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Trump’s Senior Adviser–Jared Kushner

With all the recent news about Trump’s cabinet picks and their hearings, we are somewhat in the dark about the

Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump

Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump

key person who will influence him during his presidency.  His son-in-law, Jared Corey Kushner, will have his ear and, I would assume his back during his time in office.  Jared has maintained a low profile throughout the campaign but the silence around his position is somewhat deafening.  Since he will have such a large influence on Trump, it could be helpful to know more about this young man who just turned 36 yesterday.

Jared was born on January 10, 1981 and just makes the category of the early millennia generation.  He is part of the new order of voters that will begin to wield their power in office in the next two elections.  As was Trump, Jared started out as a Democrat.  He graduated cum laude from Harvard with a degree in sociology and from NYU with a J.D. and an MBA.  Even though his real estate developer father donated 2.5 million to Harvard prior to both he and his brother being accepted and 3 million to NYU, he is still a smart guy.  He has a number 3 Life Path (from his date of birth) so he has a charm about him and can be very pleasant.  People born with the number 3 Life Path have vast amounts of creative talent.  I have no idea if or how he is using it but it could show up for Trump in his writings (not his tweets), creating the powerful tech network and data base usage that got Trump elected as well as meeting with dignitaries and other important business and government officials.  It was no surprise to see him sitting in on meetings and representing Trump at others.

This past November Jared visited Mexico to meet privately with the Mexican President’s financial adviser and to make arrangements for future business situations.  This meeting was hidden in the news but I am sure it laid the groundwork for future agreements with Mexico.  You will see more of this type of quiet “dealmaking”.  Remember, Jared came from a wealthy real estate developer family.  His father ran afoul of the law and was sentenced to two years in prison leaving Jared to run the company while he was in his early 20’s.  He is the oldest of 4 children and learned very early how to handle himself in business and in real estate transactions.

The interesting aspect of Jared’s chart is that he has no missing numbers.  He has been to earth many times and has much earth experience.  He was born old.  Trump, himself, has no missing numbers in his chart and has also had great amounts of earth experience.  Both men are very shrewd.  The karmic condition of Jared is that he would be born into a family where power would be shared unequally.  One person had the power.  He did not grow up to see how people can compromise, kiss and make-up and share equally in the design and action of the household.  Since his Saturn falls in Libra, I would say that the father had all the power.  The issues that can come from this type of arrangement can result in recreating this original template–relationships where power is not shared equally.  His challenge in this lifetime is to create relationships of equal. He has to learn it is not a zero sum game.  Trump’s issues are of a different nature.

Jared has two personalities.  One is the number 6 and the other the number 4.  The number 6 is the teacher, counselor, adviser and a very responsible person.  The number 4 is the hard worker, the bean counter, the detail man.  Real estate is ruled by the number 4.  By the way, Trump’s Life Path is the number 4.  Both men touch the real estate business very comfortably.  They thrive in it.  Interesting to note that Trump is having his sons run his real estate companies while Jared is having his mother run his trust for him.  Of course, both men will be directing their relatives in how or what should be done with the businesses.  To think otherwise is naive.

The hidden side of Jared in the emotional area is that he is somewhat naive.  He sees things through rosy-colored glasses.  That can be both good and bad.  He also is extremely psychic and very deep and complicated.  I do not think he really wants the limelight.  His destiny is the master number 11.  He is a lightening rod for ideas and is a bridge between the unconscious and conscious realms.  I believe as he matures and gets into his 40’s, he will begin to come into his own.  In the meantime, he will be assaulted with information from the other side and be somewhat unsure of what or who he really is.  His age of coming into his own begins at 43.  Being a destiny master number 11, he is much more advanced that his father-in-law.  I would follow this young man with or without the Trump connection.

Jared was raised in an Orthodox Jewish home and graduated from a private coed yeshiva high school.  His wife Ivanka converted to modern Orthodox Judaism prior to marriage.  This is a strong influence for his moral fiber and his education.  It could also influence how he thinks Israel should be placed in the world.

Last but not least, Jared was born on the number 10 day.  This gives him a strong ambition, leadership abilities and a drive for success.  His test will be does he have the stamina and courage to overcome obstacles and win the independence he wants?  Trump can call on his number 10 managerial skills.  At Jared’s heart is the pioneer.  If the position as senior adviser becomes too tightly bound, he will have to rescue himself by taking smart risks.  Regardless of appearances, being born on a 10 day gives him a very competitive spirit.

