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We Are Rising Out of Ignorance

Although this may sound contradictory to negative headlines and mob rules, we literally and figuratively  arebigstock--196232251 moving up and out of the remnants of the Dark Ages.  The greatest push up has not been that long ago, probably only in the last 70 years.  However, the rise will increase in speed and we shall see great strides within 10 years.  Our past is not our prologue and we cannot return to it.  Once we started to “ascend”, we can’t go backwards.  We may go stationary to get our bearings but that will be short lived in the scheme of things.  The signs are everywhere.  Many of the signals go unnoticed but they still keep signaling.  It is as if they talk to each other.  Hearing the conversation above the headlines and angry rhetoric is the art of a good observer.

It is helpful to understand the times we live in–the bigger picture of what is taking place.  Always know the context of what is going on.  The context for us here on Earth is the larger arena in which we play.  We exist in a huge universe, one that is geometrically designed and is continuously in motion.  As it glides across the heavens, planetary forces affect the behavior and conditions here on Earth.  These forces not only bring us night and day but also seasons and enormous cycles of time that deliver patterns and energy that set up Earth for its advancement and its retreat.  Currently the cycle is set up for advancement.  We are coming out of the bottom of an enormous retreat that lasted approximately 1500 years.  We began the journey of ascending around the late 1700’s but not until the middle of the 20th century could we truly shake off the ignorance and darkness of this long ago time.  We actually had been descending for a few thousand years.  It wasn’t until the Renaissance  in the 1300’s that we began the opening up of the possibilities for mankind.

In the Hindu teachings and in various other ancient teachings and civilizations, the big complete cycle is called the Yuga Cycle.  Earlier civilizations knew how this cycle worked and how it affected humankind.  The complete cycle is 24,000 years and contains 12,000 years of descending and 12,000 years of ascending.  The 12,000 years begin with the Golden Age which lasts 4,800 years, the Silver Age which lasts 3,600 years, the Bronze Age that lasts 2,400 years and the last Age, the Iron Age which lasts 1,200.  It is this Age that we have left behind and we ascend now in the beginning of the Bronze Age.  The bottom or depth of human despair was the Dark Ages around 585 AD.  This was when true ignorance and lack of wisdom controlled humankind.  We forgot what we knew during the previous three ages as we descended into darkness.  Churches, Kings, Emperors, Chiefs, Popes ruled the world and the people remained literally “in the dark”.  Mankind was ignorant of its past and relied on manual labor.  “War, disease, conflict, famine are prevalent during this Age.  Governance is broken …power fluctuates between those with the latest material advantages…vice spreads through the means of greed, intoxication and over-indulgence.  The ancient Vedas tell us that even holy men in this age can be degenerate and perform their religious practices with ignorance or deceit.”  “The Lost Star of Myth and Time” by Walter Crittenden.  These qualities sound familiar as we clean up the remnants of this Iron and Dark Age.

Due to this recent Age, we have mainly thought of ourselves as material beings.  Man believes he is supreme.  Leadership falls into the hands of unprincipled criminals who use their power to “loot” the people.  Any of this sound familiar???  This Age brought with it a decline of civilization, chronic malnutrition on generation after generation resulting in a loss of brain power, a drop in intelligence and the ability to remember.  Once the door began to open in 1700’s, humankind began to move out of this phase and it cannot return to it for thousands of years.  As we accelerate the speed of this rise, break-through after break through will take place.  We can expect transformation in areas of science and medicine, technology, leadership behavior and economic conditions.  We are becoming more rational, more enlightened and an awareness that we are more than flesh and bones.  We are beginning to understand that we are an energy form.  We begin to master space and the “illusion” of space.  As we invent and discover, knowledge will accelerate.  We will come to understand the finer forces of creation.  For the next 1,000 years, the force of the female and feminine energies will permeate the planet and her role and her conscience will strongly influence how power is conducted.

Here are a few signals that we can hear if we but listen; Christine Lagard has just been voted in as the first female to head the European Central Bank, her staff is now 44% female.  She will not attend a meeting where women in power are not present.  Nancy Pelosi’s recent photo standing opposite Trump and dressing him down for his disrespectful comments.  She is the only female in a room full of seated men.  The metaphor is “female standing up to disrespect”.  We don’t see any males standing up to the President–least not in a photo opportunity.  The rise in the “Me Too Movement”, the rise in female physicians who now dominate medical schools, the second female Nobel Prize Winner in economics, Esther Duflo and many other females in positions once controlled by men are all signals worth noticing.

More signals, the slow steady decline of the oil and petrochemical industry.  The rise in solar, wind and thermal power–alternative fuels.  The awareness and eventual decline of the plastics industry.  As we wake up out of ignorance to the damage we have done to the planet through our Iron and Dark Age habits, we are becoming more aware of measures needed to repair and heal ourselves and the planet.  The great shale boom is sputtering.  Investors are not rushing to produce more wells.  Giants such as Exxon Mobil and Chevron are not encumbered by funding problems and will continue to produce but the clouds have dimmed the outlook for the oil boom.

Continual disruptors perpetuate enormous changes to our transportation, medical care (Walmart Health, CVS Health), brokerage firms with zero costs trading fees.  There will be great changes in how we do electricity.  Knowledge of all kinds will transform all strata of life.  We shall learn during this 2,400 year period, which began in the 1700’s, how to transport ourselves without leaving the room.  We will be able to “reach across the world to touch beloved friends and to smell and taste objects in their rooms”.  Walter Crittenden, The Lost Star of Myth and Time.

It seems to far-fetched but then so did airplanes to those in 585AD--so would smart phones, so would automobiles and a slew of other far-fetched realities.  We are leaving the world of superstition, magic and irrational thinking into a more enlightened time.  In August, the Wall St. Journal/NBC News survey found that just 30% of American adults younger than 39 consider religion or belief in God to be very important  We are far from the Golden Age but at least we are headed in that direction, give or take 5 thousand years.


5 responses to “We Are Rising Out of Ignorance”

  1. Dianne Poole says:

    Gail if you can, please see astrological site, Mayadel Mar’s Daykeeper Journal for November for an up to date astrology of his Karma . it jojns your thoughts in a most revealing manner.
    thisl is for you, not posting
    Dianne Poole

  2. Mia says:

    This blog post is EPIC and my absolute favorite that you’ve ever written (and I REALLY love all your posts). Thank you for explaining so succinctly and eloquently the Yuga Cycle and for taking the time and care to thoroughly address so many pressing current issues. As a mother of two toddlers I worry endlessly about the corruption in our government, the GOP and the authoritarian governments abroad. I worry about climate change, plastic pollution, toxic fossil fuel chemicals and if there will even be a world for my children to peacefully and healthfully finish their natural lifespans. You’ve given me hope and a positive lens to view the outcome of these dark days in which we are living. A thousand thank yous Gail.

  3. Nancy Clark says:

    Excellent work! And a positive and welcome relief from the craziness of politics.

  4. loved this, Gail – I did go to CPAK this year, was very excellent for the most part Would love to see you if you are down or co way, give me a text, call or email
    949 230 3446 cell –
    rev pt

  5. Dianne says:

    Yes, and all of these eagerly awaited changes are moving slowly in our individualized mortal perceptions. I liked the give or take 5000 years, or a blink of our immortal eyes. Thank you

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