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What is Your Personal Year in 2022

I thought I would write today about the Personal Years. We get a new one each year. It is tied to the Universal Year but it is more powerful for you than the Universal Year (2022). Personal years set up the energy of what you can expect during the year. It is your own private and personal space. It is extremely important to know your personal year so you can plan and prepare. It also can get you through the tough times when you know that it is a passing phase and part of the characteristics of that personal year.

It is easy to figure out your personal year. All you do is add the month of your birth to the day or your birth. Take that total (reduced) and add it to the Universal Year. In 2022 the Universal Year is the number six. 2 + 0 + 2 + 2=6.

My birthday is February 6, so I would add the number 2 (for the second month) to the number 6 (the day) and total 8. I would add the number 8 to the number 6 (2022). 8 + 6 = 14. I reduce the 14 by adding 1 + 4 and I get number 5. So I am in a number 5 personal year. 2 + 6 + 6 = 14—-1 + 4 = 5.

I often get asked when does a Personal Year begin. The closer you are born to the beginning or middle part of the year, the more you will feel the effects of the Personal Year. We all should be aware that the first two months of any year are really holdovers from the previous years. It is always slow in January, gaining some speed in February and taking off in March. Really it is 1, 2, 3 GO. We like to go on the number 3. January is a recovery month. It sounds like a new beginning but it still is cleaning up the remnants of the previous year. The 2nd month is about patience and the 3rd month is the active month.

If you are born in the fall or beginning of winter, you will have the energy of the Universal Year mixed in with some of the old energy of the prior personal year. It is a dual energy. You still must operate in the energy of the Universal Year but your own Personal Year has a mixture of the old year and the new year. If you are starting in 2022 a 5 Personal Year but you are born late in the 5 year, you will be contending with some of the previous 4 year. As you get closer to your birthday, the energy is more intense.

Since I just completed a 4 Personal Year, I have to be patient in January and February to give it time to roll out for me into my new 5 year. I could “feel” the energy of the 5 year as I got closer to January, 2022. Since September is the number 9 month, this is a powerful month in everyone’s chart. Anything you add to the number 9 reduces to the same number. If I add 5 to 9, I get 14. 1 + 4 equals 5. So your strongest personal month will always be the month of September.

Here are the energies of the 9 Personal Year numbers. There is a positive and negative to each number. Try to stay balanced and not go into the negative aspects of a number.

If you are in a number 1 personal year, it is year of new beginnings. This is your seed planting year for the next 9 years. Don’t waste it. Get out there and meet new situations, people, contacts etc. It is year to be focused on your own dreams and plans, not someone else’s. This is the year you learn to stand on your own two feet, take some risks and don’t look over your shoulder. Don’t wait for a partner or to have someone bless your decisions. Choose carefully and then follow the trail.

The downside of the number one is laziness. It important to hold of picture in your mind of what you would like to achieve over the next 9 years.

If you are in the number 2 year, it is a year of patience, persuasion tact and diplomacy. The seeds you planted in your no. 1 year are trying to grow roots. It can seem very inactive and slow but patience pays off. Do not tell others of your secrets or plans for the future. It will give away your power and you are more vulnerable this year to be influenced by others. Keep your own counsel. Expect that the plans you put in place are growing. It requires patience and trust. It is an excellent year to meet your “other”. A year to get serious about relationships. Don’t force issues this year and don’t be a doormat.

The downside of this year is your impatience and your need to get approval for your idea.

If you are in the number 3 year, this is social year. It is year of creativity and networking. The seeds you planted two years ago are showing life now. Water and weed your garden of ideas. Change and improve your appearance. It can be a dressing style, hair style, weight change etc. Do not sit home and overthink too much. Mingle and be cheerful and optimistic. A good time for the arts.

The downside of the 3 year is a scattering of your energies. Focus on a particular area. Don’t take on too many projects. Before you start something new, finish what you have already started. Keep holding on to your dream planted in the one year and above all be positive.

If you are in the number 4 year, work. It is your year of work, order, discipline, structure, practicality and stability. Make sure what you are doing is practical. Clear up past mistakes and take care of your finances putting all your affairs in orders. Do you need to review them and remove subscriptions and other financial obligations that are a waste of your money and time? This is not a fun year. You can vacation next year in your personal 5 year. This is a year of eating your peas and spinach.

The downside of the 4 year is goofing off and thinking you can get away with it. The 4 year has no sense of humor. Put your affairs in order including your health. Make sure you test everything for its practicality. Tend to the details of your life or they will rear up and surprise you in an unpleasant manner.

The number 5 year is about change, letting go of things to make way for the new. It is great year to travel and have more freedom, especially after surviving your number 4 year. This is a year of progress where you promote your business, you and your endeavors. It is marketing and advertising. Explore the world and then use the knowledge gained from this exploration in your new projects or promotions. Enjoy your year. Be free.

The downside of the 5 is restlessness and a scattering of your talents. You can easily burn out in a 5 year from doing too many activities thinking they are good for you. Be adaptable and make constructive change versus destructive change.

