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Did You Stop to Smell the Roses? Do they still have fragrance? - May 31, 2016

Years ago, I mean years ago, when I was just 19, a friend said to me “don’t forget to stop and smell the roses”. I never forgot that. It seemed so odd to say to me. At 19, I was a busy girl and moving forward. Of course, I smell the roses. At that time, they actually had fragrance. Now they are sold for appearance, size and hybrid colors. I sent my sister three dozen for her birthday. I am sure they had no fragrance. I received a beautiful bouquet from my son on Mother’s Day and the roses had no fragrance. I still enjoyed them and kept them alive into their second week. It seems we have bred the roses for the practical over the sentimental. It’s definitely a symptom of larger trends in America. I wonder if the breeders knew that we were forgetting to stop and smell the roses so they didn’t have to be fragrant any more.

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America’s 5 Life Path Is Showing - May 24, 2016

The date of the founding of a country, a company or a person gives us clues as to how that person will live life and exhibit certain character traits. When we look at the United States, especially in light of current dramatic upheavals, we can easily see the same thing. She is showing us her life path and the dark and light sides of her nature.

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Americans Are Getting Angry - May 17, 2016

It has taken years for the citizens to rise up and begin the protests to the way things are being run in America. We see it, of course, in the Donald Trump phenomena but it’s also true of the millennials. They are rising up against the inept authority where the average student debt upon graduation is $35,000 and the job market luke warm and not really interested in hiring them. For the middle-aged white male who was let go in the contraction that began in in 2007 and in earnest in 2008 and finds little hope in well-paid positions ever again surfacing. For the rise in drug overdose fed by fraudulent prescriptions from

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Letting Go in a Number 9 Year - May 11, 2016

Woody Allen has been quoted as saying “I don’t might dying, I just don’t want to be there when it happens.” When we all set out in the number 9 universal year back in January (2016– 2+0+1+6= 9), we just thought it would be business as usual and we would ignore what a number 9 year means. To cut to the chase, it means endings, completion, finish, capute. It should not come as any surprise that we are watching the death spiral of many structures that we have either depended on or leaned on. It won’t happen over night, but it’s on its way to the side of the road.

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