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Update on the Sky is Falling

“I’ll never give up, for I may have a streak of luck before I die.”  Thomas Edison, American Inventor

Living with a first-time experience of a Pluto in Capricorn transit is definitely not a picnic.  We Americans are

Hiding from the facts or the truth.

Hiding from the facts or the truth.

finding out how sobering it can be.  When America was born in 1776 the planet Pluto was in Capricorn.  It takes about 240-250 years for it to return to its starting point.  So, here we are back again taking a look at how we have done since we began in 1776 and forcing us to deconstruct and create anew.  It is painful, it is exhausting and it is relentless.  It started in 2008 (remember the financial crash and its aftermath) and it won’t let go until 2024.  Although it affects the entire world, it is particularly zeroed in on the United States due to the planetary alignment at the moment of our beginning.  We are now in the royal cross hairs of the sniper.

It’s been awhile since I updated anything on this transit but we have reached the half-way point so let’s take a look at some of the issues that won’t let go.  Immigration, the upgraded war on immigration and the scapegoating of immigrants as the cause of our problems.  Infrastructure, the upgraded war on the infrastructure and the lack of serious thought as to how to direct resources to solve the problems.  Renewable energy.  We are in a death struggle to not turn back from the progress we have made.  Women’s bodies and people’s sex lives as we listen to righteous old men debate, holler and condemn people’s sex lives and woman’s concerns.  Good health care as we watch the same righteous men pass legislation that condemns people to less health care.  Political corruption with a new president who uses his office as a fabulous bump to profit all his businesses and keep the family members involved and engaged in ongoing marketing and promotions.  Political corruption continuing throughout all systems, local, state and federal.  It goes on and on but that is what a Pluto transit does.  It reveals and exposes and then it does it some more.  It is almost as if the bowels of the earth have been uncovered.  More is coming.

You can expect more government secrets and scandals to come out.  Corporate “person-hood” will be increased as Capricorn deals with authority, government and the corporation.  They stay in bed together throughout this period so you will see what they are doing and what we have created.  The more you try to be free during this period, the more gripping is the hold.  You can expect to see many government secrets.  It will become increasingly clear that change will have to be made but it won’t be made for awhile.  We have to get closer to the actual eye of the storm which occurs in about 2022.  In the meantime we can expect great and incredible tension.  We are being tested in the integrity of our leadership.  Who are we?  Do we want to keep doing what we are doing?  Can we do this in a better way?

You can expect that the years leading up to the important election of 2020 will be intense.  The next presidential election will be particularly nasty.  It will somehow be the struggle for the identity of our leadership in the world.  Starting in December of 2017, the planet Saturn, the sign of contraction, limits, practicality and karma also enters the sign of Capricorn.  Once this begins, and it stays there for three years, the focus is not on growth but on taking care of what you have and knowing your limits.  All of us will become more practical and dealing with essentials.  It is a down-to-earth time.  It is a very good time to invest in the essentials of life (and I have mentioned this before), food production, clean water, the electricity grid and thinking local businesses.  You will see even more exposure of waste and corruption by those in power.

If you think that America is more enlightened than the rest of the world or at least certain parts of the world, think again.  As recently as today’s Wall St. Journal, we have ongoing protests over the idea that we have evolved as a species versus creationism–or that God created it all in 6 days.  Currently, the Tennessee Pastors Network and another protest group are  planning to hold a rally on July 1st protesting the unveiling of a bronze statue of Clarence Darrow in Dayton, Tennessee.  The statue will be placed outside the Rhea County Courthouse where the original Scope’s trial took place back in 1925.  In this famous case Darrow defended high-school teacher John T. Scopes against the state of Tennessee over whether evolution could be taught in public schools.  The trial drew thousands and pitted two of the nation’s best orators in an “epic contest between evolution and biblical creationism.”  The statue will join one of Darrow’s opposing counsel, William Jennings Bryan, on the lawn in front of the courthouse.  Zenos Frudakis, the sculptor, thought that Darrow should also be out on the front lawn where the William Jennings Bryan statue stood alone for many  years.  Mr. Frudakis hopes that he is not tarred and feathered when he attends the unveiling.

How about the latest in New Orleans where they are trying to remove a few statues that represent slavery and place them in a museum rather than out on a public street.  Those who removed the first statue had to do it late at night, wear masks and bullet-proof vests as well as have police protection.

The pushback against teaching only evolution in school has gained traction.  Here are some gems from the Wall St. Journal, May 9, 2017:  “Texas in February ended requirements that high-school biology teachers have their students consider ‘all sides’ of scientific theory.  Oklahoma lawmakers want to allow teachers to help students critique ‘the scientific weaknesses of existing scientific theories.’  Critics say it is an effort by creationists to undermine evolution.

