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Time to Reprioritize Our Lives

“How did we become the despoilers who brought nature almost to its knees but which now has come roaring back to cast us out?” Jeremy Rifkin, “The Age of Resilience”

As the midterm elections begin to reveal the madness of the last few years, much has been set aside as we were focused and assaulted by fliers, texts, robo calls, TV ads and other forms of promotion and hot air. We should know by this weekend, the 12th of November, what the outcomes are for the majority of the contests. I am sure most of you are exhausted from the hour-by-hour blow of the TV broadcasters and the waste of money and deception spent to get members elected. In the end, many of the polls were wrong, some of the losers will promote the same old lies of voter fraud and try the courts to save their skin and waste our money.

Remember I mentioned that there was a major eclipse the day of the elections as well as important planets in retrograde motion. Some affected the Republicans more negatively than the Democrats. The red wave has so far been a ripple and all of it is theater. The heavenly transits are directing the show and, keeping that in mind, the planet Pluto in the constellation of Capricorn effect is still here through all of 2023 and most of 2024. So it is still going to be a very disruptive next two years.

One of the areas we all should be paying large amounts of attention to is the way we have conducted our lives over the last few hundred years and particularly the last 50. The call of society was a focus on efficiency and the dominion over the earth. We used her up and ourselves as well. We forgot we were part of nature’s ecosystem and ignored the fact that as part of the ecosystem, we share our bodies with many other forms of life–bacteria, viruses, protists, fungi, and archaea (single-celled microorganisms with structure similar to bacteria.) Each of us is a semipermeable membrane. We literally and figuratively are not separate from nature. Covid and its variants are just one part of the equation.

We have lost our way and somehow now must learn to adapt to nature’s larger forces that are unfolding around us. Nature will win, there is no contest. I have brought up the idea of not moving to naturally vulnerable areas that are flood prone or drought prone. Humankind’s idea of domininion is the building of two new high rises in West Palm Beach Florida and the building back of previously destroyed homes and villages with the thought that dominion over nature is possible.

Efficiency is not winning. It is on its death bed. We have worn ourselves out building our civilizations with dominion over rather than with nature. We called it the Age of Progress. We have always thought we were different and quote the Bible to prove that we have dominion over the earth and all creatures on it. We need to think again and look at the damage that has been caused in the name of religion or justification for. We need to remember that we are from the same ancestral pool dating back to microbial life.

It is time to assess how we live our lives, where we live our lives and what we can do to stay connected to the natural world. Efficient cities have led the way for populations. That is where the jobs are, housing, social activities, economic conveniences, universities etc. “Vast urban centers of millions of inhabitants walled off from the natural world in hermetically sealed artificial environments is a doomed prescription for the collapse of civilization. Meanwhile, rural regions surrounding urban and suburban corridors will increasingly be the front line in both restoring the earth’s ecosystems and reimagining civilization.” Jeremy Rifkin, “The Age of Resilience“.

I have written before about the quality of the top soil in America and how it has been destroyed by pesticides and insectisides. We have worn it out by 3-crop planting season per year from a one crop planting season. But, the soil is now degraded and critical shortage of various food production exists in many regions. Soil that was used only to raise hay has now been turned into food soil to try and use better soil for food production. At the same time, our quality of food is diminished by a lack of nutrients in the soil. We bear the results with more chronic diseases and processed food that is juiced by salts, sugar and fats. Remember year round food production also uses more irrigation which results in flooded fields and more runoff. Increase of moisture creates more insects, hence, more insectisides. It goes on and on.

We must begin to prioritize our lifestyles and quality of our lives to be in a more natural cooperative relationship with nature. We must listen to our circadian clocks and pay attention to what the working body is telling us. I mention all the time that we are to go 120 years and yet, most don’t get through our 80’s. We become sick and break down due to our disconnect from care of our bodies and a disconnect from nature. Our efficient way of aging is filling our days with activities that keep us disconnected. Artificial recreational endeavors need to be balanced out with time spent and working in nature. We must learn to cook our own food, stop buying processed foods. We don’t need all the sugary sweets, drinks etc. Attending senior events has shown me that we are addicted to cakes, cookies and candy. I just went to another funeral last Saturday. The man was only 66 and didn’t feel good one day at work. He went home and decided that night to get himself checked out at an emergency room. While doing the check up, he died of a massive heart attack. Another gentleman living in back of me was found dead from a “massive heart attack”. He lived alone. He was early 70’s. There is so much cancer and diabetes out there and we continue to live the body’s unnatural life.

Nature is now in a take-no-prisoner mode. She is showing you she will not support the population with enough food as we have destroyed her soil, heated her oceans, killed her shorelines, polluted her air and poisoned or killed her variety of species. She is casting us out of here. My old comment of many years is that Mother Nature will get rid of her drones. What are her drones? Those are people who keep reincarnating here but won’t grow or even worse continue to insult or destroy her.

Now, going back to the elections, who spoke of any of this. Not a peep. The governmental structure of a central government is being dismantled. More will be done to dismantle it over the next few years. A form of more localized government will be in our future but first we have to disrupt the old system.

3 responses to “Time to Reprioritize Our Lives”

  1. Doron says:

    We don’t have to do anything to the old system as it will collapse on itself. As for the earth, it will be reborn here soon enough. However, it is never too late to learn to live a new way. Unfortunately, most have been here so long they forgot where they came from and don’t know any other way even if they wanted to change. On top of that, wanting and doing are very different things. For as it was spoken, “The harvest is great, but very few laborers.”

  2. That’s very heavy information! I do know that it’s true. Living in Southern California, feeling I can’t go because as a mother, grandmother and a business owner here, I’d leave all these people and things behind. I see more and more housing erected when we don’t have the water. All in the name of corporate greed. The streets are torn up for larger pipes. In my town, Oceanside, the waste water is being recycled to drinking water. I use Carlsbad Alkaline Spring water for drinking, cooking.
    I imagine fresh water in a town where we’re not jammed in to neighborhoods and am grateful for a garden in the yard. I have fall vegetables growing, oranges, lemons, avocados in summer. I have two compost worm bins, and one trash bag a week because of feeding all organic vegetable scraps to these amazing worms. If I could round up three daughters and grandchildren, we’d all go together to live in a safe zone. Thank you for pointing out all the truths and expressing what I’ve felt.

  3. Jennifer Kier says:

    I have always thought that when there is a large imbalance in energies, technological vs spiritual that something large, like 911 happens to even out that imbalance in growth.

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