persistent and ruthless side.  He is determined to get through changes he favors.  No doubt he is the engine behind Trump’s recommendations.

Could he possibly become our president?  Yes, it is possible.  I can’t say it is probable but this presidential candidate and the conditions are very unstable.  There are many unintended consequences that will arise out of decisions that are being made now.  Only time will show us and we need to let the situation unfold.  There are Congressional elections in two years and another Presidential election in 4 years.  These are very short windows of time.  If it looks as if Trump is not doing well, he could step down and allow Mike Pence to run in four years.  Anything can happen and we shouldn’t be surprised.  These are tumultuous times for the United States.  Pluto in Capricorn continues to destroy old models in almost all areas.  We have disruption across society and the general population is making less money and has more stress.  The more we try to work with old paradigms including trickle down tax breaks, the bigger price to be paid down the road.  Remember, Pluto is grinding through America’s chart for 8 more years.  We’ll get the “great” leader in 2024.  Greatness in our leadership choices has been put to sleep.  We have fake news from our leaders and followers of Atlas Shrugged and Ayn Rand trying to lead the nation.

Mike Pence could look really good in a few years.  He is extremely right wing, an Evangelical Christian who voted against abortion and in favor of the Religious Freedom Information Act.  He signed the law in Indiana but was forced to rescind it due to the Supreme Court decision.  (The Religious Freedom of Information Act designated that one didn’t have to serve married gays if their religion didn’t believe in it).

America has enough checks and balances going for it so I am not too concerned about moving forward.  We will have to give Trump a chance but remember Mike Pence is always a heart beat away.

14 responses to “President Mike Pence–Could it be possible?”

  1. Andries H. Cats says:

    Mike Pence.

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    6-Jan-2021 015°,51’12 Maagd Maan 0 OND Ven
    13-Jan-2021 013°,58’47 Leeuw Zon 30 C-12
    13-Jan-2021 016°,06’56 Maagd Maan 90 Zon
    15-Jan-2021 005°,05’29 Maagd C-12 120 Sat


    2-Jan-2021 001°,49’13 Waterman Sat 120 C–3
    2-Jan-2021 001°,49’20 Waterman Sat 150 Plu
    5-Jan-2021 003°,54’11 Waterman Jup 180 Mars
    6-Jan-2021 004°,07’16 Waterman Jup 90 MC
    8-Jan-2021 002°,26’33 Waterman Sat 45 AR03
    8-Jan-2021 004°,25’03 Waterman Jup 60 AR10
    8-Jan-2021 004°,34’08 Waterman Jup 90 Nep
    9-Jan-2021 +12°,50’33 Mars // Pars
    9-Jan-2021 +12°,53’45 Mars // MC
    10-Jan-2021 005°,05’29 Waterman Jup 30 Sat
    11-Jan-2021 -22°,24’05 Plu // Sat
    11-Jan-2021 005°,18’57 Waterman Jup 150 C–2
    15-Jan-2021 004°,07’16 Stier Mars 0 MC
    16-Jan-2021 024°,42’34 Steenbok Plu 60 Jup
    17-Jan-2021 006°,35’28 Waterman Jup 135 Merc
    17-Jan-2021 006°,39’41 Waterman Jup 180 AR06
    19-Jan-2021 018°,54’11 Vissen Nep 135 Mars
    20-Jan-2021 003°,54’11 Waterman Sat 180 Mars
    22-Jan-2021 004°,07’16 Waterman Sat 90 MC
    22-Jan-2021 024°,54’37 Steenbok Plu 135 C-11
    24-Jan-2021 004°,25’03 Waterman Sat 60 AR10

  2. lila says:

    thank goodness the corruption and greed of the obama, who is really a muslim and is against the American way will be out of office, unless, of course they, the globelist, do something to prevent the transfer of power. It is truly unfortunate that we are left with over twice the national debt, that over 70,000 manufacturing jobs have left the U.S. since Obama took over, that obama spent 365 days just playing golf, spending already 85 million just on his vacations,people wake up.
    People are unbelievably not wanting America to succeed?

  3. Hello Kris,

    Atlas Shrugged was a very famous book written by Ayn Rand. She has a devoted followers who believe in her theory of governing. Among her fans is Speaker of the House Ryan, Rand Paul (named named after Rand herself) and several others who follow her truths. They are mainly about extremely small government control, support or influence. Her policies have been followed in financial circles such as Rand Financials out of Chicago. Ryan’s budget ideas and getting rid of entitlements are right down Rand’s alley.

