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The Minogue Numerology Report May 2010

– The Minogue Report  May 2010

– Meaning of the Number Five

1) The Number 5 and the Fifth Month.
Question of the Month.
Personality Blueprint of the Month.
View From the Freeway.
Recommended Books and Articles.

1) May—The Fifth Month

Merry Month of May!   I love the 5th month of the year.  It is not the hot summer yet and most of the cold has gone.  You can plant your flowers and feel better now that the fourth month and its limitations are over.  We needed the 4th month to add form and order to our lives now we need to free ourselves.

Five is the number of change.  It is time to make stepping stones of change.  Move forward in spite of the Mercury Retrograde event that is in effect until mid month.  Greek philosophers called the five the Pentad (the word pentagram is the five-sided star).  Five-fold symmetry is throughout nature.  Notice the configuration of petals and leaves.  Five is the number of life itself.  Leaves, bushes and trees are like open hands catching light.  We, too, have hands with five fingers and the figure of man is represented by the five.  “Man, know thyself in true proportion” (the Oracle of Delphi).   “The gold mask of the sarcophagus of Tut-Aankh-Amon, which contained his mummy, was appropriately designed using the self-similar geometry of the pentagon, symbol of regeneration and rebirth”.  (A Beginner’s Guide to Constructing the Universe by Michael Schneider)

Appreciate the number five and the opportunity to constructively change your conditions—whatever that means to you.  This is the month to take some action—especially after the middle of the month.  Use the first two weeks to catch up and finish projects.  Try not to move or sign contracts during this period.

2) Question of the Month

Free Numerology NewsletterFree Numerology Newsletter

How does my house or apartment number affect me?


It affects you a great deal.  You may not be aware that houses, buildings and cars have distinct vibrations energetically.  Remember they all have numbers or letters that represent numbers.  The number on your home can be a wonderful fit for you or a grim, grind.  It all depends on how your personal chart fits with the vibration of the house.

For example, let’s say you have a missing number four in your blueprint (no d, m or v in your birth name).  You move into a four house number or the total of the house numbers equals a four.  Bingo, you have activated the karmic issues in your chart related to the number four—hard work, order, structure, discipline, limits etc.  You may find yourself constantly working, working two jobs, always working on the house and very few vacations.

Always check what the numbers mean and how they relate to your chart (and your partner’s) to know what you can expect before you sign or buy.  Are you willing to join the energy of that house?  To read more about house and license plate numbers, you can order my book “Divine Design”.  There is a chapter on these as well as body parts and numbers.

3) Personality of the Month—Blue Print

Bernard Lawrence (or Leon) Madoff born April 29th, 1938

I find many answers to people’s behavior and timing in their personal Numerology charts.  How could a person fool so many people and build such an empire?  Why did it end when it did?  What was his downfall?

Madoff was born with a nine life path, the finishing number along with two key missing numbers in his names.  The number nine life path is about letting go, being the humanitarian, the universalist, born for service to others.  It is the last number of 1 – 9 and indicates completion.  It is a testing number to learn how to be tolerant and merciful.  It is a lifetime to share your wisdom and knowledge with others and to assist them on their path.

Are we talking about the same guy here?  Yes, we are.  Just because someone has a great plan in a chart, doesn’t mean he/she will do it.  The dark side or negative side of the nine is self-serving, self-indulgence, quick tempered, faithlessness and concerned with your own needs rather than the needs of others.

It was only a matter of time before Madoff’s own life caught up with him.  A number nine life path will always, repeat always, catch up with itself.  In this case, Madoff will spend the rest of his life learning how to be the humanitarian in prison, assist others on their path, learn tolerance and mercy and share his knowledge and later-life wisdom.  He is where he needs to be to continue to grow along his true path.  Whenever a number nine overly depends upon the man-made world, it gets removed in very strange ways.  For example, a piece of property becomes valueless, the stock portfolio is eliminated, the partner leaves and many other possibilities.  I think deep-down Madoff knew he had to get back on his path.

The other glaring item in Madoff’s chart is his missing numbers.  He has no seven or eight.  Eight is the number of success, power and money.  Seven is the number of development of the higher mind, discernment and the spiritual aspect of oneself.  Both of these are missing and have strong karmic implications for him.  He overreached to learn the number 8 and he now will learn the number 7 in prison.  His direction in the second half of his life is under the direction of the number 7.  He now must study, reflect and develop the higher aspects of himself.  In many ways, he has been put in a type of “monastic” order to learn what he said he would before he ends this incarnation.

