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The Challenge of Living in Two Worlds

We march forward on our individual paths with our individual plans and focus mainly on the material world.  It seems so

Numbers and the Universe--the natural flow

Numbers and the Universe–the natural flow

overwhelmingly important.  If you don’t pay your bills or create income, your struggle here will be even more pronounced.  We plan and plan and try to control our earthly existence.  Brides choose wedding dates a year or more in advance.  Businesses project earnings, people open escrow on home purchases and students expect to graduate at a certain time.  We richly develop our material lives.  We are barely aware of an invisible world that is more powerful than our man-made existence.  We don’t understand that we live in these two worlds simultaneously.

It is not a religious dogma world.  In fact, religion is a man-made phenomena and an attempt to understand the invisible world.  We have wrapped the invisible world in changing religious practices, superstition and dogma.  In many ways, the ancients were more aware of the invisible world than we are today.  For the most part, we make things up and follow the latest pseudo spiritual beliefs from pieces of ancient traditions.  We even kill in the name of our religious stories.  We travel all over the world to find the deeper meaning of the material world from the invisible world.  Some people follow gurus in hopes of learning the truth from those with higher authority.  We give up our own power and hand it over to priests, rabbis, imams, cult leaders and religious authorities.

A glimmer of hope arises with the dawn of the Aquarian Age.  We are becoming “thinking-for-ourselves” citizens.  We are learning how to go within and find our own answers.  We have run out of money to pay gurus and travel to find our lost souls, past lives and the right relationship.  The ship of fools doesn’t have you as a passenger.  We are back where we started and willing to do our own work.  Our own mobile devices allow us to be more self-absorbed and exposed to various forms of information.  We are getting away from the top-down style of authority.  In time, we will stop scaring ourselves and start understanding what we cannot see.

The invisible world is the power, force and intelligence that creates all things.  We direct it through our thoughts and create our own private worlds.  It is a force that never ends or begins so we live lives on a moving sidewalk.  We return over and over to this visible world and practice creating and learning.  We continue on into other lives and return from past lives.  We live in intelligent bodies that operate through universal laws.  Yet we treat our bodies as if they were made on man-made laws.  When they do not behave according to what we want, we are shocked and disoriented.  We cannot understand that a lifetime of poor eating habits, poor thinking habits and poor moving habits have resulted in chronic disease, shortened lives and suffering.  We think we are infallible.  We do not know the universal laws so we don’t honor them.

The importance of living in both worlds is essential to a life that is calm, successful and worthwhile.  To think that we can escape from the invisible world is insanity.  We cannot work our way into it or out of it.  We cannot beat our bodies up any more and blame the government, the food processors or McDonalds.  We need to go within, operate with the universal laws and be wise humans.  There is a natural, organic rhythm to this invisible world.  We need to learn it and allow ourselves to flow with it.  We need to learn what going downstream really means.  Until we do, we will leave abbreviated lives, scaring ourselves, focusing on time-wasters, fooling ourselves and getting stuck in man-made laws.



2 responses to “The Challenge of Living in Two Worlds”

  1. Neil Dickens says:

    Once again you capture the zeitgeist Gail and allow us all to pause, get present and get real!

  2. Elaine Oliveri says:

    BRILLIANT–you speak the TRUTH–THANK YOU!!!

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