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Women Will Continue to Gain Visibility and Power

If we could see the bigger picture at play, we would see that although a woman lost the election, she did win the popular vote.It was also the first female to head up a national presidential ticket.  Whether we voted for or against Clinton, we are moving

Power Rising

Power Rising

closer to seeing women in positions of power.  The name of the picture is visibility, increased numbers, power and then influence.  More women will be needed to step up to the uncomfortable role of leadership.   Women also are learning how to speak up effectively so that they are heard as well as seen.

We just witnessed very old traditional roles.  The white older rich man with the young beautiful arm-candy wife.  The authoritarian male that will take care of you.  It’s very seductive as well to have someone like that take care of us and lead us out of darkness.  It remains to be seen how he will lead a nation and who surrounds him.  It has been my experience that people always revert to their true nature.  You will see many promises that cannot be kept.  Running a campaign is nothing compared to running a government.  This old traditional male role will not be returning in your lifetime.  The disrespect of women, even in jest, or especially in jest cannot be excused as boy’s locker room.  He is a last of a long line of white, older men, who are part of the old Piscean Age and the ending years of the last millennium.  We are completing the years 1000 through 1999 and birthing the new Aquarian Age with a thousand years of the number 2, 2000 through 2999.  Two is the female number.  Male is the number 1.  Trump is needed at this time to help shake up the old order.

With this new day comes a wringing of hands as both parties are at risk.  This is part of a Divine plan to expose the dirt and corruption that has been in the making for 240 years.  America is remaking herself.  She must as she is such an important player on the world stage.  The citizens are angry and frustrated and rightly so.  I still have yet to see a main player banker go to prison.  This imbalance is part of the grand plan for correction.  We have much to do in this country and we cannot be complacent as to those who work for us.  Remember you are paying these people to work for you.  If they feel they cannot be fired, why would they do their best for you over what is best for themselves?

Women should now be unifying and learning skills that they will need to lead.  They must be brave and courageous and develop tougher skins.  They must understand that because they have had such little power for thousands of years, they do not, in general, know how to handle power well.  Far too many fight among themselves over another female’s power.  It is sort of a “who does she think she is” syndrome.  Many women are afraid of power and want no part of making decisions that will affect paid positions.  Can you even imagine a female presidential candidate who’s spouse is 24 years younger and has done sexy magazine covers?  That is comical.  She couldn’t even make it to first base.

In today’s Wall St. Journal there is an article on women rising up after a Trump victory and realizing that casting ballots is not enough.  They are putting their money where their mouths are and contributing to political organizations.  Wall St. quotes a young woman by the name of Karin Shedd who said “ideologically, I need to put my money where my mouth is.  I can’t go around telling people what I think if I’m not willing to be an active player in the game”.  Liberal activist groups are making an effort to channel anger into donating and volunteering.  Emily’s List, an organization working to elect Democratic, female, pro-choice candidates, said 60% of those who have given since Nov. 9th are new donors.  The ACLU said it received more than 120,000 donations in the six days after Election Day that added up to $8.2 million, a fundraising surge it called unprecedented in its history.  Planned Parenthood, the women’s reproductive-rights organization, has received gifts from 128,000 donors in what they are calling the largest uptick in its history.  Leaders of the groups say that they see no signs of this increased engagement slowing down.  They hope this will help in building large grass-roots coalitions which will mobilize future political fights.

We need to see the bigger, long term picture of progress that moves people forward, not backward to a past that cannot be reclaimed.  Keep in mind that the United States due to its birth path and destiny is the catalyst for the world.  California with its number 5 life path is the catalyst for the United States.  Watch California and you will see these California trends showing up in your neighborhood, your way of life and in the general culture.  We are a country of immigrants, we remain that and we must learn to assimilate well so that we maintain our world role as the example for the world.  We may not like California habits but they do get watered down and get delivered to the world.   The film industry shows us many aspects of ourselves as well as the future.  Women are the key players in uniting and leading the world as we get further into the 21st century.  Continue to become more engaged and act as you would become.  A question posed to me many years ago, “are you willing to do what it takes to have what you say you want?”


