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Those Who Forget History, Are Doomed to Repeat it.

American Family in 1800's

The times we are living in have similar patterns of a prior period in the 1800’s.  Although no two period are exactly the same, it is worth noting the similarities of these periods and recognize the historical message trying to get across to the population.  America is revisiting several periods of her history, the period that led up to the American Revolution and the period that began in 1847.  Remember, numbers and cycles repeat themselves–just like our own behavior.

America was just coming out of a transit 1834 to December 1848, where Neptune transited through Aquarius.  During this period, America went through three economic recessions or depressions with bank closings, defaults on debt and periods of deflation.  It also marked a significant development in “revivalist” religious movements including the “Christadelphians” and the Morman migration to Utah.  Near the end of this period, we had the beginning of the great Irish potato famine (1845-1852) and the Mexican War (1846-1848).

Back in 1847 the Mexican War came to an end and the United States acquired California and the rest of the American

Mexican American War

Southwest.  This period saw the continual growth and development of numerous religious groups.  There were several recessions including 1852-54 and the Panic of 1857-58 stemming from the bursting of a European speculative bubble in America.  At the end of this transit and on the eve of the American Civil War, American went through yet another recession, 1860-61.

This Neptunian transit (similar to today) was marred by numerous wars throughout Europe and Asian–including the Crimean War the and Taiping Rebellion in China.  Europ0ean colonial expansion continued in Africa and Asia.  The stage in America was set for the Civil War with heavy fighting in Kansas between pro and anti-slavery forces.  Included at this time was the rhetoric and actions of John Brown and the Supreme Court rendering of the Dred Scott decision.  Nearing the end of the period, Abraham Lincoln was elected president and Charles Dickens published his first installment of “Great Expectations”.

Based on this history, what can we expect in the next 15 years as Neptune transits Pisces again, its home base?  I would say that the financial troubles that have plagued us during the prior Neptunian transit in Aquarius will most likely stay with us or return sooner than we expected.  Wars should continue to rage around the globe and the erratic climate will most likely continue with record precipitation (rain and snow), temperatures (highs and lows, droughts, earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes etc. Many rainfall records were established which held for more than 100 years.  America suffered through the Great Flood which struck the Midwest and washed away Des Moines, Iowa.  Didn’t we just revisit Des Moines in the news for its recent flooding?

While I cannot say what will actually happen during this new 15 years cycle, you might begin to see books written

New Uniforms, Old Wars

about this same period back in the 1800’s.  Certainly the discovery of gold in California at the beginning of this period quickly led to the admission of California at the 31st state and the exploration and settling of America’s West.  It was a very dynamic period.  These important transits at this time, are trying to get Washington, DC to take off the “rose colored glasses” and take an honest look at itself and do its job.  For the individual herself, it is asking us to assess whether or not you are working your true plan.   Are we listening, are we learning our lessons?  Will we repeat history?

I want to thank Jim Schultz, a Los Angeles astrologer and teacher, for providing some of the information describing this important transit.

One response to “Those Who Forget History, Are Doomed to Repeat it.”

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Since we cannot alter the way the planets move and affect us, are we doomed to repeat this same pattern every time we revisit this 15 years cycle? What if we, human race, pay attention prior to the next time it comes around and set things in motion to prevent at least the financial fiascoes (we cannot alter the weather conditions)? We do have free will . . .
    Thanks for any input and for your assessment of these trying times.:sad:

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