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The Potentials and Pitfalls Hidden in Your Name

Hidden memory?

Hidden memory?

As we journey onward into this great uncertainty of life, we carry within us an impetus that drives us to certain professions. It is as if there is a primal recollection of events and experiences that have begun and invite us to continue to expand upon their beginnings.  It could have begun ages ago in ancient times and cultures and has continued across our many lives.  It can surface in modern day as brilliant musicians, scientists, explorers, entertainers and in many other professions.  Why would a person be so interested and so dedicated, for example, to the study of mosquitoes, to the art of photography, to discovering the light bulb or even to the lives of hummingbirds?  Can your name unlock the reasons and truths as to where you have been (in past lives) and why you are here in this particular incarnation?  Can it introduce you to your inner self?  Can understanding the true meaning and information hidden in your name set your soul at rest?

Within your name lies a step-by-step approach to your life from its beginning to its end.  What is your life to express, what problems can you anticipate on the way and what talents will help you?  What are the keys to your success?  How can you attain certain goals?  What is the timing for all of this?  How much has your soul grown on its journey and what record do you carry of this growth?  Did you think you just were born without a plan?

Mystery School Teachings

Mystery School Teachings

Your personal numbers hidden behind your letters in your names are interlocking puzzle parts that give you clues to your life and its attributes.  Do you have an oversupply of certain numbers, an undersupply of certain numbers, many masculine numbers, many feminine numbers, master numbers, karmic debt numbers and, of course, missing numbers.  All of these numbers in your name have a unique relationship with your date of birth.  When we are born at a certain hour on a certain day, we arrive within a certain energy field that determines how we will behave and  when events will be triggered within the movements of the heavens.  These distinct patterns work together so that our guidance system in our names and dates of birth will be given the perfect set of circumstances to achieve our soul’s goals.

As we live out our time here on earth, are we living truly to our blueprints or are we trying to follow an artificial, man-made time frame?  Did we follow the path of least resistance until we can retire and then start to live?  Do we even care that we have a plan?  What is the deep, gnawing sense of discontentment that keeps us restless, anxious and fearful?  Why do we medicate ourselves through our addictions (food, drugs, drink, work, shopping, worry etc.)?  Our understanding and following our guidance system in our names and dates of births will be the best medication/tonic for relief and rest.

“Faith in a holy cause is to a considerable extent a substitute for lost faith in ourselves.”

Eric Hoffer



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