6 responses to “Women Will Continue to Gain Visibility and Power”

  1. Kim says:

    Gail I have been a fan of yours for a long time. In fact, I became a numerologist because of your book I purchased in 2007. It was great what you said about women and power and yes the old order had to be crumbled. Hillary’s campaign was funded by the Monsanto if you go down the rabbit whole,.

    However, I don’t think your realize that you put down a woman right in front of us. Trumps wife in a second party comment.
    As your fan club I was very dissappointed to here this comment,

    “Can you even imagine a female presidential candidate who’s spouse is 24 years younger and has done sexy magazine covers? That is comical. She couldn’t even make it to first base.”

    So you said for woman to step out and give their opinion

    You don’t even know the woman. Give both Trump and his wife a chance to prove themselves on their campain, before you start talking bad about them.
    He was fighting a battle against all odds with comment attacks every day. You would have had to have very thick skin. He is a passionate family man, and he is the only president I have ever heard of that has so much expertise in business and building cities and foundations and employing 10,000 employees and his work will employ way more people in the future. I realized he has 31/4 life path, just like Oprah. I have followed his wife and all her interviews, videos and talk shows where she is alone with out her husband. She is very smart and is very independant. She has no sign of weakness in her bones and so what if she is only 45 years old, she is very wise for her age. Have you seen the contentment of them together and their chemistry and love for each other.

    I think the You Tube CNN interview with Cooper , and the you tube “Get to know the trump family,” shows the true president he is, after his fight. He has a great sense of humor, that brought potential to all his children. So what if he is rich. Sometimes wealth ruins a person, but Trump has had a good balance of family and business and has shown us what true potential can look like to build community.

    And that is just my opinion as the rise of the women coming out of the kitchen continues.

  2. Kayci says:

    Yes, I agree and hopefully women will begin to educate each other and any girl children they come across to begin to see themselves as powerful, intelligent, with the perseverance to keep going till real change can happen in our government that does not favor the “good old boys club”. Women should want a country that realizes the benefits of both sexes and see them working side by side to make America great, not just a repeat of what has been for centuries. We have had many presidents that have lied and done despicable things behind closed doors and was able to have it never revealed to the public. It is truly time for a change and this could be a good time and chance with Trump as the poster boy for what has been down through the ages, same o’ same o. A good post Gail with many good points. Bravo to you.

  3. Jude says:

    Another question to ask ourselves…”Do we want to be ‘ordinary’ or ‘extra-ordinary’. I ask myself at least 5 times a week!

  4. Donald Trump has not been elected yet. The electoral college does not meet until December. (self.hillaryclinton)
    submitted 6 days ago by cellounge10
    Furthermore, there are only 26 states that say an elector must vote with the popular vote of that state. What makes this even crazier is the states may not have the authority to prevent electors from changing their vote to whomever they want. We can hope some of these electors will in fact change their vote away from Trump. Its a pipe dream but entirely possible and legal.

  5. Sharon says:

    Our country needs more strong women like Senator Elizabeth Warren, who isn’t afraid to speak out against lobbyists, Wall Street and corporations. She is a champion for middle class Americans and the working poor. Other countries have had many strong women leaders for years, but sadly our country has been dominated by white males in government.
    With Trump’s election, that will continue, which is already obvious. The Electoral College has voted for Trump as president elect, but Clinton now has over one million in popular votes and not all have yet been counted. Hopefully that E.E. will eventually be abolished, as it is antiquated, outdated and it should be the people’s vote who now count. Our forefathers could not have foreseen the growth of America in the 21st century. By the time there is another election, my prayer is lots more women actively engaged and involved.

  6. Laurie Pollack says:

    I agree, I think they’re about 3 women that would be good presidents. Will corruption ever go away? History has shown us a big no! However, when a woman is as corrupt and her husband is one of the most despicable man ever to be office, we then have the same story. Only a role reversal of the same. Our day will come when hopefully people will have to be pretty lily white. I believe most of us never again want the ugliest election we have ever see. God bless America !

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