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The Price to be Paid for the Rise in Individualism

As a species, if we do not stop ignoring what Mother Earth is telling us about our practices, she’s gonna do it for us.  And it’s not going to be humans winning.”  Jess Due, national care director of Farm Sanctuary.  We have become a ruling class that has created another world living against its environment, not with it.

I heard today that the great experiment, where Americans thought they could convince the Chinese to lean more towards democracy, has failed.  We had exchange students, visitors and global commerce.  But when you take a deeper look at why the Chinese don’t favor democracy over government capitalism and government control, you hear about the murders and guns, the bitter battles inside the government, the Asian discrimination in the country, the large population that refuses covid vaccination, the protests and the riot of January 6th.  It doesn’t look like an inclusive land. It looks like a land at war with itself.

When we were created as a beacon in 1776, we were given the great number 5 lifepath.  Five’s are always catalysts of change.  The Divine Plan was to set up a  nation that would learn to assimilate various nationalities on our shore.  From this learning, we would be able to spread assimilation to other countries of the world and raise humanity up to higher levels of consciousness and inclusion.  Our role was also to  respect the rights of the individual in the collective.  We weren’t to only be a bunch of individuals running around affirming our right to not mask or not get vaccinated .  We were to learn to assimilate and look at what was good for both the collective and the individual.  Instead, we have a rise in covid cases mainly made up of those individuals who insisted on not listening to science and insisting on their right to run around and infect the collective.  It has become a dangerous situation not only for the unvaccinated but for those at higher risk of getting this disease.  Covid can outrun rumor, fake information and downright ego.  Covid can win over stupid any day of the week.  Entering the Age of Aquarius is to be a time of more rational thinking and more enlightenment.  Instead, the collective has been ignored and put at risk by the individual.   The price to pay for this is more death and illness and the chance to create a stronger mutated strain.  Cheers.

It seems peculiar that those who were given smallpox, polio vaccines, DPT and Measles vaccines are now crying loud and long about government conspiracy, infertility side effects, government chips and other bogus claims.  I remember growing up in the land of polio.  It was easy to catch and created sheer terror in children and their parents.  I remember kids in high school wearing leg braces as they no longer could walk due to the paralysis.  I remember going to India on business several times and seeing the effects of small pox.  A horrible disfiguring disease.  All of these diseases took years to eradicate but with the help of the vaccines, we are doing that.  I never hear of small pox any more nor do I know of anyone getting polio.  Viruses live on and change and covid will be around just like the flu that we live with.  Just because we created a vaccine that protects people against covid and it’s long-term effects in a shorter period of time than we did with polio or smallpox, doesn’t mean it isn’t legitimate.

In the future diseases will be quicker to diagnose as science is advancing exponentially.  I would believe that within 5 years we will have a blood test for cancer.   The covid vaccine was based on information that had been in the works for 20 years.  It was waiting for the breakthrough advance that would bring it to the world.  It arrived in time to save the world from another scourge.  We should be rejoicing instead of protesting.  Instead, the individual is stuck in its own story.  It needs to listen to those living in foreign lands who can’t get the vaccine.  It doesn’t understand the importance of the collective and the need to protect it.

Currently there is a dramatic shift in this Aquarius, air sign age.  It offers us the opportunity to master the mind rather than the material world.  It doesn’t mean you accumulate more and more information.  You need to know what to do with it and how to understand it.  In short, you need wisdom.  The real problem isn’t necessarily technology or data, but our beliefs about reality and the ideas of how we underpin, organize ourselves and run society.  Back in December there was a dramatic shift in the heavens that will affect our lives for 180 years.  We are being invited to create a radical shift in our consciousness.

The old order is on its way out the door.  Do not be fooled by marketing or sales tools.  Fancy slogans like “green new deal” or “build back better” are still based on an old system that is dying.  We are given the opportunity to live the ideals of humanity and community away from massive corporate entities that depersonalize and alienate.  Is it any wonder that those in the service industries are not rushing back to become low paid workers?  They have been abused by the customer and the employer with no health insurance and no permanency or salaries.  The $15 hour job is barely doable.  Try living on $15 an hour, minus taxes, and 2 kids to support.  Who wants to return to these industries?  This doesn’t take inflation into account.