The number 6 year is your year of responsibility. Everybody needs a piece of you. You will feel greatly needed and loved. This is more of a home life year. A great year to make improvements in your home. Make sure you finish what you start this year. The number 6 is all about commitments and finishing what was promised to yourself or others. Don’t scatter yourself but focus more on the home and service work. Great year for the arts as well. We also look at your health in a 6 year. Look at your eating habits as well as your basic exercise program. Tend to any health issues rather than ignore them. Overall, tend to your nutritional requirements. It is year of marriage, divorce and changes to those living with you.

The downside of the 6 year is too much hustle and bustle. Take it slow, allow things to ease into place. It is a year of service but not enabling others. Make sure you don’t do things because of your own need to be needed.

The number 7 year is your rest and recovery year. It is a year of inner rather than outer growth. It is not a social year. It is a year of inner growth. It is a year of planning and reassessing the last 7 years of your life. Where are you in the scheme of things? Plan to spend more time alone. Get to know yourself and the plans you have made. It is a great time to go to school, retreats and spending time in nature. Put business on the back burner. This is not the time to expand your business. Analyze everything you have been doing and are doing. Do not strain after money.

The downside of the 7 year is feeling like you need to be more productive and active in the outer world. If you push as you have in the past, you will feel more tired and less productive at the end of the year. This is your resting year. If you don’t willingly rest this year, the universe finds a way to make you rest.

The number 8 year is your big harvest and power year. If you assessed well during your prior 7 year, you will know which doors to go back to and get them to open for you. Think big this year and be active in the business world. This is the year that your “ship should come in”. If you didn’t plant seeds and tend to them over the last 7 years, there may not be much of a harvest. Still, however, go after what you want this year. Dress for success and work the laws of compensation. Expect divine assistance if you have done your part. The world is yours if your have had the faith and trust that it pays off for you.

The downside of the 8 year is the year of karma. The number 8 rules karma. If you have sowed well and developed the faith, it will pay off. Compel things to come to you. You can have the power but if you don’t know how to use it, you could miss the big opportunities that an 8 year brings. It is power.

The number 9 year is the completion year. Time to get rid of things from your life that you no longer need or that interfere. This can be anything from a job, a death, old furniture, clothes, home etc. Sometimes this seems at random but it really isn’t. Many things in your life may have been dragging you down. This is the time to let them go. Finish the book, the various projects ad get your accounts paid. You do NOT want to carry over old baggage into your new number 1 year that will begin next year. Take inventory. Do some charitable work this year and make yourself a side issue rather than the center of the universe. You are going to be starting a new 9 year cycle so just remember you are letting go to be ready for the new.

The downside of the 9 year is the inability let go. If you continue to hold on to things that have outlived their usefulness or you don’t even see them anymore, they can delay and hamper your future progress. It can be depressing but necessary. Cultivate the arts this year. This will also help lift your spirits.

As a side note to the Personal Years. If your personal year ended with the double digits 11 or 22, these are called master number personal years.

Rather than making the number 11 become the number 2, you have the added quality of light and illumination this year. Try to pay more attention to your dreams. Become more inspirational as well.

The number 22 is an opportunity to do something big for the world rather than just yourself. It has the base number 4 but it adds the powerful energy of the number 22 which is about doing something good for humanity.

Pay attention to your personal years. If you would like more information or an individual, private session to go over your current year and directions, you can reach me at or 800-600-0256.

8 responses to “What is Your Personal Year in 2022”

  1. Gail Minogue says:

    Either way. You are in an 8th year.

  2. Puma Flores says:

    I so appreciate your knowledge and kindness in all you write, thank you.
    My ? is: do I reduce the month + day and then add to Universal year – or – do I add month+day total to Universal year and then reduce?
    My birth is 09/29

  3. Gail Minogue says:

    10 is another form of the number 1.

  4. Gail Minogue says:

    We need to always pay attention to our own Personal Years. 7 years are all about planning, reflecting, restoring and assessing. Rest and recover from the prior 7 years. It is not a year to push the outer year. It is all inner work. The Universe has a way of making us slow down. It can be painful if not paid attention to.

  5. Kayce StJames says:

    I did not check on my last year being a #7, so sorry because I did not rest and go slower and the Universe completely set me back several times. I got caught in a snowbank and could not move because my tires had no tread. Got snowed in for 8 days with 17 inches of snow followed by huge rains for another 5 days & then topped it off by falling down a flight of stairs and injuring enough to take me off my feet thru Jan. I did do a lot of spiritual and inner work…been better without the aches & pains.

  6. Gail Minogue says:

    The number 10 is actually the number 1 with a zero. Zero represents protection. 10 doesn’t revert to 9

  7. Beverly Wood Back says:

    Gail: The symbols in my just sent email did not come out as they were when proofread before sending. November 2 birthday plus 6 gives me a result of the number 10. 11 plus 2 equals 13 plus 6 equals 19. 1 plus 9 equals 10. No explanation for the 10. Does 10 revert to 9? Thank you:) Bev B.

  8. Beverly Wood Back says:

    Gail: There is no explanation for the number 10. A November 2 birthday, 11+2+13 / +6=19 / 1=9+10. Does 10 revert to 9? Very confused about that #10. I’ve attended a couple of your seminars in person and 2 online but cannot understand the 10. Thanks Gail, as always. Bev B.

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