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The Less We Think of the Next World-The Greater Mess We Make of This One

I love this saying.  It’s another Irish proverb.  You know those Irish.  They have sad songs and merry wars.  There is an element of truth in their ditties.  We keep thinking this world we are now living in is the cat’s pajamas, the real deal.  It seems so and we become very attached to all that goes here. We are attached to our stuff, our patterns, our loved ones, our rituals, our religions and our comforts.  We panic at the thought of running out of toilet paper, hand sanitizers, hand and counter wipes.  I saw a woman whose grocery cart was filled with nothing but pasta and cans of tuna fish.  If we can’t get our toilet paper, then we will overload the cart with bottles of water.  We live in the world of fear and what if’s.  We have an invisible enemy which is lurking and lunging.  Anyone could be a carrier.  All true.

What we never could imagine is that something so fast, vast and devastating could just swoop in and turn our entire world society on its’ head.  We tried to plan for everything but we became complacent.  We made assumptions and we thought we were invincible.  We ignored larger forces at hand.  We planned for fires, earthquakes and floods but we never planned for pandemics or a force of nature delivered by “Air”.  We in America didn’t take care of the health of our citizens.  We ignored the great discrepancy between rich and poor in providing health care.  We ignored the people who truly make the system work in an emergency–the supply chain of food and those who load and unload and stock the shelves, the grocery clerks who served us, the people who pick our food and the poorly paid nurses aides who administered to our sick loved ones and those unloved.  We ignored the homeless and the mentally ill.  We ignored the janitors and maids with no health insurance.  We ignored those who work 2 or 3 jobs but can’t make enough to pay for health care.  In short, we ignored those who truly served us.

As I mention in several of my writings, we ignore the heavenly transits at our own peril.  We think we are operating as if we are in control of this place.  With enough rope, we have to be pulled in and so we are.  We really did need to clean up our act.  We did need to level the playing field and see what systems are not working.  The funny thing about pandemics and scary viruses is that they don’t care if you live in the White House, the pink house or the out-house.  It is an equal opportunity employer.  It sprinkles itself on all.  It is a brutal rite of passage.  It will change the generation and old systems will not return.  It will create a new normal and it will take years for it to be made.  Under this passage we see where all the swimmers are swimming naked.

We have focused on the stock market when in actuality only about 45% of Americans are in the stock market.  We dismissed large classes of people and marginalized their needs.  As that old religious saying goes, “We have left undone those things we ought to have done and we have done those things that we ought not to have done”.

So now what do we do and when can we look for hope.   It is always helpful to look at the bigger picture of events.  We tend to focus on face masks, gloves, 6 foot distance because we need to do something that we think can help us.  This is especially true when we have a great unknown.  We look for whatever we can hang on to.  So I do wear my mask and I do keep my distance.  I do attempt to keep my immune system strong and get enough rest and then the rest has to be compartmentalized.  My whole life cannot be dictated by Covid 19.

I like to look at the heavens for understanding, the numbers for understanding and the connection to the invisible–real–world.  We are learning that you can “use this world but you cannot depend upon it”.   You are in this world but you are not of this world and you will not stay here.  Everyone of us has to find a way out of here.  Some will use this time to take their exit.  Many are tired of being here, they have put in the good fight and are ready to go on.  As we know life itself never ends, we will drop this costume only to put on another.  That is why we must live as if we have future lives to live and live the current one with virtue.  It is easier not having to carry old baggage over to future lives.

The transit we are now experiencing does have an entry and exit point.  It circled around us in late December, started to land in January and builds particularly strong in certain months, depending where you are on the globe.  Here in the United States peak months are April, May and part of June.  Remnants remain and the finals are September 24th with the ending late December.  Then the world has to recover and rebuild itself.  People will not run out and attend this or that.  Many people have had huge financial losses and it will take time for recovery.  9/11 itself took about 3 years for the airline industry to return.

We are being forced to look at our priorities, values and character.  We have gorged ourselves at table of man-made delights and we have been forced to go on a diet.  We are learning what is truly meaningful and important in our lives.  For that it is a blessing.  We are bringing out the best in us and we see how much we need others.  We always did.  We just forgot in our quest to build our individualism, we forgot the collective.  By being forced to be detached from them, we learn how lonely it is without them and that truly how much we have needed them all along.  This  all will pass.  You can plan your new life and look forward to a future that shows you the stars keep shining, the ocean keeps sending waves to the shore and the song birds sing in the morning to help the new leaves on the trees grow.  It is still there.  You are still here.  Life itself was always the gift.

15 responses to “The Less We Think of the Next World-The Greater Mess We Make of This One”

  1. Gail Minogue says:

    Thank you for commenting. Just keep on growing.

  2. Kathy McKinney says:

    Dear Gail,
    Once again your insight has leveled my thoughts and pointed them into to right direction! I appreciate your work and insights so much.
    Thank goodness for you and all your knowledge to help me move forward and not get bogged down in this bog of chaos in 2020.
    I do wish to believe that 2021 will be better. Truthfully feel it will be a “baby step” forward into a new gracious world more slowly than just one year. I live in a red state and cannot believe the actions of so many people around me. Yes, I do have to take care of my life first. There’s no one else but myself.

  3. Cheryl Cuttineau says:

    How on earth did I miss this?
    Here it is mid-August, after the protests, after the riots, after calls to defund and remove police, and everything you point to has or is coming to pass! We have another 6 years of the Uranus transit through Taurus, which promises to shake things up in terms of economic resources, banking and even housing. Decades of ignoring homelessness, poverty, injustice, dumbing down education and egregious political corruption and greed, like chickens, have come home to roost!
    Excellent article, worthy of The Wall Street Journal!