Here is the biggy “A national Gallup poll from 2014 found 42% of 1,028 adults surveyed thought God created humans in their present form and evolution was wrong; 31% accepted evolution but thought it was directed by God; and just 19% accepted evolution and thought God wasn’t involved.”  Cameron McWhirter, Wall St Journal, May 9, 2017.

The beat goes on throughout this Pluto return.  The good part of it all is the necessity of it all.  We need to get back to the purpose and guidance of this country and Pluto is forcing us to go there.  Sometimes it just has to get so ridiculous that going in the true direction is the only course to take.  America is on the move again.  Almost 600,000 Americans moved to the South and West from the East Coast and the Midwest in 2016.  That is the most since 2005.  Kenneth Johnson, a public policy professor at the University of New Hampshire says that the recent great recession froze people in place.  It is now thawing out.  Aging baby boomers delayed retirement when house and stock prices plunged.  Now that home values have improved along with stock prices, they are moving and they are moving to the South and West.  You can expect more opening up of certain parts of the country as they are invaded by outsiders.

Fortunately, the sky can’t fall but we can have rising waters and we are.  One way Mother Earth gets rid of her drones (people who keep reincarnating here and wasting their opportunity to grow) is by salt water.  Nothing like a plunge in a salt bath and a good soak for several thousands of years to clear up any infections.

That’s a discussion for another day.  Of course, each of us has individual blueprints and charts that help us get through challenging periods of astrological times.  We need to start paying attention to how this big transit will effect us personally over the next few years.  Lectures and workshops on practical living will rise in popularity.  Here at home, we cut out the cable and all those services and now just use streaming.  We definitely stopped buying many things because they really weren’t necessary.  We have substituted and we are not suffering.  America will have to start thinking about “saving” regularly.  In the meantime, get active and help protect America from the lunatic fringe groups that want to turn the clock back and isolate her.





6 responses to “Update on the Sky is Falling”

  1. Gail Minogue says:

    This is a fight to maintain the old Piscean Age religions. Control through fear. It takes one struggle after another to diminish its power. Stay the course and understand that there is nothing that can stop an idea whose time has come. Even those now in power will see their power wane. Have a strategy and tactics and behave like a military general who knows what needs to be done to win the battle.

  2. Gail Minogue says:

    This will take about two years to shake out unless some sudden move is made. I don’t expect revelations around this issue to appear for a couple of years. I hope I am wrong and it is sooner. The Republicans will stay on Trump’s side as long as he looks like his base is staying with him. As we get closer to 2018, the call will be made as to whether he will be a liability or an asset. It is all about keeping your power position. In the meantime, keep the issues front and center and get actively involved.

  3. Sharon says:

    Thank you, Gail. An excellent and insightful overview.

    “Crisis” (danger or opportunity ideogram) AWAKENS. I pray that our country will have the opportunity to regain it’s soul which has been eroding, but never more so than under this presidency.

    I totally agree with Anne’s comments re. Comey’s firing. Totally inexcusable and such a poor reflection of this administration with how badly they treat others. The Deputy A.G’s memo bringing up Clinton’s e-mails is history, as of last July. That ship has sailed. To say Comey was fired to regain the public’s trust is blatantly disregarding the current Russian investigation into the Trump administration by Director Comey, as well as the AG’s office. The current Russia investigation, as well as Michael Flynn’s conduct is what’s critical to our country’s trust. A special prosecutor must now be appointed to get to the truth (many of us recall the Nixon era and his trying to block the investigation and trying to fire everyone). I’m happy to see Senators like McCain and Flake concurring, as this needs to be bi-partasean if our country is to have any hope left in our legal system.

  4. Thank you, Gail, for another great article. Although I see all the chaos and lunacy going on as part of a necessary process: in order to be healed, toxin/poison must be drawn to the surface and exposed. All the vitriol and hate that has been concealed inside people must come to the surface and washed clean. The intent to supress freedom of speach through violence and anarchy by terrorists in our own country does not bode well for the future.
    Yes, Pluto transiting my 12 House and Sun has not been fun. Pruned and stripped clean of all but the essentials, I have been surprised at how little one truly needs to survive and thrive.

  5. Anne says:

    And now there is the Comey firing! Whether you are for or against him staying FBI Director, the manner in which this was accomplished is reprehensible. To put it in the news prior to telling Comey, and having him exposed and vulnerable at the moment of finding out was outrageous. He deserved to have been informed privately and with dignity.

    Also, now the far-right evangelists can become outright political in their Churches, using their money and influence on the political process. Tjos is again mixing politics and religion, plus who’s religion would get the most attention? Guess!!!

    Oh, Gail. What a time it is.

  6. Helen Carter says:

    Thank you for this excellent article on what’s happening in the USA. Very informative.

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