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The Most Important Months of the Year–April, May & June

“Success is a science; if you have the conditions, you get the result.”  Oscar Wilde, Irish playwright and author

Most of us look to a year as having 12 months, January through December.  This is true.  There are, Hour glass on calendar concept for time slipping away for importhowever, associating the numbers for the months (January #1, February #2, March #3), only 9 months for effective action.  These are January through September.  After this time, we refine what we have worked on and begin to wind the year down.  November and December get wrapped up in shorter days of light (in the northern Hemisphere), holidays and the winding down of the entire year.  If you can look at the year as being nine months long, you will be able to accomplish more and work with the energy being presented by each month.

January is a beginning month but it is also very sluggish and holds leftover energy of the old year.  We are on one hand recovering from the past and on the other preparing our seeds for new soil of the New Year.  The second month of February is a month of patience and cooperation and vulnerability.  We haven’t yet planted but are getting ready to.  We have great ideas but they don’t have roots.  It is better to stay quiet about them.   The third month of March is the launch month and we need to have those seeds in the ground so growth can go on for the remainder of the year.  When we hear the expression one, two, three go, it literally speaks to the idea of expansion of the number 3.  As we move out with our ideas, new life takes place and we begin to see the sprouts from our ideas.  We must, however, work efficiently and methodically to bring this ideas to fruition.  This leads us to the most important months of April, May and June.

The month of April is the 4th month of the year.  Here is the month to roll up your sleeves and put your nose to the grindstone.  It is an essential month to be productive.  The word “work” is a #4 powered word.  This is your activity for the month of April– work and productivity.  (w=23, o=15, r=18, k=11  Total together =67  Six and seven = 13–1+3=4).  It is not a month for vacations.  It is a month of work.  We must tend to our garden of ideas we have created during the first three months.  We actually use the month of April as our “spring cleaning month”.  It is our month of taxes here in the USA.  It is the month of structure, order, discipline and results.  Without a good amount of work done during this month, it is very difficult to harvest later in the year during the summer and fall months.  April deserves your undivided attention.  Do not leave things to chance in April.  Discipline yourself.

Once we move into May, the 5th month, we make constructive changes to the plans we worked on in April.  We need to look at what we planted and see how it can be promoted, revised and marketed.  This is the month to free ourselves from the boxed in feeling of April.  The key word for May is Regeneration.  This 5th month of May invites you to make change yet remain constant in your own properties through the change.  You can make changes to your plans but you must stay grounded in doing so.  All plans need assessment and revisions, you are free to do this during this 5th month of May.  Use May to make progress.  Understand that the last 10 days of May will get even lighter as you begin to free yourself.

Once we move into June, the 6th month, we become very responsible for what we have created and improved upon during the last two months.  It is during the 6th month as in the 6th year of creation that we get settled in our minds both about our business and domestic affairs.  This is the month to talk over our decisions and achievements and get advice from friends and those in authority.  This should be your improvement month.  It is definitely the month to make adjustments and to consider the good of others as well as yourself.  During this 6th month of June, you will be in greater demand by your family, community and business associates.  This 6th month can be a financially rewarding month if you have planned and worked well the previous months.  Get very settled in your business affairs and use good business judgment.  This will bring future improvement and more satisfactory domestic and material conditions.  The action of June may be slow but it is how your ultimate good will be obtained.

As we move our from these months, we will understand that if we were true to the energy of the 4th, 5th and 6th months, we will have time to assess, reflect and restore ourselves in July and have an abundant harvest in August and September.

When you reflect back on any year, you will see that what you did or didn’t do during the months of April, May and June made all the difference in the results for the year.  Now that you know, use your months wisely.  Keep your nose to the grindstone as we approach the remaining 10 days of April.









4 responses to “The Most Important Months of the Year–April, May & June”

  1. Whats so important about october?????

  2. As always, very insightful and on point. Now that my life has been significantly pruned, I am more sensitive to the energies of the first 3 months especially. January feels so lethargic I just want to cocoon and hibernate. February is when dreams, visions and ideas percolate. March I put into place the new structure of my website. I launched on April 10.
    My quiet month is August. Nothing going on. Unusual for an 8.

  3. Pam Hale says:

    Very helpful info, Gail!

  4. Sharon says:

    Thank you, Gail. Excellent insights and overview.
    Since currently we are in the midst of Mercury retrograde till May 3rd, it seems a good time to reflect and review plans that are on the drawing board or
    in the pipeline.

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