  4. Gail Minogue says:

    Hello Oluvia,
    We are learning more about 5G but I am not convinced at all that it is the culprit for diseases and sudden dropping of humans. I have a hip implant/replacement and love it. We may need implants for various medical conditions in the future. Regarding rounding us up and implanting us is part of the conspiracy theory moving across the US. If anything, the future for humans gets better after 2024. We are deconstructing the old ways now. I am in favor of vaccinations and have had many of them. Regarding tiny babies, there might be a different staggering of delivery of them depending on situation of the child.

  5. Mike says:

    Healthy to think about externally and internally wholeness and our part in evolution of self and our contribution m. Thanks Gail and Runa

  6. Sherry Dixon says:

    Thank you Gail for your insight. As usual you are exactly right. We are seeing glimpses of changes coming as people come together to serve each other. There are those who are scamming but there are also those who are thinking of other people besides themselves maybe for the first time. Perhaps they’ve never had the opportunity before. This too will pass and I appreciate you and your messages of understanding and hope.

  7. Lovell Christmas says:

    I am thankful for light workers like you who continue to beat the drum of hope. It is funny how people filled with negativity, unable to process their grief find their way here. Most communities are gathering around HOPE. But there are those whose fears are greater than any vision of hope. When someone says “how can you have hope?” My response is “ How can you not?” My Hope is greater than any doubt or any fear. Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real. I do not give it my time nor attention. I’m following the guidance of restricted movement. Instead I work from home and have began a MA program in Mental Health Counseling. This time helps our culture slow down and rethink our ways. Thank you for your loving post.

  8. Anon777 says:

    I don’t see the world changing much by this. Right now we are shaping ourselves by primary human fears: fear of lack (we’ll never have enough) leading to hoarding; and fear of death. We are still very primitive.

    How can we expect to magically ascend from that level of consciousness to something much more refined? It’s not possible by the very laws of physics. One cannot move directly from lead to gold by a single leap.

    When the virus has passed, there will be many positive developments that is true, but the structures of society will remain unchanged. Destructive power structures will remain unmoved and perhaps more entrenched. Coronavirus is a blip on the screen.

    The virus may be a man-made power grab, that is unclear – but I don’t see it as The Great Awakening that so many are saying it is – not you, just many out there who are actually rejoicing over it.

    Our country is as confused and divided as ever. Some are saying the body counts are inflated- as if every dead loved one is a joke. How can we expect change on a mass level when these kinds of confused thought patterns are deeply embedded in society?

    I appreciate your hopeful attitude. I don’t see any real change happening any time soon.

  9. Oluvia says:

    Good morning Gail thank you for the article. Please what do you have to tell us about the 5G and implants and vaccinations.

  10. Kerryn Varrie says:

    Thank you Gail, beautifully written and very insightful. I think this is a magical time, a massive reboot for our planet, we knew it would come, we just didn’t know when and what it would look like.
    The rug has been pulled out from each of us.
    Challenge is hard, it is painful but if we don’t give up and throw in the towel, the growth we all get to experience is huge and hopefully the outcome, a new way of being on earth. A new beginning.

  11. Eva says:

    I love Your wisdom and very much agree, we will heal and gain a new perspective that is sorely needed.
    It breaks my heart to see others suffering and not be able to help but know we are each on our own journey; and I will try to be the kindest and light filled soul that I can be in hope of being of help to some in that capacity. Blessings to us All as We are really ALL ONE.

  12. Joan says:

    Deep gratitude Gail.
    Yet again your overview is spot-on and insightful.
    We are creating our future with every thought.
    I’m going with kindness and compassion, turning away from the ‘news’ and actively loving this earth that sustains me.
    The first shall be last and the last shall be first.

  13. Gail,
    As always, you have synthesized the “issue” that many are not wanting to look at let alone “own” their contribution to how “society” is responding…. after all, WE are the society.
    I have seen this as Spirit’s way of showing the world how interconnected we all really are, whether we want to be or not. I believe that it is also showing to the world how disfunctional many of the world leaders are — how myopic many of them are. But it is also giving the opportunity for Leaders to emerge who are taking responsibility to do what is necessary to LEAD those whom they serve, and pointing out the “great limitations” that Politics can have. It is clearly showing those who serve vs. those who serve only their own interests, and I find that refreshing. Keep up you good work and live Spiritually high and healthy.

  14. Barbara says:

    As always, Gail. I so look forward to your blogs, if anything to “unscare” me and just know, this to shall pass as seen in the heavens.

    Much love and health to you in these times.

  15. Hope says:

    What about the mass control and fear and panic being shoved down everyone’s throats by the TV show News? There is a herd immunity and many people have already gotten this “thing”…I worry a bit of the New Word Order, Global Govt etc.. that will do more damage. And there is a UN theme connected to 2030, I keep hearing. Nationalizing many things and basically more and more control. I see Saturn in Aquarius with Mars there, not the best for humanity, in that freedoms are being diminished or basically limited completely. If you are unable to provide for yourself with the work you do. Anyway, as a musician my work performing is postponed. Limited online work. And what about alien influences? I do relate to David Icke and his work that he has dug so deeply into….Very revelational. Thoughts? And yes This too Shall pass, but as it passes what other things will be passed…5 g ..etc…?

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