He is definitely as asset to Trump and I would say it was a very wise pick.  He will make Trump look good.  He already has.

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  1. Thank you Michael for your additional input.

    It is important to note, though, that the master number 11 is definitely given the power to manifest. It is not necessarily above the situation. Many of our presidents and candidates have number 11 life paths and have succeeded in their assignments. Examples being Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, Obama, Biden, McCain. 11 is the number of inspiration and the ability to channel. These souls are remarkable speakers who reach the masses. Most are late bloomers but leadership is theirs–if they choose it.
    The USA continues on its Pluto return which needs to be considered in the birth chart of America. She has a most unusal astrological chart and when combined with Numerology, one can get a larger picture of her destiny and blueprint. Her role is a catalyst of change for the New World.

  2. Hello Gail, as a fellow numerologist I have some additional information. The fact that Jared has no karma does indicate he is an old soul. However, it also indicates that he has returned to “polish up” several aspects of himself. IF you are familiar with the Inclusion Table, you will notice the number “1” appears in 5 boxes; 2 interaction with others, 4 control issues, 6 expectation and responsibility, 7 control issues, overly analytical, intellectual bully, vulnerability, and 8 power, money, control, status. Jared’s personal 1 has a 9 challenge (control, attachment, learning selflessness) and a 7 solution. His solution in the lifetime is mainly 7 stuff: letting go of control, becoming patient, being more vulnerable, trusting his intuitive side more.

    As for Trump having no Karma, the numbers that most frequently occurr in his Inclusion Table are 1 and 2. He has returned to work on issues involving his ego (1) and (2) interactions with others.

    What is interesting is the the U.S. has an 11/2 Achievement Number (m+d), Trump has a 20/2, and Jared has an 11/2. This is such a Cosmic setup! The Trumps’, as well as the U.S. is about to learn lessons in cooperation, compromise, timely communication, forming partnerships, and letting go of emotional and sentimental attachments.

    As an aside, 11, being the first master number brings with it a zealousness for a particular cause. The 11 knows how things “ought” to be, but is not given the power or opportunities to make it that way. This implies the 11 has done enough work to see “above the clouds” and becomes frustrated when they cannot control all situations.

  3. Debbie says:

    Excellent read, Gail ! Thank You !

  4. Debbie says:

    Another person, that thinks the world owes them something !

    Why don’t you instead, be greateful for all the children that, that ” spoiled brat”s foundation HELPED, while it was opened. Nothing lasts forever & there’s a great way for YOU, to help the children….start another foundation & let’s see if you’re as good at not stealing the donations sent in.
    I believe, in President Obama’s farewell speech he said: Instead of complaining about a wrong, step up & right it !

  5. Viewing the world–and people–through the end of a straw to the exclusion of the larger scenario taking place has its consequences. And when it comes to “spoiled brats” who are motivated by self-enrichment, the American voters had the good sense to send the Clintons and their so-called “Foundation” packing. Meanwhile, the children at St. Jude’s Hospital in Wisconsin are the real losers in the closure of the Eric Trump Foundation which has one of the highest accountability ratings available. Just another “spoiled brat.”

  6. Jodie Hart says:

    With a gentile Pisces Moon, Jared is a very old soul in a very young body. It is much too early to project our feelings of socio-economic discontent onto his next four years. When push came to shove in his family, he rose to the occasion; and he has now entrusted his family’s business into the hands of his mother (+1 for the boy). His radix Jupiter is conjunct Saturn in Libra, showing a square head on his shoulders with regard to the philosophy of shared resources; while Venus conjunct Neptune in Sagittarius, speaks about the spiritual side of art and beauty. So all we can observe about him at this time is that marriage proximity to the rich and famous has been a factor influencing the development of his character. After I look more closely at his Expanded Asteroids and TNPs, I will no doubt be able to offer more in-depth Astrological observations. The coming year is a 21/3 year for a 30/3 Life Lesson Number. It looks (again) like he is going to have to grow up really fast – this time in the eye of the public – and the media. Who’s to say that he didn’t simply fall in love with a very beautiful young woman (whose chart compliments his own nicely). I am reluctant to read too much into this. Mother Nature loves Her “Old Soul” babies. They returned here to accomplish a needed healing for the Planet. More to come after the Russian Orthodox Christmas season passes… Blessed be…

  7. Carrie says:

    These people are only for themselves and their rich friends. They care nothing for the American people! They are the makings of a corrupt dictatorship! I see a revolution coming brought in by these spoiled brats of the rich!

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