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America’s 5 Life Path Is Showing

The date of the founding of a country, a company or a person gives us clues as to how that person will live life and

America's Number 5

America’s Number 5

exhibit certain character traits.  When we look at the United States, especially in light of current dramatic upheavals, we can easily see the same thing.  She is showing us her life path and the dark and light sides of her nature.

America was born on July 4, 1776, the date of her Declaration of Independence from the British.  Once this date was chosen, it sealed her fate as to her purpose and personality.  She has been true to her nature ever since.  One thing to remember, is that a person, country, company will always revert to its true nature.  If you don’t believe that, watch yourself or another individual in a crisis situation or under intense stress.  America’s nature is one of freedom, hard work, change, movement, indulgence and progressive.  She has a 5 life path (the total of her entire birthday reduced to a single digit) and will be constantly reinventing herself.  She can’t stand the chains that bind and will rebel after prolonged bondage.  She will keep making the same mistakes until she decides that it is enough of the same lesson.  She is the catalyst for other people’s changes and will disrupt where there is stagnation.  Her job is to assist in the worldwide lesson of assimilation.  She will continue to assimilate herself and teach others the same lesson.  Her success in doing this is one of the secrets to being such a great power.

Assimilation in America with all walks of life will continue to keep this country prosperous, replenished and vital.  When we look at the aging situation of Europe and the looming crisis in China of a severly aging population and a shrinking birth rate, we can be glad we were born with the life path we have.  The more we assimilate, the more we will be able to maintain a high standard of living and quality of life.

Because the No. 5 life path rules the 5 senses, Americans are apt to indulge in things of the 5 senses: food, drugs, sex and other addictions.  We currently have an opioid challenge in America, eating disorders and other addictions including gambling, work and addiction to quick trends, brands, speed, quick fixes, quick cures, quick goals.  We now wear FitBits on ourselves to see how much energy we have used to keep up the pace.  We believe what politicians tell us (a big mistake) because we want to fix things quickly.  We don’t have time to understand history or current events so we make mistakes in judgment. We are fascinating to watch and we are always ready to reinvent ourselves.  We definitely scare others because they don’t know what to expect from the Americans.  We appear and sometimes are downright foolhardy but we continously move forward.  We really just want our freedom and we will do what it takes to maintain it.

Being born on a No. 4 day, July 4, we have a very strong work ethic.  No. 4’s are workers.  They like work and a feeling of productivity and results.  We seem to do well on the two-week-vacation-a-year routine.  Other nations, particuarly the Europeans think we are nuts as they enjoy a minimum of 4 weeks a year, usually more.  Being born under the sign of Cancer (the 7th month July), American is strongly concerned with the house, home and tradition.  The No. 4’s like tradition too.  We even re-enact our battles, have parades and still maintain an allure of home and apple pie.  With our rush ahead, we long for homemade items that remind of us an earlier time when we didn’t rush ahead to the future and baked our own pies and lived with less chemicals.

Alas, America is now faced with a revolution of sorts.  She is trying to shake off an atmosphere of heavy and encroaching regulations, fines, fees, corruption and control by both corporations and the government.  She is revisiting a time of her birth and will find methods to free herself from entanglements of her own creation.  If we had another Paul Revere moment, it would be the Americans are coming, the Americans are coming.  8 more years ahead to straighten it out.  From the year before the Declaration of Independence to the ending of the American Revolution, it took 8 years, 1783 to complete the task.  We are in another revolution.  It is different but nevertheless, critical and gamechanging.  Stock up the larder!  The Revolution ends in 2024.


12 responses to “America’s 5 Life Path Is Showing”

  1. Gail Minogue says:

    Thank you Shakur. I appreciate hearing from you.

  2. Shakur Ra Ali says:

    1237 281 Amerikkka will be restored to her Proper name and be Unified aka The “United” states! Like someone said… focus on the positives they manifeat greatness!

  3. gail says:

    Hello Claude,

    It is in the Declaration of Independence. We use so many iterations of the USA. We say the US, America, USA, United States of America but it is very clear in the declaration that it is ” the United States of America”.

  4. Claude says:

    Hi Gail,

    Thank you for your explanation. You’re right, I incorrectly used only the name “America” instead of the country’s full name to get its destiny number. However, are you sure the full name is “the United States of America” and not “United States of America”?

  5. gail says:

    Hello Claude,
    Thank you for commenting but the United States doesn’t have a 5 destiny. It does have a 5 life path from its date of birth, July 4, 1776. I am not sure what name for the destiny you are using. USA itself is a 5 but the correct wording for USA is “the United States of America”. This is its true name. With this name, the United States is a 9 destiny (from the total of it’s full name) –also known as its expression number. It’s soul is a 5 (the vowels). It’s motivated from a soul level to be free. When these two are in alignment, it emphasizes the lesson freedom. It also shows an old program that is being replayed or repeated. Literally, it is doubling down to get it right.

    America’s personality is the number 4 (from its consonants). This gives it a personality of very hard working, very organized etc. It’s destiny towards serving humanity using freedom as its tool will always be the combination of the number 5 and 9 working together.

  6. Claude says:

    I don’t believe the nature of a person, a company or a country is found in its life path. I think it’s found in its expression and heart’s desire numbers. The life path gives the destiny, the ‘path’, not the nature. In the case of America though, its nature is truly found in the number 5, as 5 is actually its expression number, as well as its life path.

  7. Marion says:

    I love what you write. I feel you do not take sides, you share what the numbers present to you. I understand many people may have fear as to what will happen as a result of the coming election, however, our country will survive. We must always focus on the good and not the fear. What we focus on we can make manifest, so lets all focus on the good of our country and know that the right and perfect president will be elected. And God only knows who that will be. God Bless America!

  8. Charlie says:

    Try looking in the mirror.
    You rail against what you are.
    Besides, it is inappropriate to turn this blog into a political rant, and a mud-flinging campaign to criticize those you don’t agree with. Insulting them makes it even more unappealing.
    A little self-control may be in order.
    BTW, Trump’s i.q. is 160. Many of his supporters also have high intelligence, so your argument is less than compelling.

  9. Chris says:

    I hate to nitpick….but from your blog…”America’s nature is one of freedom, hard work, change, movement, indulgence and progressive. ”
    So, did you mean “progressiveness”….or “progressive ways”?
    All nouns and then an adjective..

    …if we are moving towards a more progressive assimilation… is there room for Trump and his (non-listening, fighting-against-tolerance and generally ignorant) supporters? They may be provoking the rest of us to revolt against their arrogant ignorance…but how long will they take to acknowledge their errors and assimilate for the good of the future and our country?

  10. Gail, you rock. This is so well written and right on point. Yes, we in America (and the world) are ripe for change. All we have to do is keep our heads about us and strive for a civil discourse as we endure the next 8 years. Yes I know it might be almost impossible, but there is always hope for a better way. Blessings to you on all of your insightful work.

  11. Cathrine Glashan says:

    Thanks for the heart felt reminder of how Great our nation is and why. Excellent job!

  12. Gabrielle says:

    When you say “stock up the larder,” what are you suggesting? What practical steps can we do during such times?

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