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Young Men and Their Attacks–Brussels and Paris

I have written several times about this important Ken Period in the I Ching.  The Ken trigram represents male

Flowers bloom in time.

Flowers bloom in time.

energy, particularly young male energy.  This Ken Period ends in February 2024.  We had 20 years of preparation for it — 1984 to 2004 and then experiencing its power from 2004 to 2024.  We are in a very acute phase of it now.  There is an underlying strength in this period that is attempting to be born– spiritual depth, wisdom and authenticity.  Superficial abundance and shallow spiritual advancement will not work.  It is hard to believe but there is a purity that is underneath this anger, bloodshed and hatred. Sometimes things must get so awful before new outcomes can come forth.  Aspects of the bombings and complete disregard for human life  invoke the worst behavior to bring a halt to an old way of relating and create an outcome based on truth, wisdom and authenticity.

Shifts of power and wealth are being created around the world.  Borders are being crossed.  Religion is used as a weapon to control.  It is interesting to note that most of these terrorists don’t even know much about the religion they are fighting for. Another note is that borders continue to crop up in the speeches of presidential candidates.  Long term, though, borders will diminish as is being done now in Europe and in the Middle East.  There really never was a strong European Union.  It is united in currency and trade only and, through terrorist and immigration circumstances, will be forced to work together for the common good and safety of its citizens.

This time of young males maintaining the spotlight will fade and be much less relevant the closer we get to 2024.  In the meantime, we can expect more shock and awe moments as they vie for power and control.  Terrorists are similar in scope to gang warfare with networks and money to feed its thirst.  Young male gangs in our cities and across the world also have gained strength during this Ken Period.  Another group of young male that have gained in strength during this period are gamer’s, app designers, coders and other tech stars.

As difficult as this period is, new heroes and heroines are being created.  They are common ordinary citizens.  It is interesting to hear survivors of these bombings say they need to talk and be with other people.  This is a shared human trait of connectedness.  We are social beings and that will never change.  Do not lose faith.  Today President Obama spoke in Cuba.  This would have been unheard of three years ago.  Positive change is coming but we must become more authentic and inclusive.  Women are preparing to take over the limelight that is now shining on the young males.  We are progressing.

3 responses to “Young Men and Their Attacks–Brussels and Paris”

  1. gail says:

    Hello Gail and Rob,

    Thank you for writing. We do need reminders of all the good we have to give and that we are giving it. Fear, the remnant of the old Piscean Age, is fading, but it takes time. For over 2300 years it has been the preferred teaching tool.

    Regarding the “gang-in-blue”, our officers are also becoming more aware yet remain vigilant. Each of our system are being affected by societal changes. It takes time.

    Thanks again,

  2. Rob Crook says:

    Hi. Hope you’re doing well. Happy early Easter-time! How does the “gang-in-blue”, our police officers, work into this equation? Take care.

  3. Gail Lang says:

    Hi Gail,

    I just wanted to thank you so much for all the posts on the blog. It is so helpful to be reminded that all that is happening has a purpose, and no matter the difficulty and pain of the process, we will make it through to a better place. It also helps to keep us focused on the good works each of us are doing, and to not be distracted from our own purposes. Stay aware of the external, but keep pressing forward – listening to the internal calling. It’s the way the universe is making the transition.

    Keep up the reminders as the outside world’s chaos continues. Your messages are needed.

    All The Best and With Gratitude,
    Gail Lang

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