The other cast of characters who supported him in the charade probably have a long karmic connection to him.  Always know, there is more at work than meets the eye in what you read and hear.  There is a plan.

4) View From the Freeway

Free Numerology NewsletterFree Numerology Newsletter

Always consider that the bigger picture is not known to the naked eye.  It would be wise to do this now as we experience the highs and lows of today’s society.  The “leaders” are still throwing darts and the “followers” are still expecting the leaders to lead.  We are in the throes of transformation and it can be madness and chaotic while we go through the death and birth pains.

I keep saying that it is at least a 14 year window remaining before you will start to see some permanent changes to our society.  We have yet to get to the really exciting part.  In the beginning some things have to die off and as they do, they will be mourned but they will be buried.  Government, as you know it, is going to be changed and that is a good thing.  Before that happens, we will experience the drama of its change.

Here are a few of the things to expect:

1)                  High unemployment for many years.  Start getting entrepreneurial, even if it is just baking cookies.  Think “being your own boss” and creating products and services that the middle class can use.

2)                  Low house prices for many years.  Think getting rid of a depreciating asset rather than spend your good future monies on trying to save a drowning asset.

3)                  More control by the government.  More limits (Arizona immigration is one example).  Higher fees for just about everything.  Less service too.

4)                  No retirement.  If you are in retirement, consider getting out of it.

5)                  Cut back in government pension programs and health care for the retirees.  The governments do not have the monies to pay them.  Bloated pension and health benefits for unionized government workers will be reviewed.  Petitions and referendums will appear to change laws.

6)                  Expect strikes by government workers who protest the changes.

7)                  Social Security and other entitlement programs will all be up for review.  There may be a reduction of benefits for certain recipients and a later age when benefits are paid out.

8)                  Taxes will be raised on wealthy residents.

There are many other changes on the horizon but you get the picture from just these eight items.  In short, there is a general lowering of the standard of living for awhile.  Just remember to think long term and to stay out of fear.

How can you possibly do that in light of what is happening?  You do that by centering within on the Divinity within you and knowing that the supplier to all on this planet is still supplying.  It is humankind that has created this situation and it has the free will to correct it.  If you can stay in that centered place, and that takes discipline, you will wake up each day glad that you are alive.  You will have plenty of time out and off of this planet so decide now to enjoy the time here whatever and wherever it takes you.

Arrange your life so that it has a rhythm that you can live with.  Be consistent, have a routine, play, buy generic and get a good night’s sleep.  If you lost everything, you are still here; you are still pulsing with the energy of all things.  You can begin again.  The “true” artist always knows that life is one continuum of starting over.  That we were born to grow, that we are born to experience emotion and that we don’t have a great deal of time here. Our resistance to starting over ages us and limits our possibilities.   The time we have is not about work, or real estate equity or your 401K plan.  We put these things together for us to learn but they aren’t who or what we are.

My good friend, Alice Henson, of Chicago wrote some wise words to me and I think they are valuable for us all.  “Transcend the trends or you will go nuts!  Keep in mind that the trends you see are only in the world of effect, and that in the absolute…in the presence of the Light/God…there is no lack.  ….If you are working with spiritual mind treatment, go only to get your head straight, not to manifest.  After your thinking is clear, go into meditation asking nothing…..Just seek God or the Presence.  This is the hardest thing for us to do…to believe if we seek God, asking nothing, that our needs and more will be met.  …..Just know that all the supply you need is within you and that if you go within to seek the Light, the supply must manifest.  And, of course, you know, worry will sabotage it.”

Well said and important words for us to remind ourselves each day.  All of these trends are there but they too shall pass away as all things change.  Focus your life on what you love to do and find a way to do it.  Your life is not predicated on what you have had up to today.  Your life is new today and will be again tomorrow.  “The minute you begin to do what you want to do, it’s really a different kind of life.”  Buckminster Fuller

5) Recommended books and articles

To help us get through this seemingly chaotic period, I recommend the classic Joel Goldsmith book “The Invisible Supply”.  Read a page from this book every day while we are experiencing this economy.

The famous metaphysician, Manly P. Hall, wrote:  “When the mob governs, man is ruled by ignorance.  When the church governs, man is ruled by superstition.  When the state governs, he is ruled by fear.  Before man can live together in harmony and understanding, ignorance must be transmuted into wisdom, superstition into illumined faith, and fear into love.”

Until next month,

Keep trusting yourself and let me know how you are,

My best,

Gail Minogue

Thank you for reading this far. I hope to see you at one of the workshops.

Keep trusting yourself,

My best to you,


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