  4. Kris Saba says:

    “We have fake news from our leaders and followers of Atlas Shrugged and Ayn Rand trying to lead the nation.”
    Gail could you explain this about Ayn Rand’s ideas leading the nation.


  5. Hi Gaye,

    Thanks for your comments. Donald will be in deeper stuff in just a few weeks and it continues through inauguration day. I think it will be a very rough time for him. It will be interesting to see how he manages it.

  6. gaye mack says:

    Gail hi…I did not read all of the replies BUT…I’m sure you’ve seen that transiting Saturn will be hitting that Sagittarius moon of his in the 4th , conj his SN, opposing that Uranus/Sun conjunction…end of December although it’s within orb tolerance right now…when that SN gets hit by something significant like Saturn, Karmic chickens come home to roost…We’ll just have to see….your notes re: family are not amiss…and with Uranus involved, well….

  7. Carol says:

    Hi Gail, this is a great post, as your posts always are. I so appreciate you. … I wish I could find the articles from this past August when Trump chose Pence as his running mate. In usual Trump fashion, he literally blurted out that Pence would be in charge of governing ‘foreign and domestic matters’ – in other words Everything ! He made several other comments which were related to this, and all along it seemed like Trump really didn’t (doesn’t) even *want* the boring job of President! As we can see from his unhinged tweet-storms, it’s pretty clear that he is just not suited in temperament for the heavy job of President.

    So I agree with many who commented here – Pence is the one who is actually holding the reins. And his policies concerning women and reproductive rights truly are straight out of the ‘Handmaid’s Tale’. It is truly scary to think about what he would implement if he were President in fact.

    But I agree that Trump may not last and that anything is possible. As you said, things are still very unstable and chaotic – partly I think because the president-elect is unstable and chaotic – as goes the head, so goes the body.

    Thanks again!

  8. Debbie says:

    I have listened to Spiritman Joseph Tittle for at least 10 years. He just came out w/ an update of an early prediction…he normally does about 4 hrs of new year predictions on New Years Day…he said he was planning on this being one of his predictions on that day, however, he felt that this one was going to happen BEFORE then, ? Of in December, possibly between Christmas & New Years Eve.
    Something BIG & totally unexpected & never before in the USA that would shock & make people have fear, here & around the world….but in the long run, it would be for the better for everyone.
    SO, after reading your post…who knows. I certainly hope nothing will happen to Mr. Trump or his family & yes, I could see that scenario, Also, w/ regards to his feelings w/ his family. He has a great life….NOTHING, is worth endangering his family members.
    Lets not forget, that Mike Pence, is a Life Path One & 2017, is a ONE YEAR.
    We’ll See…….

  9. Karen says:

    There’s evidence that Republican Kris Kobach and his Crosscheck system stole this election by purging millions of valid minority votes and claimed that people voted twice. There is a prison term for fraudulent voting and there aren’t millions of people in jail for this. When the Republicans gutted the Voting Rights Act they made it more difficult for minorities to vote, including less polling places and ID restrictions they didn’t place on white voters. Kris Kobach is tied to the Koch Brothers and other big money that Trump is putting in to office. Unless our election process becomes tamper proof we will be lucky if we even still have elections in 2 years.

  10. This Number 5 change agent is LOVING the Trump Number 5 change agent taking place: the ugliness and social divisions have boiled to the surface for all of us to see, acknowledge, cleanse and heal. Pluto is doing its job and tearing down the structures and paradigms that no longer serve us in the 21st Century. And this Aquarius Rising Capricorn couldnt be happier with the BIGGER picture! And I agree that Pence may become President in 2020. I do not “see” Trump running for a 2nd term. Once he accomplishes 3-5 of his major objectives, he will turn the reigns over to Pence. Peace, everyone. Remember who is really in control 🙂

  11. Laurie Pollack Donohoo says:

    The first time I saw Pence , I had a huge spiritual experience. If he was running for president he may have won by 70 %. I believe Pence could accomplish much. President in four years? Excellent chance. Great article. Continue to pray and be at peace.

  12. Carrie says:

    Pence thinks he control women. especially young women. He wants to control them through their womb. This is a monstrously scary man. Please do not normalize such an extremist! Most Americans don’t agree with him! And women will get in his face if he gets in our way.

  13. Jeannene Lohr says:


  14. Gaye Rehder says:

    I am terrified of Mike Pence. I have said from the beginning that he will have the role of Dick Cheney.

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