As we continue to blaze a trail for the individual, forgetting the needs of the collective, we will see a continual rise in depression, drugs, (America sells the largest amount of anti-depressions in the world), escapism into material things that end up eventually in garage sales or 1-800-GOT JUNK and a continued abuse and disrespect of the environment as well as our bodies.  This doesn’t take into account the rage running through society.

It didn’t need to have been this way but it has.   Benjamin Franklin’s comment at the time of the signing of the Declaration of Independence is still relevant today, We must all hang together, or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately.” 

21 responses to “The Price to be Paid for the Rise in Individualism”

  1. Gail Minogue says:

    Thank you for commenting.

  2. Gail Minogue says:

    Thank you Dal for your comments

  3. Gail Minogue says:

    Thanks Timothy. I believe in homeopathy and have used it many times. I also believe in getting the vaccine.

  4. Gail Minogue says:

    Would that the masses follow your thinking. Unfortunately, most people are not conscious of their immune systems and do not understand alternative medicines or routinely use strong spiritual practice. In and ideal world that would all be wonderful. We have, however, over 700,000 dead Americans and growing.

  5. Gail Minogue says:

    Amen! Thanks Mary Ann

  6. Janet says:

    Thank you Andrea for your enlightened words!

  7. Janet says:

    “I say let the anti vaccers be prevented/banned from getting hospital help. Let them suffer the full results of their stupid choices.” Wow, Rev. Smith, statements like this are not from an awakened individual. Ghandi must be shaking his head!

  8. Kerryn says:

    I agree with Vera and Regina. Got through covid as did my daughter with homeopathy.
    I’ve always been conscious of what I put into my body, both food and medication. I will continue to do so.

  9. Mary+Ann+Ayres says:

    Dear Gail, I am so happy to see your posts because for me the logic and philosophy of what you say always makes 100% sense to me.
    Why are there so many who refuse to just simply get the vaccine? Our country no longer suffers from polio, measles, chicken & small pox, thanks to vaccines. We have never experienced a world-wide pandemic like covid, so people stop making this political, our future depends on getting the damn shot!

  10. LA says:

    I am one of the unvaccinated that I guess is now stupid???
    Listen to yourself, talk about divisive…
    Let’s be more responsible for our immune systems, let’s look at the whole person, thoughts, beliefs and ideas about becoming a healthier society.
    I had Covid last December before we knew what it was. I was sick, stayed home, went to my chiropractor, acupuncture, cranial sacral, and dr…I healed…with no shot…
    I also have a very strong Spiritual program and believe in prayer, tapping, and looking within to forgiveness.
    Let’s try the Hawaiian Ho’oponono prayer for everyone ❣️ I love you, I am sorry, please forgive me, thank you❣️
    I believe this will raise the vibration of our collective much more than making someone wrong.

  11. Andrea Gold says:

    THE BIG PICTURE: Many of the issues today are creating an “us” vs. “they” mentality. It’s a very divisive period of time, in some ways. Each person genuinely feels he or she comes from good intent and that he or she is right. Whatever a person’s beliefs and leanings, keep kindness, tolerance, and compassion top of mind in thought, word, and deed. Otherwise, a person risks becoming that very thing that he or she detests in others.

  12. Shaman says:

    You would do well to take Dr. Sherri Tenpenny’s Vaccine Bootcamp and learn the ‘real’ insights about those incidents and vaccines your mention.

    People were already sickened by the IATROGENIC medical INDUSTRY which is now a medical TYRANNY!

    I don’t fear “Covid” I fear ignorance, tyranny, and an Agenda.

    Having developed as a Shaman after my Medicine Woman works of decades, with many generations in California, I learned that most people are not seeing through the Maya (illusion).

    When it comes out and in part it has that the people are taking an “INJECTION” which is not in fact, a vaccine there will be a mighty growl throughout the land–all of which was prophecy by the real Seers.


