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Growing Trend–Death Cafes in Your Neighborhood - Jul 19, 2016

It has been brought to my attention that as we become more enlightened, more aware, more experienced, we are seeking answers to some of the most important questions of life. One of these topics is the dying process. I received many replies both via emails and on the post itself when I wrote recently about “Death Rides On Your Shoulder) (July 6th). Thanks to you, my dear readers, I received information about a group called “Death Cafe”. At first I thought it was a coffee shop in LA. Perhaps connected to the Mexican tradition celebrated on the Day of the Dead. But it wasn’t. It is actually an

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Death Rides On Your Shoulder - Jul 6, 2016

I receive many emails and comments about my blog. With the political conditions and the polarization going on in America, actually the world, we seem to forget our humanity and our own fragility. The anger and nastiness gets the headlines as does the negative news. “Dirty laundry” sells. People read hidden messages in neutral messages. People need to be right. There is a righteous indignation movement. Those who feel powerless exercise bizarre psuedo forms of power. It’s all enough to send you to the couch with smelling salts. The old days are never coming back nor is my smooth skin of my youth. Time has moved on, people have moved on and time waits for nobody. We either change or be changed. Right now many people

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