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The Challenge of Living in Two Worlds - Aug 18, 2014

We march forward on our individual paths with our individual plans and focus mainly on the material world.  It seems so overwhelmingly important.  If you don’t pay your bills or create income, your struggle here will be even more pronounced.  We plan and plan and try to control our earthly existence.  Brides choose wedding dates

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Middle Age Women Focus of Future Power - Aug 6, 2014

The Ken period is always looking towards the future and it will bring stagnation, obstruction and endings to superficial behavior, structure and programs. As you can see during this period we have had much stagnation and obstruction because much of what is being presented is superficial and not long lasting. It is not genuine, authentic or sincere. Situations that are harsh and punishing can get worse before they finally come to a halt. Nothing gets accomplished unless it has this quality of authenticity. No superficial behavior. This is one reason why the political and corporate combination is stuck. We have almost another 10 years to get real and create long-lasting systems.

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