  13. Gail,
    Thank you for this post. A steady voice of reason in a sea of individual Factless based Conspiracy theories. I say let the anti vaccers be prevented/banned from getting hospital help. Let them suffer the full results of their stupid choices. They are not the one’s who are uplifting their communities, but the loudest voices tearing the communities down.
    I understand that this is all part of a greater “plan” to awaken humanity to their “Spiritual Beingness” but in the process there are a lot of innocent “bystanders” who are negatively being affected or dying due to others stupidity, racism (ethnicity, skin color, economic class, etc.). I no longer have a lot of hope for a Democratic America, but I don’t have a crystal ball that tells me what it is going to be either. I just continue to live my life spreading a message of “You are not your physical body with a Spirit, but a Spiritual Essence that happens to be expressing as a physical body in this physical world, and your “job” (as a Soul) is to awake to that and act accordingly — cooperation not competition, inclusion (racial, gender, sexual orientation, Spiritual beliefs, etc.), humanity vs nationality, connection to & support of Mother Nature & this planet, upliftment & inclusion not division & superiority based on skin color, education, economic status, and/or “clan” mentality. I also have a strong belief in fully holding people responsible for their choices and the impact they have on others.
    As Ghandi said, “BE the change / love / ??? you desire to see in the world.”

  14. Timothy Binder says:

    Thanks Gail for allowing/stimulating transparent discussion/concepts. This is an opportunity for humanity to go beyond and “get over” looking to and accepting “authorities” programming as to what IS /REAL. The current scientific paradigm is an error/ deception: Covid is a gain of function bio-war machination, not even a vaccine. Additionally, all vaccines create a disease formerly known as “vaccinosis”, thus antibodies appear. Homeopathy does work, and folks have to be aware of that, and able to procure it, for it to work. Dr. Tim

  15. Gail+Hovland says:

    Thank you Gail for always speaking the difficult truth . Your words actually give me hope , a light through the chaos, misinformation and dysfunction. .

  16. Vera Calabria says:

    Definitely don’t underestimate homeopathy. Just don’t forget that in that field, too there are good and bad drs./practitioners, like in all fields.
    In Italy 504 people were treated w/homeopathy against covid: all of them healed, and none of them had to go to the hospital. There is actually a database of homeopathic remedies used against covid which is being gathered by doctors in Africa. One of my kids got covid. Homeopathy did the “trick”.
    But back to the big subject individualism vs. community: Individualism WITHIN the community could be a solution…

  17. Marie Rose says:

    Thank you Regina. You are right on and I agree the best cure is taking care of one’s health and having a stellar immune system. It takes commitment, attention and discipline to create positive health but it’s so worth it. Love homeopathy, too!!

  18. Anita says:

    So True! People today have forgotten how diseases in the past ravaged populations. (Unfortunately, homeopathy was around and didn’t save them) I pray we can come together soon.

  19. Marie Rose says:

    Staying out of fear and away from negativity and doomsdayer-ism…

    Here’s a quote from an amazing Hawaiian Shaman who had the only outlook on life worth having…the positive one!

    The young soul is the one who says, “Do it my way.”
    The mature soul says, “Do what you want; just don’t do it here.”
    The old soul says, “You do what you want; I’ll do what I want.”

    Thank you for your interesting comments and observations on reality as you experience it.

  20. Dal Martinez says:

    Well said, Gail!

    We can’t fix stupid but covid can certainly put it in its place.

    Thankfully science has triumphed with these life-saving vaccines. It’s a pity some people aren’t willing to understand the nomenclature to fully understand this concept.

    Nor homeopathy, nor misinformation will save anyone from the binding of virus particles to cell receptors on the surface of a host cell… but good luck to those trying!

  21. Regina LeBorg says:

    Dont be fooled by the “idea” that the Covid vaccine will stop the virus. Flu shots dont stop flu. People learn to take care of themselves. Homeopathy has powerful preventive medicine and treatments. The best immunity is acquired by self care so that an acute illness does not progress into its worst stage. Understanding the immune system has been the centerpiece of Homeopathic medicine for two hundred years. It should be given lots of attention now.

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